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    • Paul G. Huppertz Paul G. Huppertz Information Technology is used for engineering & fabricating IT-based physical goods or systems. s. Wikipedia entry 'Information Technology' IT-based systems are used as servuction automats (= service providing automats) for effectuating & rendering IT-system based services. Such services are explicitly triggered by authorized service consumers (= employees in business units) for efficiently executing one of their upcoming activities creating business value in so doing. Thus, only the triggering service consumers can create value, more precisely: business value in the realm of commissioning service customers. That's whiy each explicitly triggered, singular & unique IT-system based service must be reliably rendered explicitly to the triggering service consumer. The triggering service consumers are - the single & sole activators & addressees of any service rendering - the critical success factors for each singular service rendering & for each singular service-based value creating. s. slide deck of the keynote 'Servicialisation - Service Consumers Center Stage!'   5 days ago
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