Networking Campaign Workshop


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Presented 4/5/12 to Dallas' Jewish Family Services (JFS) this workshop-format presentation spells out how to use networking as part of a campaign to secure your next job.

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  • Networking Campaign Workshop

    1. 1. Networking Campaign Workshop Presented to Jewish Family Services April 5, 2012
    2. 2. What today is about• Setting goals• Understanding expectations• Learning about yourself and others• Connecting• Being patient• Being persistent• Understanding who this is all about The Relentless Networker
    3. 3. Make Networking a Part of Every Week• Every week. All the time.• Call your contacts. Call on your contacts.• Call new acquaintances.• Call forgotten connections. The Relentless Networker
    4. 4. Formulating a Campaign• Set a strategy that matches your goals• Be deliberate in your execution.• Focus on your targets.• Use your tools effectively. The Relentless Networker
    5. 5. Setting Goals• What kind of work do you want to do?• Where do you want to work?• How soon (realistically) can you be on the job?• How much do you want to make? The Relentless Networker
    6. 6. Exercise• List your goals• Share some examples The Relentless Networker
    7. 7. 1. Set a strategy• Where will you go?• Who will you talk with?• How will you engage them?• What will you leave with? The Relentless Networker
    8. 8. Where will you go?• Go where your “clients” will be: o Networking groups. o Chambers of commerce. o Associations.• Keep your contact channels fresh.• Remember everything has a shelf life. The Relentless Networker
    9. 9. Who will you talk with?• C-level executives.• Company owners.• Consultants.• Other job seekers. The Relentless Networker
    10. 10. How will you engage them?• “What brings you here today?”• “Are you a member of this group?”• “How do you know (the name of the host)?” The Relentless Networker
    11. 11. Exercise• List your strategies• Share some examples The Relentless Networker
    12. 12. 1. Be Deliberate• Prepare.• Have confidence; keep a positive attitude.• Be consistent.• Be direct• Have manners. The Relentless Networker
    13. 13. Prepare: Set Weekly Goals• How many new contacts will you add?• Weed out those who have moved on.• Recommend people.• “Like” comments.• Post comments and information. The Relentless Networker
    14. 14. Have Confidence• Be positive.• Keep your head up.• Remember you are a “company of one.” The Relentless Networker
    15. 15. Be Consistent• Circulate an accurate resume.• Remember your messages and keep them similar.• Be yourself. The Relentless Networker
    16. 16. Be Direct• Get to the point.• Make your follow up calls promptly• You will be forgotten (or least not remembered) if you don’t follow up• Time is money—and relationship equity The Relentless Networker
    17. 17. Be Polite• You only get to make one first impression• Courtesy is contagious• How you act is just as important as what and who you know The Relentless Networker
    18. 18. Exercise• Stand up and give us your elevator speech. The Relentless Networker
    19. 19. 3. Focus on Your Targets• Do your homework• Be consistent• Be persistent—without being rude• Know when to back off• Know when to “ask for the business” The Relentless Networker
    20. 20. Do Your Homework• Know where you are.• Remember who you are looking for and talking with.• Know something about them and/or their company.• Understand how you relate to them. The Relentless Networker
    21. 21. Be Consistent• In your messages.• Describing what you do.• With your history.• Who you know. The Relentless Networker
    22. 22. Persistence• Don’t be rude.• Take the conversation too far.• Know when to back off.• Saying goodbye and following up. The Relentless Networker
    23. 23. “Asking for the Business”• Know when to ask what question.• Don’t ask too soon or too late.• Know your audience. The Relentless Networker
    24. 24. Exercise• List your targets.• Share some of them with the group.• Tell us why you’ve targeted these companies. The Relentless Networker
    25. 25. 4. Use Your Tools Effectively • Identity your tools • Know which one to use when—and how • Don’t overuse or abuse them • Keep them sharp The Relentless Networker
    26. 26. Your Tools• Your elevator speech• Business cards• Resume• LinkedIn profile• A database• The phone• Your voice and appearance• Your ears• The thank you note The Relentless Networker
    27. 27. The Elevator Speech• Start and finish with your name.• Distill and quantify what it is you do.• Get to the point quickly.• Limit yourself to no more than 30 seconds.• Customize for your audience. The Relentless Networker
    28. 28. The Elevator Speech Qualitative Examples• “We help make families secure.”• “We help our customers understand theircustomers.”• “Everybody has an image—we help improveyours.” The Relentless Networker
    29. 29. The Elevator Speech Quantifiable Examples• “I’ve produced events in 35 cities in 21 statesand 7 countries.”• “We’ve increased sales for our clients anaverage of 48%.”• “Our technique doubled a clients’ qualified leadcount in 3 months.” The Relentless Networker
    30. 30. Business Cards• The single most important piece of collateral you have to give.• Name, phone number, email at a minimum.• A title, if it helps reach your audience.• Source: VistaPrint The Relentless Networker
    31. 31. Resumes• Contact information at the top.• One page, if possible.• Bullet points; be brief.• Have it match your other profiles on the web. The Relentless Networker
    32. 32. LinkedIn & Other Social Media • Make Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other tools a daily part of your networking strategy. • Become with familiar with the tools and use them. • Have a point. • Keep them current. The Relentless Networker
    33. 33. A Database• ACT!, Goldmine• Outlook• Excel• A notebook with collected business cards The Relentless Networker
    34. 34. The Phone• Don’t be afraid to call.• Keep a log.• Smile when you speak—it shows through. The Relentless Networker
    35. 35. Your Voice and Appearance• Improve your posture.• Be aware of your physical actions.• Review your wardrobe.• Become friends with your dry cleaner. The Relentless Networker
    36. 36. Listen More and Talk Less• You learn when you listen• Speak when you are spoken to• Remember names and details The Relentless Networker
    37. 37. Write Personal Notes• To new or existing contacts.• Focus on quality not quantity.• Be memorable. The Relentless Networker
    38. 38. Exercise• List the tools accessible to you.• Formulate and practice your elevator speech• Practice with the group. The Relentless Networker
    39. 39. Formulating a Campaign• Set a strategy that matches your goals• Be deliberate in your execution.• Focus on your targets.• Use your tools effectively. The Relentless Networker
    40. 40. Resources• “Networking for Novices,” Debra K Pope (book)• NDCC’s Networking Skills Workshop, 2nd Tuesday of each month (except March and October. (class)• “Networking Skills That Will Get You the Job You Want,” Cherie Kerr (book) The Relentless Networker
    41. 41. Contact InfoPaul E