WineFamily - Our Introduction


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WineFamily is an online wine sales platform and social network set to revolutionize the wine buying industry. Wineries and importers can sell directly to wine lovers, and WineFamily members can access the widest selection of the world’s best wines at the most competitive prices. WineFamily’s Grapevine enables seamless communication between wine sellers and buyers, and members can use the platform to ask questions, share thoughts, receive advice and make new friends.

Leading the charge as an innovator and solutions provider for the wine industry, WineFamily aims to become the world’s go-to source for wine.

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WineFamily - Our Introduction

  1. 1. Paul Gerken - Founder & CEO Our Introduction
  2. 2. What is WineFamily? How does WineFamily work? Why should you sell on WineFamily? When can you sell? Who is behind WineFamily?
  3. 3. What is WineFamily? WineFamily is all the benefits of selling wine online direct to consumers, with none of the upfront costs WineFamily is one of the most advanced and interactive wine e-commerce platforms in the world WineFamily is a multi-vendor social commerce site, or in layman’s terms, an open online marketplace for wine WineFamily is so-called because we believe that from producer to consumer, we are one singular ‘family’ that will work better when the lines of communication are flat and open.
  4. 4. How does WineFamily work? 04 Sale Marketing Fee DELIVERY PAYMENT Sellers Buyers 01 02 03 Open your virtual shop using your PayPal ID Upload your products: You set the price and volume Receive payment to your PayPal account via WineFamily - WineFamily takes an 8% marketing fee only at point of sale Deliver your wines using your team or a local courier Maintain contact with the customer to gener- ate future sales GRAPEVINE Communication platform across buyers and sellers to discuss, sell and market wines 05
  5. 5. Why should I sell on WineFamily? 01 Incremental sales on top of your existing business We’re investing in marketing and advertising to bring you to a wider audience and allowing you to talk directly to your customers Using our unique Grapevine platform, you can perform a virtual handsell of each product whilst still building, maintaining and enhancing your own brand Each virtual shop is a window to your company and brand. Building your followers and ratings will enhance your stature and sales
  6. 6. Problems selling stock that you know is of great quality? Its happens everywhere, all the time UPLOAD your product to your WineFamily shop Set the VOLUME so that you never oversell. If you’ve got 2, 20, 200 or 2000 cases to clear, our system will automatically deplete the volume and remove the sale once all stock is sold out. Set the PRICE you are happy to sell at - buyers will value quality, but discounted products usually sell more quickly 01 02 03 02 Stock Management
  7. 7. 03 Selling Online with Zero Capital Outlay and No Maintenance, Marketing & PR Costs • ZERO Design & Development Costs • ZERO Site Maintenance Costs • ZERO Marketing & Promotion Costs • ZERO Communications & PR Costs • ZERO Domain URL Costs • ZERO Web Hosting & Server Costs • ZERO Search Engine Optimization Costs • ZERO Pay-Per-Click Costs • FREE Shop Registration • FREE Product Upload • FREE Personalised Shop Front • FREE Access to community of buyers • FREE Communication platform for virtual hand sell • FREE Capacity to send instant messages to market and promote sales • FREE Marketing & Brand Building potential • FREE Sales statistics
  8. 8. 04 The Most Efficient Marketing Tools Ever Grapevine is a common twitter-like communication platform across buyers, sellers and products. It allows: Sellers to market directly to their followers: “New Product Just Released - Try It Now!” “20% extra off my last two cases of this Beaujolias Beauty” All sent instantly to your network of buyers. Buyers can follow friends, family, trusted sources and shops so they can share information on wines - meaning they can build knowledge and confidence to buy Buyers are automatically added to a shop’s grapevine when they purchase, meaning that shops can market to previous buyers in an instant WineFamily’s ‘community’ functions build wine culture and awareness, with an opportunity to invite our wide audience to your latest promotional event.
  9. 9. 05 Cross Promotion & Co-Branding - When We Sell, We Sell You. Through Social Media WineFamily will post, promote and advertise your sales through our networks on Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn. A sale for your company is a sale for us, so we will give your company the most exposure we can. This is over and above the excellent opportunity to engage with your consumers on Grapevine. Through our Trade and Traditional Media Attention We will be targeting trade press and traditional media in our pursuit to build WineFamily as a industry -changing tech approach to the wine industry. We want you to join us. When we talk about WineFamily, we would like to talk about the companies that joined us at the start. We want to mention your name, and show how you led the innovation of the industry with us. Through Physical Events We will be holding launch events and at least an annual large scale event that will bring customers to you who can sample your wines. We will encourage people to bring their smart devices so that they can favourite, wishlist or buy your wines immediately online.
  10. 10. When can you sell on WineFamily? Oct 2013 Launch Targeted Singapore Launch: Early October 2013 From this date, as a shop owner, you can manage how often and when you sell You can ramp up your portfolio during busy periods And reduce it if your product or staffing is low It’s always up to you.
  11. 11. Who is behind WineFamily? Harry Dewhirst An enthusiastic entrepreneur with huge success in the telecommunications sphere, Harry has co-founded two startups specializing in mobile advertising, RingRing Media and amobee. Prior to that, Harry led Ad sales across Europe for Medio Systems and ran global consumer acquisition at Playphone, managing relationships with companies such as Google, Yahoo!, MTV and Microsoft. He now resides in Singapore and has a thirst for great wine and great business. Paul Gerken Paul cut his teeth in the wine industry with Concha y Toro, the largest South American winery group and among the top five globally, managing sales and distribution of three wineries in Asia Pacific. In that capacity, Paul traveled extensively across Asia Pacific, independently negotiating deals and partnerships with wine sellers, and building marketing strategies for the wineries. True to his passion, Paul is Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) certified, and always ready to appreciate a glass of fine wine on any occa- sion. Mutant Communications A young and dynamic PR, communications and marketing firm with a proven track record in global media exposure and headline grabbing promotional activities