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  1. 1. Paul R. Garner, Sr 14546 Brook Hollow #399 San Antonio, TX 78232 Cell: 210-370-7285 Fax: 888-879-1555 SYNOPSIS I am a highly skilled Information Technology professional with 30+ years of “in the trenches” experience performing in such roles as architect (network, security, firewall, and systems), director, technical lead, security administrator, accreditation package contributor, and even remote worker, remote service management and project manager. With that lifetime of experience comes a deep expertise in all aspects of information technology and that is applied to resolving the engagement. As an IT Professional you will see that my commitment to integrity, excellent communication, problem-solving, and process-thinking skills. This includes a history of creating and implementing a unified vision. In the role as Project Manager, multiple projects are managed simultaneously ensuring budgets, resources, and deadlines are on track. My goal is always to complete projects with expected or better results. I am very experienced at directing internal and external resources, with emphasis on team leadership, motivating the workforce, and providing encouragement and professional development opportunities. In my many roles over the years I have proven myself as an effective communicator, adept at building cohesive relationships with all levels of staff, management, clients, vendors and key- decision makers. Additionally, with the ability to obtain buy-in from key stakeholders, I can conclude engagements successfully in any market. Currently I am working on my CCSP and CAP Certifications. As well as seeking AWS concurrence. I am dedicated to bringing all my experience to bear in any engagement for the benefit of the client. EDUCATION / CERTIFICATION A+ Core / Dos / Windows – Nov 1999 Network + - Sept 2001 MCP – Oct 2002 MCSA – Oct 2002 MCSE – Nov 2002 CISSP – Jun 2006 (Current) DoD RMF Training [32 hrs] - Sep 2016 Bachelors of Applied Science in Information Technology [Networking] (Nov 2007) Masters of Business Administration [Information Technology & Project Management] (Feb 2012) Army Certification - DoD DIACAP Training (Jan 2010) Paul R. Garner MBA (A+, N+, MCP, MCSA, MCSE, CISSP) Page 1 of 8
  2. 2. Army Certification - REM 3.0 (Jan 2010) Army Certification - Incident Handling (Feb 2010) Army Certification - Army Specific DAA Course (Feb 2010) Army Certification - STIG Training (Feb 2010) Army Certification - NetScreen Firewall (Feb 2010) Army Certification - DAR - DataArmor and FileArmor for End-Users (Feb 2010) Army Certification - DAR - DataArmor and FileArmor for System Administrators, Helpdesk and Authenticators (Feb 2010) Army Certification - Hercules 3.5 (Feb 2010) Army Certification - STATG 6.4.3 (Feb 2010) Army Certification – Retina (Feb 2010) Army Certification - Flying Squirrel (Feb 2010) Army Certification - Web Content and OPSEC Certification Training (Feb 2010) Army Certification - Information Assurance Fundamentals (IASO) (Apr 2010) DoD Security Clearance NAC (2007) NAC-LC – Secret (2009) NAC-LC (2011) NAC-LC (2012) Work Experience: Company: TSR Technology (consulting) [Multiple clients] Dates: January 1988 to Present Title: Project Manager/ Enterprise Security Administrator/ Sr. System Administrator/ IA Compliance Engineer/ Network Architect Duties: ● Server consolidation, virtualization and migration ● RMF documentation review and artifact generation ● Cloud and Virtual Networking [AWS and Azure] ● Asset Management (IT and Human) ● Data center planning and design (power, structure, cooling, cabling, racks, systems) ● Creation of Security Risk Assessments and POC for networks and systems ● Creation and refreshing of SOP's for compliance with governance. ● Compliance validation (TAC 202, Dod 8570, AR-25-2) ● Data aggregation and normalization for reporting with automated tools ● Research/Investigate/Mitigate security incidents ● Project management ($200k-$3.2mil) ● Linux Shell scripting (STIG Compliance and system hardening) ● DICAP (Processing IAVA, and retina events, STIG Compliance) ● Develop and document business requirements and current and future business process work-flows ● Conduct business process work-flow and requirements gathering ● Conduct validation process to ensure all current business process work-flow and requirements are accurate and complete Paul R. Garner MBA (A+, N+, MCP, MCSA, MCSE, CISSP) Page 2 of 8
  3. 3. ● Perform and document gap analysis on current and future business process work-flows ● Fortify on Demand and Webinspect deployment and troubleshooting ● Microsoft Project Server 2003 administration ● Rightfax Administration and deployment ● Disaster recovery solution (design, testing, and implementation) ● Process design and refinement (startup, shutdown, backup, recovery, disaster recovery) ● Configuration/Change Management – (Hardware,LAN,WAN, Process, Procedure ) ● Anti-virus Administration (Trend Micro, CA, McAffee , Symantec, Norton) ● Quality Assurance – (Hardware, LAN,WAN) ● VMware GSX server administration ● VMware server design and deployment ● Data center design and implementation (Medium size) ● Network Design/Architecture (using Visio to layout servers, routers, nodes, switches, T1, DS3) ● Technology assessment, POC generation, and implementation ● Security assessment POC generation, and implementation ● Vulnerability assessment POC generation, and implementation ● Server (Windows 2003, 2008 R2) troubleshooting, design, deployment, migration and administration ● Active Directory Architect, deployment, migration, and administration ● Security Architect, deployment, investigation, and administration ● Exchange Troubleshooting, Architect, Deployment, Migration, and Administration ● Network Architecture, implementation, troubleshooting, and administration ● User education (entry level to ‘CX’ level) ● Firewall troubleshooting, design, deployment, configuration, and administration ● Blackberry/BES deployment, and troubleshooting ● Mobile Messaging for Windows and Android devices. ● Contract Management ● Vendor Management ● Troubleshooting IIS issues Notable projects (not an exhaustive list) Site: GlobalPundits/HP (International Project) Dates: October 2013 to January 2015 Title: Project Manager/ Lead Network Architect / Security Compliance / International Security Compliance Duties: oDesign network infrastructure for cloud operations (National and International) oProject management ($2mil) oData center planning and design (power, structure, cooling, cabling, racks, systems) oDocumentation of configuration oAsset Management oVirtual Router (configuration/implementation/troubleshooting) oVirtual Firewall (configuration/implementation/troubleshooting) oRetina (scan systems for compliance/risk) oWireshark (network troubleshooting) Paul R. Garner MBA (A+, N+, MCP, MCSA, MCSE, CISSP) Page 3 of 8
  4. 4. oRemote resource monitoring oTelework (working from off-site) oAmazon Web Services (Cloud) configuration oVPN (configuration/implementation/troubleshooting) oTeraMark Cloud configuration oFortify on Demand (security software) installation, management and troubleshooting. Site: TekSystems/HP (consulting) USAMITC - MHS Project Dates: June 2011 to April 2012 Title: Systems Engineer - Tier 3 / IA Engineer Duties: oCreation and processing of Change Management (CRQ) requests oProject management ($1.9 Mil) oRetina security scans oSecurity scans with “Gold Disk” oSystem Administration - Windows server 2008 and Windows server 2003 oInformation Assurance compliance (8500.2 and AR25-2) oBuild and deploy new servers (Windows 2008 and Windows 2003) using “Army Gold Master” oWork under minimal supervision oCreation of enterprise user AD objects oManagement of enterprise OU structure oTracking of all events in Helpdesk System (cradle to grave) oSupport and Administration of 20,000 Exchange mailboxes globally oSupport and Administration of 1800 Blackberry Enterprise accounts oTroubleshooting of Enterprise PKI issues oTroubleshooting of Enterprise LAN/WAN Connectivity oTroubleshooting Enterprise DNS issues oMaintaining Enterprise SLA oTechnology assessment, POC generation, and implementation oSecurity assessment POC generation, and implementation oVulnerability assessment POC generation, and implementation oSymantec Corporate and Enterprise Edition troubleshooting Site: Evolvent/WWT/General Dynamics (consulting) 106th Signal Brigade & METC Dates: October 2009 to June 2011 Title: Information Assurance Engineer (IAT-III) Duties: ● Validation of site specific processes and procedures in accordance with to DoD regulations (DIACAP) ● Peer review and coordination of findings to present a complete security profile ● Preparing deficiency and compliance reports to assist in a Plan of Correction ● Preparing IA approval packets for submission to the CCB (Configuration Control Board) ● Researching new and requested products for feasibility and technical requirements ● Maintaining DoD security posture through ongoing validation Paul R. Garner MBA (A+, N+, MCP, MCSA, MCSE, CISSP) Page 4 of 8
  5. 5. ● Asset Management system implementation ● Mobile asset scanning and database synchronization ● DIACAP Validation ● Travel to remote locations ● Work under minimal supervision Site: Evolvent - METC Project (Ft. Sam Houston) Dates: June 2007 to September 2009 Title: Project Manager / IA Engineer/ Compliance Engineer Duties: oProject management ($2.6 mil) oData center planning and design (power, structure, cooling, cabling, racks, systems) oCreation and processing of Change Management (CRQ) requests oUser education (entry level to ‘CX’ level [Generals]) oInformation Assurance compliance (8500.2 and AR25-2) oManagement of trades/services oImplementation of data center deployment oMigration of data center [continuity of service ] oFirewall planning and deployment Site: Goldbelt Raven – USAMITC (Fort Sam Houston) Dates: July 2006 to May 2007 Title: Enterprise Administrator / System Administrator II/ Exchange Administrator Duties: ● Support and Administration of 80,000 Exchange mailboxes globally ● Support and Administration of 3500 Blackberry Enterprise accounts ● Troubleshooting of enterprise PKI issues ● Troubleshooting of enterprise LAN/WAN Connectivity ● Troubleshooting enterprise DNS issues ● Troubleshooting enterprise WINS issues ● Creation of enterprise user AD objects ● Management of enterprise OU structure ● Tracking of all events in Helpdesk System (cradle to grave) ● Maintaining enterprise SLA ● Call Center Environment ● ACD Systems Management Site: Border Region Mental Health and Mental Retardation (Laredo) Dates: April 2003 to May 2005 Paul R. Garner MBA (A+, N+, MCP, MCSA, MCSE, CISSP) Page 5 of 8
  6. 6. Title: IT/IS Director Duties: ● Management of Employees tasks and time ● Contract Management ● Project Management ● Quality Assurance – (Hardware, LAN,WAN) ● Configuration/Change Management – (Hardware,LAN,WAN) ● Project Determination, Lifecycle, Management, and Planning ● Security Architect, deployment, investigation, and administration ● Infrastructure Upgrade/Modification ● Helpdesk management ● ACD Management ● Symantec Enterprise Administration and Deployment ● Network Share Creation, Logon Script Mapping ● Fiber Network Mapping ● Anasazi database server management and maintenance ● Phone system management and maintenance ● Project Budget Determination ● Network Design/Architecture (using Visio to layout servers, routers, nodes, switches, T1, DS3) ● Disaster recovery planning and policy implementation ● Allocation of resources for Projects and Tasks ● Operation System Migration from Windows 98 to Windows XP Professional ● Server Migration from Windows NT4 to Windows 2000/2003 ● Enterprise Antivirus server deployment and management ● Exchange 5.5 server build up, roll-out and administration ● Exchange 2000 server build up, roll-out and administration ● Firewall planning and deployment ● Enterprise Firewall Management ● Research hardware and software for projects ● Backup structure design and implementation ● Enterprise wide policy design and implementation ● Enforcement and Investigation if IT/IS Policy Violations ● Network, and LAN/WAN troubleshooting ● Satellite Office connectivity and data management ● User Education and Training in Basic computer knowledge ● Repair and replacement of damaged equipment (in and out of warranty) Site: D.R Horton Homebuilder (San Antonio branch) Dates: March 2000 to September 2002 Title: Regional Support Specialist Duties: ●New user setup, training, account creation and configuration ●New system imaging, and deployment to on-site and remote locations (20 to 600 miles) Paul R. Garner MBA (A+, N+, MCP, MCSA, MCSE, CISSP) Page 6 of 8
  7. 7. ●New system development, configuration & implementation ●Phone System Administration (add, move, change, maintenance) ●Network maintenance and technical support, desktop services ●Standard system image development ●Quality Assurance – (Hardware, LAN,WAN) ●Configuration/Change Management – (Hardware,LAN,WAN) ●MacAfee Antivirus Software ●Symantec Enterprise Antivirus Deployment and Administration ●Selection of project requirements (hardware, software & vender) ●Implementation of high speed connectivity at remote locations ●Axxess ACD Phone system implementation & management (add, move, and change) ●Verify connectivity to LAN / WAN / VPN ●Coordinate LAN & voice cable pulls ●Level 1, 2, 3, Network, and remote site support ●Server management & administration ●Verify & troubleshoot network rights, shared drives, and login script ●Troubleshoot network, hardware & software issues ●Troubleshoot stand alone and network printing issues (hardware & software) ●Client connectivity to AS400 ●Project Management, Problem Determination, and Problem Management ●Installation of new hardware & upgrades ●Support of distant remote sites (over 100 miles one way) Site: Driscoll Children’s Hospital (Corpus Christi) Dates: January 1998 to March 2000 Title: Microcomputer Specialist Duties: ●New system deployment including LAN, Desktop and Standard system development ●Field Technical Support - problem determination, and problem source identification ●New system configuration, network maintenance and support, desktop services including problem management. ●Verify connectivity to LAN ●Coordinate LAN cable pulls ●Check printer connections ●Check shared drives ●McAfee Antivirus Software ●Troubleshoot hardware issues ●Troubleshoot software issues ●Client connectivity to AS400 ●Instruct users in use of platform ●Installation of new hardware ●Creation of web based instruction manual HARDWARE Paul R. Garner MBA (A+, N+, MCP, MCSA, MCSE, CISSP) Page 7 of 8
  8. 8. Cloud Virtual implementation HP (Printers / Servers / Workstation) Compaq (Server / Workstation) LAN/WAN/VPN Cisco & 3com (Switches / Routers) Dell (Server / Workstation) Laptop (local & Remote) Firewall Configuration PBX/ACD Sys (Avaya, Intertel, Vodavi) Pocket & Palm PC Wi-Fi Networking GBIC (Fiber Backbone) Domain Controllers SAN / NAS SCSI / SATA CAT5/CAT6 OPERATING SYSTEMS MS-DOS Windows 2003 Enterprise Windows 95 - 98 Windows 2000 Server Windows Vista Windows NT 4.0 Windows XP Home & Pro Unix / Linux Windows 2000 Professional Windows Mobile Palm OS Windows 2000 Advanced Windows 2008 R2 (all versions) Android Windows 7 Windows 8 SOFTWARE & DEVELOPMENT TOOLS SQL (Pervasive & Microsoft) Active Directory VPN/TS/Citrix Client/Svr Lotus Notes 5.x Virtual Domain Generation ADP/E-Time Retina Symantec Enterprise (AV/FW) LanDesk AdminStudio VMWare Remedy Helpdesk Veritas Backup Exec Remote Desktop Services WWW / FTP Administration MS Office 95 to 2013 Terminal Services Group Policy Creation AS400 Express Client Adobe Acrobat Professional MS Exchange / Outlook Paul R. Garner MBA (A+, N+, MCP, MCSA, MCSE, CISSP) Page 8 of 8