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News 20111215 gdp

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News 20111215 gdp

  1. 1. News December 15th , 2011 Eng. Paul Keisch Page 1 Romania, first place in the EU with the largest share of public investment in GDP Romania learns to turn crisis into opportunity by passing from a growth model based on consumption and debt to a model based on investment and job creation for a healthy economic development, according to an analysis made by Andreea Paul-Vass, State councilor. "We are the first European Union country, followed by Poland, with the largest share of public investment in GDP in 2010, 5.8% of GDP, according to data published by Eurostat in November 2011. Since budgetary allocations for public investment increased from €7.8 billion in 2010 to €8.3 billion in 2011, and will reach €8.8 billion in 2012, we have every chance to maintain our leading position in ranking", says Andreea Paul-Vass. According to analysis by Andreea Paul-Vass, the largest investment projects were made by the Ministry of Transport. MTI program goal was to have 865 km of highway in 2013. In the period 2009–2011 were built 107 km of highway, 52 km of bypass roads and 737 km of rehabilitated or upgraded national roads. Thus, about €1 billion were invested in the period 2009–2011 in construction of highways and national roads rehabilitation or modernization; some €66.5 billion were allocated for further development of infrastructure and for the construction of bypasses, an amount of €186.8 million was allocated. Also, €760 million will be earmarked for future projects. Regarding civil navigation, amounts invested were €8.2 million in the period 2009–2011 and in subsequent years, the investment amounts to €530 million, targeting priority Danube-Black Sea waterway. Civil aviation has benefited from investment of €2.8 million and the budget of 2012, €173.7 million, will support especially the modernization of Henri Coandă Airport in Bucharest. According to analysis, investment projects of the Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism in the period 2009–2011 focused on increasing energy efficiency, by thermal rehabilitation of over 1,660 housing units. The allocation value was of €201.2 million. Also, the housing project for young people, renting by ANL, was worth €203.2 million, and the budget allocated to this program in 2012 amounts to €158.7 million. Construction of over 1,600 social homes for evacuated tenants is a project worth €42 million, where the following year is provided a budget of €40.8 million for other 1,250 social homes. Investments in tourism (ski modernization, development and swimming beaches & pools, tourist routes rehabilitation and other investments for tourism development) are projects worth €56.2 million. The following year, will be allocated an amount of €500 million for these programs.
  2. 2. News December 15th , 2011 Eng. Paul Keisch Page 2 State councilor analysis shows that by the national infrastructure development program were initiated investments worth €520 million, in the counties of Prahova, Giurgiu, Ilfov, Arad, Bihor, Buzău and Vrancea, until 2014. The first 5 investments made by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Business Environment in the period 2009–2011, amounted to approximately €25.8 million and focused on water treatment plant discharged into the tailings emissary from Feldioara worth €9.8 million, extension, unification and general elevation of slag and ash deposit Cicani and Beterega worth €4.9 million, increasing operational safety, improved working environment and greening of technological activity in melting-refining section at SC Romplumb SA Baia Mare, worth €4.5 million, the thermal network expansion at Romag Termo, amounting to €3.6 million. Also, upgrading TRIGA reactor in the SCN Piteşti, worth €3 million, there’s another running project MECMA. The main investments to be made by MECMA during the following period sum €960 million, of which the NPP Cernavodă investment amounts to €905 million, and completion is scheduled for 2019. Investment in heavy water plant 'Romag Prod', worth €31.6 million, will be completed in 2014, and the modernization section of rolled copper and copper alloys in Brasov, amounting to €21.4 million, will be completed in 2015. According to analysis by state counsel, the total first 3 investments allocated to the Ministry of Communications and Information Society in the period 2009–2011 summed €5.1 million, of which Supercomputing projects 1 and 2 totaled €3.34 million, consultancy services to prepare documentation to support requests for funding through structural funds – €0.92 million and extending the Electronic System for Public Procurement, approximately €0.83 million. Currently, at the MCSI level there are 3 major ongoing projects, amounting to €18.2 million. It’s about eRomania 2-project, worth €12 million, the platform for the integration of eGovernment services in the National Electronic System, worth €4.75 million and eAcademie for civil servants, with a total of €1.4 million. The largest investment made by the Ministry of Environment and Forests was conducted by the National Administration "Romanian Waters" in the period 2009–2011 and amounted to €43.77 million, which relates to improvement of Tazlău, Trotuş, Borod and Bistra rivers. Among the investment projects for the coming years is masterly achievement channel Siret - Bărăgan, worth €171.5 million and the area's water supply of Azuga - Breaza, worth €160.3 million.