relayr presents the WunderBar CloudCamp London


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Paul Hopton from relayr Presenting "the WunderBar - Starter kit for the Internet of things" to CloudCamp London

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relayr presents the WunderBar CloudCamp London

  1. 1. I’m Paul Hopton Chief Engineer at relayr we bring things to life
  2. 2. We do one simple thing we connect smart devices to app developers. We’ve just finished a very successful 3 months at Startupbootcamp in Amsterdam, and are just building back up in Berlin. To start with I’ll tell you a story…
  3. 3. This is Jacksons grandma (he usually does the presentation)
  4. 4. About a year ago she got up in the night to turn the heating up, and fell. She’d broken her wrist and couldn’t get back up. Normally her carer would have found her - but she had a flat tire
  5. 5. Her carer came the next day and called for help. Grandma was OK But Jacksons family had to reach a tough decision
  6. 6. They took grandma out of her home, and placed her in a nursing home where she could get 24 hr care.
  7. 7. Now Jacksons Parent, just like mine, and maybe yours are getting older too. We don’t want the same thing to happen to them. We want 24 hour care by professionals and loved ones, whilst our parents stay independent in their own home
  8. 8. Technology almost makes this possible We have smart motion detectors / smart beds / wristbands to monitor health / smart thermostats But there is still no solution for the problem / Why? Because THERE IS NO APP FOR THAT!
  9. 9. App Developers 6 years ago there were no apps, no easy taxi services, no pizza delivery app, no instagram - no google maps! Today apps are a multibillion dollar industry
  10. 10. App Developers Why can’t these young, creative smart entrepreneurs build a solution for these kind of problems
  11. 11. App developers can’t simply build an app because there is no common platform connecting these devices. Each manufacturer has built there own cloud. and the clouds don’t talk to one another. Relayr are going to change that
  12. 12. relayr OpenSensorCloud Our Open sensor cloud connects these smart devices together
  13. 13. relayr OpenSensorCloud and makes the data available to app developers to bulls Smart Solutions
  14. 14. ? relayr OpenSensorCloud PLATFORM We’ve started building our platform - beta launch around easter We envisage creating a market place to sell these “smart solutions” But how do you get people to start using your platform? You need a product MARKETPLACE PRODUCT
  15. 15. We’ve created the WunderBar a Starter Kit for the Internet of Things created especially for App Developers. Heres a very short film
  16. 16. We launched on Dragon Crowdfunding (not Kickstarter) last Friday. We’d love your Support. (Dragon specialise on hardware CrowdFunding. they do due diligence on design, costs and manufacturing timelines. They’ll help us go into production, and have a team that understand our product)
  17. 17. Let me show you the WunderBar
  18. 18. It has a master module and 6 sensor modules (The Schema, Layouts and firmware will all be open sourced)
  19. 19. They communicate with one another through Bluetooth Low Energy
  20. 20. The master module, processes that data and shares it with the cloud through the WiFi chip
  21. 21. relayr OpenSensorCloud Our cloud solution then takes that data. This is CloudCamp so I should take a moment to talk about what the cloud does
  22. 22. Notifications HTTP relayr MQTT Rest API OpenSensorCloud SDK API Bridge We have a device integration layer that supports HTTP MQTT (a great low bandwidth / low energy M2M TCP-Based Protocol) API Bridge to allow us to connect to devices that have their own API We make this data available to developers through our Rest API and some SDKs / Frameworks / Libraries which build upon that. Notification exist in the form of Websockets,,iOS7 Silent notifications and web hooks
  23. 23. Rules Engine • Graphical Engine (IBM Node-RED) • Scripting Environment (LUA) • Machine Learning (eventually) I don’t want the IoT to turn my smart phone into a remote control. I want decisions to be made for me. To enable this we will be building a rules engine. We want to make this available to the App developer….
  24. 24. Looking for a European Hosting Partner Of course the dimensions of the IoT are staggering. Whilst we’re having fun burning the 10K AWS gave us at Startupbootcamp. We’d like to find a european partner. Happy to talk
  25. 25. An Experienced Team Harald Zapp Michael Bommer CEO BizDev Paul Hopton Chief Engineer Cedric Deniau CTO Jackson Bond Product
  26. 26. We are hiring! And of course…. ! Berlin is the most exciting city in Europe at the moment. If the Northern line or David Cameron are getting you down, come join us :)
  27. 27. I deliberately skipped talking about Lambda Architectures or models of distributed decision making inspired by the brain of the Octopus. 5 minutes is too short!
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