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  • 1. Company InformationEstablished in 1967 by Chief Executive Officer, Jonathan Griffin, Firstaff PersonnelConsultants Limited is a global recruitment, management consulting, technology servicesand outsourcing company.With experience and knowledge at the core of what we do, Firstaff Personnel ConsultantsLtd. offers a flexible portfolio of recruitment, outsourcing, HR and payroll solutions to thepublic and private sectors in Ireland and abroad.Combining unparalleled experience, comprehensive capabilities across all industries andbusiness functions, Firstaff collaborates with clients to help them become high-performance businesses.A member of the National Recruitment Federation, Firstaff has the expertise, tools andresources to deliver on your recruitment needs, supplying experienced and highly skilledresources and specially tailored teams for your project requirements.
  • 2. Business PhilosophyService StatementFirstaff’s mission is to consistently deliver quality staffing solutions efficiently and cost-effectively to our clients.Our PolicyAt Firstaff, our policy is to uphold our values through all business proposals and to honourour Service Statement through our interactions and dealings with our clients.Values• Open Communication – Clear communication with our clients allows us to faithfullyrepresent the client as a trusted brand to prospective candidates• Dependability – we are committed to delivering on company needs• Respect – Respect for our colleagues, clients and candidates enables strongrelationships to be built and maintained• Knowledge – Firstaff is committed to on-going training of our experienced staffmembers to maximise their potentialOur PromiseAt Firstaff, our focus is to understand, assess, design and implement quality staffingsolutions that best fit our clients’ specific needs and goals while maximising theresources allocated to us.
  • 3. What We DoWho we assist:Firstaff work with the public and private sector in Ireland and abroad, recruiting for TopMultinationals and SME’s from a broad range of I.T., Government, Financial andCommercial sectors.Areas of Recruitment:Information Technology Banking & InsuranceTechnical & Engineering Financial & AccountsLegal and Government Affairs Transport & LogisticsFacilities and Site Services Sales and MarketingManufacturing & Design ProcurementHuman Resources Multilingual SupportMaterials Planning & Purchasing Secretarial & Administration
  • 4. Staffing SolutionsPermanent StaffWorking with the right people saves time and money. Your Account Manager will assessyour exact requirements and start searching immediately after speaking with you todeliver a shortlist of relevant candidates as quickly as possible.We can provide background and reference checks as well as technical and language tests.Firstaff has carefully chosen partners who assist us, at your request, with training asrequired.ContractorsWe have a huge, live database of contractors, consultants and SMEs at all levelsthroughout Ireland and abroad. Our own consultants are expert at putting custom builtteams together across a wide range of industries. Firstaff manages all of the professionaladministration including contracts, payment, HR issues, so you are free to concentrate onyour own business.Temporary StaffFirstaff is one of Ireland’s largest providers of temporary staff offering various flexiblestaffing solutions to our clients. We are aware that each company’s needs change on adaily basis so we take your individual requirements into consideration in order to provideyou with the most suitable temporary arrangement to complement your workforce.Thanks to our vast database and international network of contacts, we have the ability toprovide large scale teams within budget and in a short space of time.
  • 5. Advantages of the Temporary Model• Flexibility of staff numbers and hours worked - headcount can be quickly changedaccording to your requirements, e.g. new projects, holidays, maternityleave, illness, etc.• You save money – our recruitment, administration and HR / payroll costs areincluded in our fee.• You avoid hassle - Firstaff managescontracts, insurance, medicals, payroll, expenses, salaries, administration, etc.• Lower turnover / attrition rates• Permanent staff numbers and costs remain steady• Options – during a hiring freeze this is an alternative recruitment model• Regular employee meetings by Firstaff – to anticipate and rectify potentialproblems, aid staff morale and pass on relevant feedback• Try before you hire – you can assess the suitability of a temporary employee beforedeciding on offering a permanent position.• International sourcing – Firstaff temps include many who are multilingual sourcednationally and internationally. We cooperate closely with our recruitment partnersacross Europe to source the best candidates possible.• Disciplinary Measures / Dismissals handled by Firstaff – replacement staff can beprovided to maintain team sizes if necessary• Payroll handled by Firstaff– Online Timesheet System, electronic money transfersand online payslips• Our temps get paid on time every time, and with no back week – Firstaff is amember of the Recruitment Federation of Ireland and takes pride in never missing apayroll deadline.
  • 6. Payroll and Online Timesheet• The Payroll is run by Firstaff• Candidates enter their hours onto an online timesheet which can be approved byan appointed supervisor• Firstaff pays temporary employees by credit transfer directly into their accounts• Firstaff pays employer’s PRSI contribution, bank holiday and holiday entitlements
  • 7. Handling and Confidentiality of Applicants• All applicants are treated in a courteous and dignified manner at all times.• Their right to privacy must be respected including their right to be interviewed in aprivate area in accordance with health & safety regulations.• Regard must be adhered to in relation to the Employment Equality Acts 1977 and1998.• All applicants are interviewed by the agency prior to being put forward to the client.(An interview may from time to time be completed by telephone however theclient will be informed in this instance)• Applicants are given full details of any job for which we intend to recommend themand permission is always sought from the applicant prior to submission to theclient.• An applicants permission is also sought and obtained before his or her personaland work details are revealed to an employer.• We also clarify whether or not the applicant has submitted their details to the clientpreviously either directly or through a 3rd party for the same position.• References are only checked with permission from the applicant.• We protect the confidentiality of any information obtained in the course of arecruitment assignment and use such information only for the purpose of staffselection and recruitment.• We perform some testing on site depending on the position, other tests areperformed directly by clients and in some situations we will use a qualified off sitetesting organisation or individual which comply with normal standards and ethics oftest procedures.• Full regard is given to the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998 at all times
  • 8. Millions of Candidates at our Fingertips• Firstaff’s active in-house database is an extensive resource pool which is regularlyupdated constantly expanding• High volume advertising on a range of internet based recruitment websites• Social media - Online networking including searching and advertising on LinkedIngiving access to a range of online groups used and populated with candidates thathave relevant skills sets• Accessing on-line CV libraries• Targeted blogging / tweeting on a range of specific internet forums• Marketing mail-outs / group texts to candidates on our database targeting specificskills profiles• Active referral programme• Professional networking; Local and international events, seminars, professionalclubs, etc.• Continuous requests for recommendations from experienced candidates withsimilar expertise• Headhunting / executive searches and passive candidate searching• Mobile / smartphone recruiting• Open days / evenings• Specialised leaflet and poster marketing campaigns by our promotional team• Professional partnerships• For specialised Executive and Senior roles, we use our network of contacts bothhere and abroad for recommendations. From these referrals we perform specificindustry related head hunts gleaned from worthwhile sources• Print media (Financial Times for London / UK and EU based candidates and(national press) Irish Times for Dublin / Ireland based candidates)
  • 9. Global RecruitmentFirstaff recruit across the globe, maximising resources in order to satisfy client needs.
  • 10. Our Screening / Recruitment Process• Screen CVs for relevant experience, language skills and suitability• Initial Telephone Interview to confirm suitability and promote company and clearlyexplain role• Background checks on request, e.g. Work Reference, Criminal background, CreditHistory, Educational Qualifications, etc.• Face to Face Interview to establish candidates’ communication skills• In-house Computer Literacy Testing• In-house Language Skills Testing
  • 11. The Importance of Client RelationshipsA lasting partnership between a client and Firstaff allows us to faithfully represent theclient as a trusted brand to prospective candidates already on our books. It also enablesus to prepare and compose attractive ethical advertisements to attract relevant newcandidates.Should we become part of your PSL, you would be in the fortunate position of receivingthe monopoly of our skilled candidates in your industry.Why choose us?As competition for top quality professionals intensifies, traditional sourcing channels areincreasingly saturated. Firstaff is always on the lookout for creative solutions in order tobring talented personnel to employers.Why we would like to work with you?To sell the concept of your company as a leading Organisation to potential employees.To allow your business to respond to market demands.To give you the freedom to take on temporary projects.To reduce your staffing administration.
  • 12. Benefits / Advantages of Working With FirstaffBy engaging Firstaff, our clients will:• Have a dedicated consultant that handles all requests and requirements• Receive competent and professional services due to our extensive Recruitmentexpertise• Have access to a fresh pool of quality candidates matching the required jobspecifications• Reach their recruitment requirements in a cost effective and pro-active manner• Be assured that their company and information remains confidential as per clientrequests• Receive frequent updates to ensure you remain informed and in control• Have a qualified consultant with excellent administrative support to handle yourassignmentConfidentiality for Our Clients and Potential Employers:• We provide full details of fees, charges, expenses and our Terms & Conditions ofBusiness (confirmed in writing) before proceeding with a recruitment assignment.• We do not under any circumstances poach applicants from existing clients whohave been placed in employment by us without the express permission of theemployer.• We protect the confidentiality of any information obtained on our clients’ businessin the course of a recruitment assignment and use such information only for thepurpose of staff selection and recruitment for that client.
  • 13. On-site Recruiters• Our On-site Recruitment service provides you with an experienced Recruiter orRecruiters who will manage the entire recruitment process, on your behalf, withoutthe permanent overheads. This specialist service can also be provided from ouroffices on Grafton Street.• You will set the budget and requirements• The Recruiter will have in depth knowledge of your company, objectives and people• The Recruiter will take responsibility for the entire recruitment process• The Recruiter will be committed to filling all positions• The Recruiter will provide you with relevant reports
  • 14. Projects Firstaff has worked on• Worked closely with Intel HR & Management helping recruit for their Fab 10 andFab 14 Factory facilities in Ireland.• Assisted in set up of eBay / PayPal in Ireland.• Payroll for circa 400 staff and hiring over 300 FTEs.• Working with Senior Executives in Ireland, US and Middle East helping buildAOL, SUN, Oracle, Intel, PayPal/eBay.• Hired AOL Time Warner contract development teams onto our payroll for 4 years.(Java, C++, web development, data warehousing, etc.)• Providing professional services to IBM in Europe and North America as a preferredsupplier.• Built global team (US, Canada, South America, Asia and Europe) working with IBMin the Data Warehousing & Services Orientated Architecture arenas.• Responsible for setting up of pilot TQM (Lean, Six Sigma etc.) team for Allied IrishBanks Plc. to roll out enterprise wide change (re-engineering & on-going).• Currently working on large knowledge transfer projects in Saudi Arabia (SaudiArabian Monetary Agency, Al Elm Government Services, BAE, Alinma Bank, Al RajhiBank, Bank Al Bilad, Ministry of the Interior, Saudi Telecom, etc.).
  • 15. Client Testimonials“I would be happy to use Firstaff for future work and have no hesitation inrecommending the company as a competent and professional organisation.”Marcel McCann, C.O.O., IBRC“As our sole agent, I have been very impressed by their assistance in “selling” ourcompany to prospective candidates, & by their level of personal attention.”Marie Goggins, Senior HR Manager, AOL Technologies Europe“Firstaff is a professional organisation to deal with when recruiting staff for ourorganisation and we will continue to use them in future recruitment drives. I have alwaysfound Firstaff to be very professional and helpful when recruiting for both permanentand contract positions and the quality of candidates is always of a high standard.”Simon Toland, Former HR Manager, GE Financial Services Ltd. (now AIB)“We have found their consultants to be very professional and subsequently onlypresenting suitably qualified candidates for interview.”Gerard Dooley, Former Human Resources Director, eBay Europe
  • 16. Contact DetailsFirstaff is your premier partner in the provision of quality staffing. At FirstaffPersonnel, we are perpetually dedicated to the delivery of personal and businesssolutions designed to maximise your functionality, reduce business costs andmaximise your profits through our staffing solutions.Our business philosophy revolves around people.Let us serve you today.How to contact us:Mr Paul DooleyManaging DirectorFirstaff Personnel Consultants Ltd.85 / 86 Grafton Street, Dublin 2Tel: +353 1 6797766Fax: +353 1 6796281Email: paul@firstaff.ieWeb: www.firstaff.iePaul DooleyManaging DirectorCompany Activities:Professional recruitment consulting,outsourcing and payroll services.Project and programme management.