Do You Want To Go That Extra Mile?


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The Mudd Partnership Presents:
Do You Want To Go That Extra Mile?


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Do You Want To Go That Extra Mile?

  1. 1. “Do You Want To Go That Extra Mile?” Share this Ebook! PRESENTS © 2013 The Mudd Partnership | | @muddpartnership |
  2. 2. Do You Want To Go That Extra Mile? If so, how Resilient are you? Indeed, what is Resilience & how do you know whether you have it , or where to Acquire it – & how can you develop it , build & maintain it when you do have it?‟. We would describe Resilience as an innate characteristic – an ability to recover quickly from change or misfortune, to recover one‟s shape or form, to be buoyant – But is it derived from Nurture or Nature? Are some people born with the characteristic ability to bounce back, or is it acquired through what Dale Carnegie might describe in his classic relationships book, „How To Win Friends & Influence People‟ the experience of, „Sincere Appreciation‟ from Childhood through to Adulthood and beyond? Share this Ebook! © 2013 The Mudd Partnership | | @muddpartnership |
  3. 3. Albert Camus famously wrote, „Even in the midst of Winter, I find within myself an Invincible Summer”, &, quite frankly here at The Mudd Partnership we think that is a Corker! It just says it All, don‟t you think!! Indeed, what an Employee and Co- Worker would Msr Camus have made with that Positivity? Some recent research from the Institute of Management and Leadership on the links between employee well being, their state of mind and performance in the work place has found, not surprisingly, that general happiness and a positive attitude are inextricably linked to High Performance! Here at The Mudd Partnership we are very passionate about supporting the practice of Mindfulness in the workplace and working with employers to look at ways to reduce stress and enhance performance across the board as a key part of all we do. So, how Resilient are you and what can you do to become even more so? Share this Ebook! © 2013 The Mudd Partnership | | @muddpartnership |
  4. 4. 1. Identify What’s Working If you just took a moment to take stock you would quickly see that there are many things you do really rather well – Identify and Know your strengths and as Shakespeare so wisely said, „To Thy Own Self Be True‟ – We have already Blogged on Authentic Leadership & Positivity & you can find out more from clicking on the links, but first and foremost, Be Courageous. Don‟t become swamped by negativity – either of your own making, or by those negative comments that people around you can sometimes make; 2. Acknowledge & Embrace External Factors There was a great Book we once read called, “Imaginisation‟ by Gareth Morgan – Bottom line is 85% of everything is outwith your control , so focus on and work with the 15% – How will you know, good question – Dive in, trust your intuition – Be led from your strengths and the things you do well & like – &, „Change What You Can, But Accept What You Can‟t‟! It sounds simple – Give it a try! Share this Ebook! © 2013 The Mudd Partnership | | @muddpartnership |
  5. 5. 3. Revisit Your Longer Term Vision Who are you? Where do you want to be? Develop and enhance your Vision of your future from a position of strength, not weakness! Accept challenges, as alternative routes and remember what William Blake said about every minute of every day, “Sixty Iron Doors, Sixty Golden Palaces‟ - We‟d go for the Golden Palaces every time! Meanwhile though also; 4. Review Your Short- term Goals This should be an ongoing and natural process, like breathing really – Think of it as part of your Continuous Learning Journey; & use what you learn about yourself and what you learn about others to adjust & tack your goals accordingly – That‟s not Weakness, it‟s Strength – Change is OK – & as another wise old commentator once wrote, „The Only Way to be Sure About The Future Is To Create It‟ – You really do have the Building Blocks you know; Share this Ebook! © 2013 The Mudd Partnership | | @muddpartnership |
  6. 6. 5. Be Awesome Be Awesome: Accept responsibility – Have faith in yourself and be generous of spirit and prepared to exercise faith in others – You are part of something much bigger than yourself; embrace it, wrestle it to the ground – Look to the Sky i.e. keep your chin up – Body language is an effective tool for both lowering or raising your spirits & self-esteem – Breathe deeply, stand straight – & as Oscar Wilde once wrote, „I May Be Laying In The Gutter, But I‟m Looking At The Stars‟ - It‟s All a matter of perspective and You can really choose how you look at everything! & finally; Share this Ebook! © 2013 The Mudd Partnership | | @muddpartnership |
  7. 7. 6. Take Care of Yourself Surround yourself with people you love, follow people you respect and model your behaviours on people you admire – Keep yourself fit in both body and mind & use all your natural energy wisely – Laugh a Lot and Live more – And absolutely finally, Talk to People – Don‟t bottle anything up & don‟t be afraid to express emotion – Happiness, Anger, Disappointment, Fear et al are all Healthy & quite natural emotional states, just so long as you control them, rather than they control You! Share this Ebook! © 2013 The Mudd Partnership | | @muddpartnership |
  8. 8. Website : Twitter: Facebook: LinkedIn: Pinterest: YouTube: Share this Ebook! Questions? © 2013 The Mudd Partnership | | @muddpartnership |