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Consulting Engagements

Consulting Engagements



Consulting engagements

Consulting engagements



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    Consulting Engagements Consulting Engagements Document Transcript

    • Consultancy Assignments within Europe between May 1994 and July 1997(Logistics Consultant - PA Consulting Group)Organisation: Assi Doman (July 1994 - December 1994)Assignment: Manufacturing Logistics + Transport ReviewReview of factory logistics for a corrugated cardboard manufacturer to remove bottlenecks, and reducerework and wastage in automated manufacturing plant, plus an exercise to reduce transport costs by10%.Organisation: Severn Trent (October 1994 - November 1994)Assignment: Transport and Maintenance Outsourcing/Benchmarking ReviewReview of a large service utilities transport maintenance operation, using benchmarking techniques toassess the potential for outsourcing, and identify areas of cost and service improvementOrganisation: Brent Chemical (January 1995 - February 1995)Assignment: Purchasing ReviewReview of a multi-national chemical manufacturers purchasing function, to identify cost savingopportunities and advise on the most effective organisational structure.Organisation: Cantrell and Cochrane (March 1995 - April 1995)Assignment: Distribution StrategyDevelopment of a distribution strategy for a drinks manufacturer in Ireland. Also covered a costreduction exercise involving depot rationalisation, but maintaining service levels.Organisation: Shell (July 1995 - January 1996)Assignment: Re-engineering The ‘Order to Delivery’ ProcessLarge re-engineering project for an oil company, focusing upon the Order to Payment Process cycle,leading to the implementation of new processes to achieve a strategic service/cost advantage, includingthe establishment of Customer Service Centres.Organisation: EWOS (May 1996 - July 1996)Assignment: Worldwide Supply Chain Strategy including manufacturing locationsDevelopment of a worldwide distribution strategy for a fish food manufacturer, and a review of the needfor new manufacturing facilities to service new markets in Eastern Canada and the Far East.Organisation: SWALEC [South Wales Electricity] (October 1996 – July 1997)Assignment: Process Re-engineering/ Systems Implementation for De-regulationSupport to a major electricity utility to prepare it for intensive competition in a completely de-regulatedmarket place. This included process re-engineering to make business more cost effective, developmentof commercial strategies to acquire market share, and accreditation type tasks to ensure the companyretains its government licences to supply electricity.
    • Consultancy Assignments within North America between Oct 1998 and Oct 2002(Management Consultant – PricewaterhouseCoopers Supply Chain Practice Toronto)Organisation: Pharmacia (Pfizer) (October 1998 - December 1998)Assignment: Voice of Customer and Distribution Channel StrategyDevelopment of a distribution strategy for a major pharmaceutical company. This involvedinterviewing the customer base to ascertain service requirements, plus a review of physical resources,such as warehouses and transport providers. Having identified critical service requirements and costdrivers, a range of strategy options were analyzed (including warehouse rationalization) to developan optimal strategy, which would be durable to future business change, and offer strategicadvantages in the market place.Organisation: Nabisco (January 1999 – May 1999)Assignment: Distribution Organisation DesignDeveloped a new logistics organization structure for a large food manufacturer. Two separatedivisions with radically different cultures and organizational structure were combined into oneeffective supply chain organization. This provided cost savings and improved performance.Organisation: LCBO (May 1999 – August 1999)Assignment: Depot Benchmarking and Warehouse RationalisationIdentified the opportunity to close two distribution warehouses and combine into one new location.Calculated optimal location for new facility and selected most appropriate equipment for newoperation. Identified and modeled customer demand to ensure new facility in optimal location forlarge pick up customers, as well as minimize distribution costs.Organisation: Nabisco (September 1999 – January 2000)Assignment: Distribution Performance AssessmentDeveloped a logistics scorecard for a major food manufacturers outsourced food warehouse,detailing all necessary key performance indicators (KPI’s). Benchmarked the 3rdParty Logisticsproviders performance, identified opportunities for performance improvement and cost reduction.Worked with the 3PL to implement changes.Organisation: Ontario Hydro Parts Supply (January 2000 – March 2000)Assignment: Distribution Network DesignProduced solid financial business case for changing the way electrical supply equipment and spareparts are distributed in Ontario. Produced detailed implementation plans to relocate warehousefacilities, radically change transport processes and control inventory, thus achieving a 50% saving ininventory levels ($20m saving on $54m stock).Organisation: Bayer (April 2000 – June 2000)Assignment: Distribution Benchmarking and ABC CostingABC cost analysis and benchmarking of a major pharmaceutical company’s warehouse, transportand import/export operations, against 3rd Party Logistics providers.
    • Organisation: Tetra Pak (April 2000 – May 2000 )Assignment: Re-engineering The Spare Parts BusinessConducted a review of an international food packaging parts supply facilities in North and SouthAmerica. Facilitated the development of a global parts supply strategy, taking into account the needto provide a fulfillment service to the organizations new e-business ordering site, the implementationof an ERP and the conflicting service requirements from several business divisions.Organisation: Cogeco (June 2000 – August 2000)Assignment: Review of Customer Service and Engineering ProcessesProductivity assessment of field service technicians and identification of opportunities to improveutilisation. Review of Customer Service function to improve service levels and reduce multiple visits toa site.Organisation: Baxter Healthcare (September 2000 – February 2001)Assignment: Distribution Network Re-design and OutsourcingAssisted in the modeling of an international pharmaceutical/healthcare organizations facilities in theUS and Canada and subsequent network strategy / redesign project, which generated costs savingsof 15% and improvements in stock availability leading to improved customer service. Produced“Request For Information and Proposal” documents (RFI and RFP) to facilitate the tendering of thedistribution network and produced tools to evaluate the third party (3PL) responses from a value andfinancial perspective. Subsequent assistance provided in negotiating the 3PL deal, writing the letterof intent (LOI) and contractual terms.Organisation: Shell (March 2001 – June 2001)Assignment: Distribution Channel StrategyDevelopment of a multi-channel distribution strategy for a major oil company. Geographic analysis ofcustomer demand, by product and customer type in order to optimize the location of distributionfacilities. In addition potential distributors were identified for smaller rural locations.Organisation: St Michaels Hospital, Toronto (February 2001 – February 2001)Assignment: Distribution StrategyReview of physical handling of product at this major Toronto hospital. Consideration of the benefitsand risks of self distribution compared to outsourcing to a distributor or another hospital sharedservice group.Organisation: Irving Tissue (July 2001 – September 2001)Assignment: Manufacturing and Distribution StrategyDevelopment of a distribution strategy for a Canadian tissue manufacturer, involving optimizingtransport costs and considering various network options such as focused manufacturing sites andcentral warehousing.Organisation: International Paper (October 2001 – March 2002)Assignment: Distribution Network RedesignTeam leader for major project reviewing distribution network, across multiple divisions. Process charted
    • distribution operating procedures in preparation for SAP implementation.Organisation: ‘Sportswear Company’ (April 2002 – September 2002)Assignment: Distribution Costs and Outsourcing EvaluationReview of branded sportswear company’s distribution warehouse. Benchmarked in house costs againstpotential 3Pl costs. Developed RFP and sought bids from 3PL’s to outsource operation.Organisation: Multifoods (July 2002 – July 2002 )Assignment: Review of Project ManagementHigh level project management review proceeding the imminent take over of plants and distributionoperations of a food manufacturing company.Key Consultancy Assignments from October 2002 onward (only main projects shown)(Self Employed - A2e Logistics Solutions)Organisation: Becton Dickinson (January 2003 – May 2003)Assignment: Go to Market Strategy DevelopmentDevelopment of a distribution strategy for a major Canadian pharmaceutical company. Developmentof a dataset describing the current business to compare the cost of self provision of distributionservices compared to using a pharmaceutical distributor or using a 3PL. Developed RFP for client inorder to seek competitive tenders.Organisation: Katz Retail Pharmacies (June 2003 – Sept 2003)Assignment: Product Distribution StrategiesEvaluated options for distribution of pharmaceutical drugs, as well as front of store “OTC” drugsand general merchandise. This included combined distribution centers and segregated distribution, aswell as slow moving product facilities. Full review of current contractual obligations andopportunities to re-negotiate contracts with distributors and 3PLs. Developed costing models tounderstand current cost and service performance, as well as the costs of different options as an aid infuture negotiations.Organisation: Becton Dickinson (Mar 2004 – April 2004)Assignment: Go to Market Strategy DevelopmentStage 2 development of a distribution strategy for a major Canadian pharmaceutical company.Incorporate business changes and refine Options 1 & 2 of distribution strategy developed previously.Organisation: Forzani DSD Study (June 2004 – Aug 2004)Assignment: Go to Market Strategy DevelopmentNetwork modelling study to ascertain whether it was better for suppliers to deliver direct to store onan as required basis or whether savings could be achieved by centralised RDC distribution.Organisation: HDS Retail (September 2004 – Dec 2004)Assignment: Merchandising Management Process Review and Data Management
    • A review of merchandising management processes, business requirements gap analysis versus Reteksoftware, and hands on project to improve data management.Organisation: LittleFuse (January 2005 – April 2005)Assignment: Chinese Market StudyWorking with management in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore studied the need for a bondedwarehouse within China to reduce import/export duties. Subsequently identified the best location forthe bonded warehouse and suitable 3PL providers. Also provided recommendations for enhancingthe operation of the Singapore Regional WarehouseOrganisation: Mondi Paper Packaging (April 2005 – May 2005)Assignment: European Distribution Network ModelingEuropean Network modelling study using CAST software based in Vienna Austria. Providedrecommendations to the client on how to optimise their European rail and road distribution network.Organisation: Nike (June 2005 – July 2005)Assignment: Outsourcing StudyUpdate of a study carried out in 2002 to identify whether outsourcing Canadian operations wasfinancially attractive.Organisation: Abbott Laboratories (July 2005 – July 2005)Assignment: Identify Best Location for Plant in ChinaBased in Shanghai working with local management, sought real estate, transportation and otherexpert advice for input into network modelling. Identified best locations for a new plant in China anddeveloped an optimal timeline for investment.
    • Key Consultancy Assignments from 2006 onwards(BarloworldOptimus Supply Chain Network Design & Inventory Optimisation)Organisation: HPAssignment: Spare Parts Logistics StrategyWarehouse location and inventory strategy review for HP China’s spare parts and contract servicedivision.Organisation: McDonalds ChinaAssignment: China Warehousing ReviewReview of warehousing capacity and locations in light of future McDonalds China growth.Organisation: McDonalds JapanAssignment: Japan reviewReview of warehouse network; cost efficiency of existing 3PL operations and routing review ofstores deliveries.Organisation: McDonalds AustraliaAssignment: Extensive Operational ReviewReview warehouse network and transport costs. Identify logistics solutions for delivery of highlyperishable products to geographically distant stores. Benchmark warehouse efficiency and vehicleunloading. Review potential for delivery driver to help with in store warehouse activitieis.Organisation: British American Tobacco KoreaAssignment: Distribution Network ReviewWarehousing and Transport review leading to justification of plant warehouse construction. Reviewof route to market and identification of efficiency improvements for Direct Store Distribution (DSD)processes.Organisation: British American Tobacco MalaysiaAssignment: Distribution Network ReviewReview of network of inhouse and distributor operated Direct Store Delivery (DSD) operations,leading to warehouse and Distributor rationalisation and other efficiencies.Organisation: British American Tobacco Duty Free Retail AsiaAssignment: Distribution Network ReviewReview of the role of the Hong Kong warehouse in the Asia distribution network.Organisation: NYKAssignment: Software training & logistics strategy development coachingTrain Logistics team in use of network optimisation software and provide coaching for developmentof Asia Logistics strategy.Organisation: GoodyearAssignment: Australia network reviewReview of Australian warehouse network in light of domestic plant closure and supply from plants inAsia.Organisation: Nokia Indonesia
    • Assignment: Network review and logistics strategy developmentReview of distribution network for Indonesia and logistics strategy development.Organisation: Nokia ChinaAssignment: Network review and logistics strategy developmentReview of distribution network for China.Organisation: Nokia IndiaAssignment: Network review and logistics strategy developmentReview of Distribution network for Indonesia and logistics strategy development.