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Presentation pk bo s2013

Presentation pk bo s2013






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    Presentation pk bo s2013 Presentation pk bo s2013 Presentation Transcript

    • Workshop Understanding Your Management Style Paul Kenny
    • Finding Flexibility
    • Chief Bad Ass Troubleshooter Support Angel IT Support Coach Product Buddha Risk Manager Motivator Customer Relations Wizard Inbound Guru Ace Recruiter Strategy Sage Facilities Manager Team Builder Investor Relations Accountant Sales Ninja CTO
    • Know Your Natural Strengths Hack Your Natural Weaknesses
    • The greatest entrepreneurial asset The greatest barrier to personal development
    • We Need Insight
    • The desire for insight into our differences has been with us for centuries
    • There are lots of Psychometrics Jungian Type Big 5 Trait
    • Intimate Sociable Collaborative Imaginative Evolving Engaging Observing 4 Colours Purposeful Evidence Based Competitive Reliable Takes Charge
    • Putting people in boxes isn’t really that helpful !
    • Interacting with others energises me I prefer to talk to people than I like to step forward and communicate in writing take the initiative in a group I am out going and sociable Others can easily tell when I am excited about something Talking really helps to work out what I think Extravert It takes me a while to connect with people Introvert I can appear serious a lot of the time I take time to think before speaking up in a group In group situations I can be withdrawn and quiet Often I prefer to listen than to talk I am comfortable taking charge in group situations I can be perceived as loud and over bearing Interacting with a lot of people ‘drains me’ I control when and where I express my emotions I can be perceived as detached and aloof
    • I prefer to seek consensus and focus on what can be agreed I can be overly diplomatic and avoid taking a stance I like to support others but sometimes lose sight of my own needs Working cooperatively is a strength of mine I am naturally competitive Winning is important to me I am not afraid of conflict (I enjoy open & robust debate) Sometimes I am so focused on winning that I lose sight of other peoples needs I easily empathise with with another persons point of view People Focus Outcome Focus I tend to be naturally trusting of others I enjoy working collaboratively with others I am concerned by how others feel I can be too direct and sometimes this upsets people I take a logical and objective approach to challenges I enjoy being direct and too the point My need to be objective sometimes makes me appear uncaring I strive to out perform my colleagues
    • I easily adapt my approach Being flexible I don’t always to changing situations stick to the process I sometimes regret acting first and thinking later At times I lack drive and clear goal focus I can be relied upon to deliver against my commitments People may describe me as easy going and casual Inspiration Driven Discipline Driven I am known as someone I work purposefully towards who is highly determined the goals that I have set. I and focused am not easily distracted I approach tasks in a I am on time for meetings structured and methodical way I like ‘work around’ unhelpful administrative processes I trust in my ‘gut feeling and make spontaneous decisions I often do things at the last minute and run out of time I find it difficult to be flexible when last minute events disrupt my plans I am an effective planner I am so committed to plans that I can lack spontaneity
    • I enjoy being a source of new ideas I love discussing complex ideas and abstract concepts I have an active imagination I love inventing novel and creative solutions to problems I see myself as a realistic and practical person I am quick to embrace change I enjoy using good ideas I may overcomplicate to challenge the status problems where a simple solution would do quo Big Picture Down to Earth I always gather evidence to support my views I prefer to experience something in order to understand it I enjoy work that requires precision and accuracy My instinct is to adopt a cautious approach I enjoy being unconventional I can handle repetitive attention to detail well’ Sometimes I can be accused of being overly cynical or negative of good ideas I would describe myself as a conservative person
    • SociableDemonstrativeTakes Charge EXTRAVERTED
    • DISCIPLINE DRIVEN ReliableStructuredPurposeful
    • INTROVERTED ObservingMeasuredIntimate
    • AdaptableFlexibleSpontaneous INSPIRATION DRIVEN
    • How to read your profile Sydney Sample
    • Who’s Who
    • FAQ’s • Can I “Hack” The Questionnaire? • Does it predict competence? • Can my husband/wife/partner/significant others have a go? • Will I change over time?
    • Next Steps • Take some time to reflect on the data • Think about Critical Communications (Team, Customer, Partners, Suppliers etc). See if you can start to read their preferences and identify ways that you can use that understanding insight to help them • Reflect on your least claimed qualities, can developing these help you to become a total Bad Ass? • How do I need to Flex to make this situation better?
    • @paulkennyOL paul@oceanlearning.co.uk