Holey Father Hot House Challenge 2013 Event Plan


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Event plan for parents at Good Shepherd School in Auckland New Zealand. The event is the Holey Fathers Hot House Challenge, a waterlogged fun run for kids to be held on Saturday 23rd of March 2013.

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  • ----- Meeting Notes (18/02/13 19:33) -----BTWz the date is wrong!!!!
  • ----- Meeting Notes (18/02/13 19:33) -----Is the 31st even a saturday?
  • ----- Meeting Notes (18/02/13 19:33) -----20m long isnt enough
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  • ----- Meeting Notes (18/02/13 19:33) -----Katy Perry isnt a decent prize for this, due to the fact that this doesnt appeal to most of the competitors
  • ----- Meeting Notes (18/02/13 19:19) -----Why is Alexis Hickey not on this list?????
  • ----- Meeting Notes (18/02/13 19:19) -----Why is Alexis Hickey not on this list?????
  • ----- Meeting Notes (18/02/13 19:33) -----The flags should be house coloured and glow in the dark
  • ----- Meeting Notes (18/02/13 19:33) -----we need more water hoses
  • ----- Meeting Notes (18/02/13 19:33) -----not enough bins last year
  • Holey Father Hot House Challenge 2013 Event Plan

    1. 1. 2013 Event Planner Dads you must be at the school by MIDDAY onSaturday 23rd March 2013
    2. 2. It’s on 2pm Saturday 31 MarchThanks to Mike DeYoung for his awesome artwork again this year We’re sending it to all parents with this email Dear Parents & Friends of Good Shepherd Please make sure you’ve got 2pm Saturday 23rd March in your diaries to bring the kids to school for the 5th Annual Hot House Challenge event. This fun run around the school is brought to you by the Holey Fathers, the social club for dads of Good Shepherd School kids. The event has never been so popular, so if youve never taken part before, this is the year to give it a go! What’s it all about? Our kids race around the school on a special course dotted with fun obstacles and challenges, getting drenched and earning points for their house . Who’ll take the Hot House Challenge trophy off the 2012 champions, yellow house COWLEY? This is not a fundraising event. It’s just a great fun day out for all kids at Good Shepherd, run by their dads and enjoyed by their families. Back by popular demand will be the giant inflatable water slide from last year. Plus there will be music, sausage sizzle and drinks available plus some cool prizes for the race winners. Please feel free to bring a picnic, your own refreshments and don’t forget your water pistols (and a spare t-shirt for the kids)! There are 3 exciting races: junior, middle and senior. Plus, a not so serious race for parents and older siblings too. It’s going ahead rain or shine, so make sure your family is part of the fun. And finally, dads, if you’re keen on helping out, or being part of the Holey Fathers in 2013, just drop an email Paul Hickey on
    3. 3. We’re keeping last year’s hugely popular feature An awesome 20m long inflatable water slide It will be the final station of the race, rightbefore the finish line, so each kid gets to finish on a high (and mum gets a good photo opp) Thanks to the PTFA for hiring it for us.
    4. 4. Here’s the aerial view of this year’s course 2 Top Playground 7 Obstacle Course Water Gauntlet 8 Tyre Alley Tennis Court Balance Beam Course New water cannon obstacle 5 Rugby Challenge 4 6AdventurePlayground
    5. 5. Hot House Challenge Course Map 2013 At Good Shepherd School grounds - Saturday 23rd March 2013 from 2pm Swimming Library Rooms Pool Parish Meeting 3&4 Rooms Rooms 1&2 7 Run ! 2 Water Get Ambush wet ! School Balance Beams! MILO Hall 8 NEW WATER TENT Parish TYRE CANNON ALLEY Church OBSTACLE Rooms Get wet ! 5, 6, 7 GO ! &8 Netball Courts DIVING RUGBY TRY START Run ! FINISH 5 Yay! Score a try! Get wet ! Administration Block Run ! 4 Run ! SCORERS Priest’s House Room 9 6 2.00pm Race registration & House team cheers 2.30pm Middle School Race (Years 1 & 2) RaceClimb & slide Adventure 3.00pm Junior School Race (Years 3 & 4) Playground 3.30pm Senior School Race (Years 5 & 6) Schedule 4.00pm Parents & Siblings Race (unofficial) 4.30pm Prize Giving and Sausage Sizzle
    6. 6. We’ve simplified the scoring this yearThis year we’ve scrapped giving out points at the various stations around the course. It seems blackmarkers and water don’t mix. So now all the scoring happens after the kids cross the finish line.Finishing = 1 house point1. Every kid gets a coloured wristband before the race to match their house.2. Each kid shows their wristband to the scorers after they finish the race3. The scorers cut off the wristbands and award a house point for finishingUNLESS .... The kid is one of the top finishers in the race, in which case there are extra bonus points ....
    7. 7. Top 5 finishing boys and girls score extraWe simply cut up 10 bits of wood and mark them up like below. We hand them to the leading kidsas they cross the finish line. The kids take them to the scorers who record the extra bonus pointsON TOP of the single point they earn for their coloured wrist band.
    8. 8. Prizes for the kids Again this is much simpler in 2013. No more scrounging for lots of individual prizes for kids that they don’t really care that much about anyway. Here’s how it will work this year.Mini trophies and medals for race winners An individual lolly bag for each memberWinning boy and girl in each race get an engraved mini of the winning house teamtrophy. 2nd and 3rd place getters earn an engraved medal. There could be 40-odd kids in the winning house, and each one will get a small bag of lollies each. TheyThat’s 6 trophy and medal earners per race and there are queue up and we hand them out.three races so that’s 18 winners in total. And a lolly scramble for the other kids! While the winning house kids are queuing up, we’ll toss lots of loose lollies to the rest of the kids.
    9. 9. What’s your job at the Hot House Challenge? We’ve put you on a team with a couple of other dads Take note of your job on the next slide and then refer to the slide coming up that describes your station and what’s required. We need you there at MIDDAY at the latest. Please don’t be late.
    10. 10. Start/Finish LineWhat’s the idea?We borrow the PTFA’s string of coloured flags and run them up high Dads on Duty:along the top of a few tent poles and secure them with tent pegs or Mike DeYoung Mob 021901320something. So it looks like a proper start/finish line. This is where all Mark Wood Mob 021834346the kids and parents will congregate, so we need to leave a bit ofdecent gap between it and the classrooms. House Points on offer:At the start we line all the kids up here, and check they’ve all got on 1 point for finishing, plus up to 5 bonustheir coloured wristbands, so they can score a point at the end. At the points for a top 5 finish (boys and girls)end, we hand out the blocks of wood to the top finishers.And most importantly, direct every finishing kid to the scorers’ table.Tell the kids to do what?Follow the cones around the course, and have fun!Then walk over to the scorers to swap your coloured wristband for a house point. Plus bonus points for a top 5 finish.Equipment Required:String of flags (from PTFA shed)Poles and pegs to mount flags (from Paul Holmes)Starter’s air horn (from Rob Peeters)Individual kids wrist band ScorersTop finishers bits of wood
    11. 11. Roving Course MarshallWhat’s the idea?Tyrone Hale is our Roving Course Marshall. His job is to look after the Dads on Duty:overall course between the other eight stations and take care of some Tyrone Hale Mob 0274593411logistical stuff with Sharon the school caretaker before the race, like + other helpers before the races startaccess to classrooms, gates, locks, etc. He’ll also be supplying the tyreswe need for the Tyre Alley and Station 1 and setting up the tarp crawl bythe school hall. Tyrone’s going to be very useful on the new WaterCannon station 3 as well.He may recruit other dads to mark out the course with the school’s setof cones and check it’s done right. During the race, he can rove all over Looks after thethe course, directing kids where to run, helping out where he’s needed. tarps and tyresTell the kids to do what?Crawl under the first tarp after the start lineStep through the tyre alley carefullyAnd generally “run this way” when it’s neededEquipment Required:Tarps & tent pegs (from Paul Holmes & Wayne Stachurski)Lots of used tyres (from Tyrone Hale)Set of cones to mark out the course (from school)Laminated course maps
    12. 12. Station 1 - Walk the planksWhat’s the idea?We set up a series of slightly raised planks that kids have to walk along Dads on Duty:(connected by tyres) in order to get to the gate and continue on to the Richard Clement Mob 021 1568 472next station. But they have to choose one of two routes without Ant Saunders Mob 029 8159590knowing which one is faster. Dads on this station, you get to design the Eddie Sella Mob 021 634300alternate routes on the day, once you see how many planks you’ve got. Sam Irvine Mob 027 251 5200It’s the first station and the kids will arrive through the end gate in a bigswarm. But they are thinned out a bit thanks to the earlier tarps & tyres.Tell the kids to do what?Choose left or right then“Walk the planks” all the way to the far gate.They are not allowed to touch the ground, or cut corners, or theyhave to go back to the start again.Equipment Required: Route 1Lots of planks (from lots of dads)Lots of bricks to raise the planks (from lots of dads)A tyres between each plank join (Tyrone Hale) Route 2
    13. 13. Station 2 - Top Playground ObstacleWhat’s the idea?The planks on station 1 will thin the kids out further before they arrive at Dads on Duty:the “up top” playground. We want the kids to run right to the far end of Rob Peeters Mob 021 1821549the playground before entering it. Giving them a couple of tackle bags to Mike Tibbles Mob 027 696 5546jump first helps get them to the right end. Then we make use of the Mike Mirfin Mob 021 292 8910existing obstacles, sending them through the playground from one end tothe other..Tell the kids to do what?Jump the tackle bags. Then run/climb through one lane of the playground,climbing to a high point at the end before sliding down the pole to complete thestation. Then run up the hill towards the big slippery slide.Equipment Required:Tackle Bags (from Matt McHardy)
    14. 14. Station 3 - New Water CannonWhat’s the idea? Dads on Duty:Time for the kids to start getting wet. This is a new station and will Kim Van Nes Mob 022 0431367require some ingenuity and planning to figure out how to do this. Aaron Delacey Mob 029 222 0732 Matt Hanrahan Mob 027 589 8822The idea is that we set up wheelie bin or barrel of water on highground, with an electric water pump and nozzle to spray kids with a Own Doran Mob 0212 472 624high pressure burst as they climb up the little hill to the carpark. Run water and power from outside meeting rooms. Need power too!Tell the kids to do what?Run to the slippery slide behind the priests house. That meansrunning right past the water cannon of course.Equipment Required:Water barrel or wheelie bin (James Flexman)Hoses and water pump (Wayne Stachurski)High pressure spray nozzle (and stand?)Extension cords to power pump. (ask Tyrone about power access) Ask for help from Tyrone Hale Mob 0274593411 Kim, suggest your team be Wayne Stachurski Mob 0274 916 352 the guys who park their car here to block off the area Wayne has offered to supply barrels, water pump you need for your station. and fittings. Call him on the farm in Ngatea
    15. 15. Station 4 - Billboard Water SlideWhat’s the idea?A cool downhill slippery slide. Phil Clemas provides two of his firm’s Dads on Duty:huge 12m outdoor advertising skins and we turn them into a fantastic Pete Lord Mob 021 915 14124m water slide down the grassy slope behind the priest’s house. Phil Howard Mob 021 975 166 Marty Van Aken Mob 0211 283 478The trickiest part of this station is keeping the slide wet and slippery.There’s a hose out the back of the priest’s house but needspermission to use it. We’ll ask in advance but suggest you knock onhis door as soon as you arrive and confirm it’s still OK.Phil Clemas can’t be at the event this year, but Pete Lord had thissussed last year, so I’m sure they will again this year.Tell the kids to do what?Get a bloody great big run-up and launch yourself!When you get to the bottom, start running back toward themain school field and Station 5, the Rugby Challenge Equipment Required: Bloody enormous billboard skins (from Phil Clemas) Water (from Priest’s house?) Bring a hose. Soapy stuff for slide (from Pete Lord) Needs a dad at the bottom of slide directing kids to run in the right direction next
    16. 16. Station 5 - Diving Rugby TryWhat’s the idea?Get the kids to score an awesome diving sliding try underneath the Dads on Duty:goal posts. This station is assembled from the rugby gear Matt Joe Tooman Mob 0276126720McHardy borrows from the Auckland Rugby Union, including a big Tony Kelly Mob 021921887inflatable cushion for the kids to land on. Add a hose to make a sliding Basil Fernandez Mob 027 633 4054try possible and we’re away. Matt can’t be at the event this year, butwill still get us the gear. Tackle bags, rugby balls, goalposts, the works.Joe Tooman and Tony Kelly handled this well last year, but they coulddo with a couple of extra dads helping we think.Tell the kids to do what?Catch the ball (passed to them by the dads) and score a bigspectacular diving try under the goal posts. Then get off andhead off to the adventure playground for station 7.Equipment Required:Rugby balls & equipment (from Matt McHardy and ARU)Hose connected to tap outside admin block.
    17. 17. Station 6 - Adventure PlaygroundWhat’s the idea?Again we’re making use of the existing playground equipment, which Dads on Duty:the kids are all very familiar with. By now the kids will be pretty tired Pete Barnao Mob 022 019 2386and they should be well spaced out, which means we’re going to keep Kevin Murphy Mob 021 0292 4218it simple.All we want the kids to do it run around the big tree (with the newwooden bench seat around it) then climb up the tower and slide downthe slide.BUT if you guys can add to this station or somehow improve it, thenplease go ahead. Want to make the seniors go along the monkey barstoo?Tell the kids to do what?Run around the big tree then climb up and slide down the slide.Then run down the back of the classrooms towards Station 7.Equipment Required:None unless you think of something to add.
    18. 18. Station 7 - The Water Gauntlet!What’s the idea?The idea here is to assemble every possible way to get each kid soaked Dads on Duty:as they run through the gap between the classroom blocks. Hoses, Kane Dickie Mob 021630573sprinklers and fittings are required to set up the ambush. Wayne Stephen Farrell Mob 0275737689Stachurski is also pr0viding some big barrels which should be filled with Patrick Jansen Mob 021 082 4819water to make ideal water pistol filling stations. We need to recruit thekids who aren’t running that particular race to “arm themselves” with And can’t attend but supplying stuffadditional water firepower. Wayne Stachurski Mob 0274 916 352There’s a house outlet there right outside the kids toilets, plus there’sanother one outside rooms 3 & 4. We need to get the tap handles offSharon the school groundskeeper.Tell the kids to do what?Run through the ambush towards the finish line, and expect toget a good soaking (keep it friendly though)Then head towards our big new Crazy Cruiser slide at Station 8.Equipment Required:Hoses, sprinklers and fittings for tap Water Barrels (WayneStachurski)Water pistols (preferably big soakers)
    19. 19. Station 8 - Crazy Cruiser SlideWhat’s the idea?Add a bit of theatre to the final act of the race with a spectacular water Dads on Duty:slide down to the finish line. James Flexman Mob 0275 450 191 John Vaipuna Mob 02102248780The slide itself will be set up by the company we’re hiring it from, and it Nick Booy Mob 021 991 176requires both electricity and a water supply, both of which we’ll get fromthe main classroom block (rooms 5 – 8).Once it’s set up it we don’t need anybody to operate it. But two dads areneeded just to help kids climb up onto it and for a bit of crowd control –keeping other kids off it during the race.Tell the kids to do what?Play on the slide between races, lining up in an orderly fasion.But during the race it’s closed to everyone except the racecompetitorsEquipment Required:All supplied by slide company
    20. 20. Station 9 - BarbequeWhat’s the idea?This year we’re in charge of the barbecue at the Hot House Challenge, Dads on Duty:including supplying the sausages, bread, sauces, napkins, everything. So Danny Trainor Mob 021 811 504it’s worthy of being a station in itself. Chris Jeffery Mob 021 449 549 Joshua Jeffery (Chris’s son)The school has two BBQs and we need to ensure the gas bottles are full Steve Simpson Mob ???before we start. Bring your own BBQ implements Sausages are free, but we are selling drinks This is to close our budget gap a bit. Soft drink cans will be $2 each Juice cartons will be $1 each Equipment Required: Your own BBQ implements Ice and bins for cold drinks All consumables supplied by Holey Fathers on the day
    21. 21. Our event budgetBudget? Yes budget!This year the PTFA has granted us an overall event budget of $600. This is how it’s looking right now.
    22. 22. Other jobs on the dayMusicThis year our DJ will be Mr Fish’s daugher Lexi Hickey. Using her iPod and sound gearsupplied by Kane Dickie.Scorers x 4We need four official scorers to record and add up all the kids house points. We’ve hadthe mums do this for the last two years, but anyone can do it really. You just don’t get toadd up the points for your own family’s school house. Who’s wives are keen?Finish line wranglersWe usually get a few PTFA or mum helpers get the kids under control on the start/finishline and help identify the top place-getters. Volunteers are welcome.Prize giversSomeone to help Mr Fish give out the prizes at the end and toss a few lollies into theswarm of kids.Coffee GuyWe need to arrange a coffee van to turn up
    23. 23. Stuff we also need from the schoolLaminated course mapsWe supply the A3 maps (Mr Fish) a couple of days before the race and they laminate themAccess to tennis courtsWe need Sharon to make sure both gates to the tennis courts are unlocked for the raceUnlock big gates next to sandpitWe have to make sure kids have a clear run between stations 4 and 5 and not have to go through the little gate.Access to water taps and electricityWe need Sharon to provide the handles that let us operate all the water taps around the main field. Plus keys toopen a classroom for power for the slide.Sports gearWe need access to the plastic cones for marking the course.PTFA ShedWe need access to the shed to get the flags for the start/finish line.BarbecuesWe need access to at least one and possibly two barbecues for the event. With full gas bottles too.
    24. 24. After event drinksBring a few beers for after the racesIf each team (ie each station) brings a six pack ora dozen then all we’ll need is a tub and some ice.Leave your beers in the car and we’ll send avolunteer up to the gas station at the last minuteto grab a few bags of ice.Does anybody have a tub or a kids paddling poolwe can put the ice into? Bring it along.
    25. 25. Remember, be there by midday. Saturday 23rd March 2013.