NextStep Marketing Charlotte SCORE Oct 2012
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NextStep Marketing Charlotte SCORE Oct 2012



NextStep Marketing Charlotte SCORE Oct 2012 Presentation

NextStep Marketing Charlotte SCORE Oct 2012 Presentation



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NextStep Marketing Charlotte SCORE Oct 2012 NextStep Marketing Charlotte SCORE Oct 2012 Presentation Transcript

  • Presented By: Paul Davis MBA NextStep Marketing“Success is a planned event”
  • • Identify your ideal client• Define a core difference• Connect the dots
  • Paul Davis, MBA NextStep Marketing – Charlotte, NC!/NEXTSTEPMKTG
  • Definition Of Marketing Know Like Trust
  • What is ideal? • Values your difference • Profitable • Already refers
  • Profit Referrals
  • Define them • Demographics • Pyschographics • Geographics • Behavior
  • Locate them • Where do they hang out? • What do they read? • What do they listen to? • What do they search online? • What websites to they visit? • What associations do the belong to?
  • Understand them • What are their timing triggers? • What do they research first? • What is the problem or pain? • What are benefits to finding a solution?
  • Sketch them • Create a profile • Assign personas • Images of clients
  • Talk to them • Why did you buy/hire? • Why do you stay? • What do we do that other don’t? • What frustrates you? • What would you Google? • Who else do you refer?
  • Strategy before tactics • Identify your ideal client • Define a core difference • Connect the dots
  • Uncovering your difference • Interview your ideal clients • Communicate your difference • Your talking logo • Your positioning purpose statement • Your core marketing message • The elements of a brand
  • The client survey • Interview 8-10 ideal customers • Why did you choose us? • What do we do that others don’t? • Why do you refer us? • Ask your employeesWhat themes emerged?
  • Communicate Your DifferenceYour Talking Logo(what do you do for a living?) • Statement and answer • I/we [verb] [target] [unique value] • What do your customers want? • What do your customers buy? • What is the experience? • What is the result?
  • Really, how do you do that? • Your unique process • Your unique product • Your unique service • Your unique guarantee • Your unique packaging • Your unique delivery
  • Positioning goal/statement • Public vs. private • Higher purpose • Why you do what you do?
  • Core marketing message • Simplify • Ten words • One word
  • Differentiate - Architect • What you do for a living “We help contractors get paid faster” • Supplemental statement “Zoning adjustment compliance system” • Positioning goal/statement #1 Design/Build Architect • Core marketing message “The Contractors Architect”
  • Identity audit • Support the elements of strategy • Firm name and logo • Business cards, letterhead, sales materials • Website and online brand elements • Do your own audit Sales Kit • Know, Like, Trust Direct Mail Marketing Kit Marketing Website Elements Social Media Blog Email
  • StrategyB4Tactics™ • Identify your ideal client • Define a core difference • Connect the dots
  • The Inbound Strategy • Marketing Hourglass • The Content Grid
  • The funnel is broken“When it comes to lead and referral generation, a happy customer is the best tool.”
  • 1) The Marketing HourglassTM JohnJantsch Duct Tape Marketing Know • Who and how, ads, referrals, networking Like • Website, blog content, social media, Trust • SEO, webinars, marketing materials, white papers, testimonials Try • Workshops, evaluations, demo, DIY training, starter Buy • Service team, new customer kit Repeat • Post project review, cross selling, customer events Refer • Champion events, partner intros, peer2peer © Duct Tape Marketing – all rights reserved
  • Filling the gaps – products, service and processes John Jantsch Duct Tape Marketing Know •Who and how •Ads •Referrals Like •Web site/blog •Reception •Newsletter Trust •Search •Expert content •Sales presentation •Webinar Try •Evaluation •Nurturing Buy •Service team •New customer kit •Finance/delivery Repeat •Post project survey •Cross selling •Quarterly events Refer •Results reviews •Partner intros •Peer2peer events © Duct Tape Marketing – all rights reserved
  • The product/service mix strategy • What’s your lead capture exchange? • What is your free or trial offering? • What is your starter offering? • What is your “make it easy to switch” offering? • What is your core offering? Bi-products? • What are your add-ons to increase value? • What is your “members only” offering? • What are your strategic partner pairings?
  • Map customer experience points • Marketing • Sales • Service • Education • Delivery • Follow-up • Finance
  • The Content Grid • Body of work • Major themes (keywords) • Editorial calendar • Story building • Mixed media
  • Content that builds trust • How to content • Reviews • Testimonials • Articles
  • Content that educates • White papers • Newsletter • Webinars • FAQs • Survey data
  • Customer generated content • Automatic referrals and reviews • Testimonials – AudioAcrobat • Video success stories • Video testimonial party
  • Know Articles, Adds, Referral Website, Reception, Newsle Like tter Marketing Kit, Free Report,Strategy Trust Sales Presentation, Testimonials Webinars, Plant Try Tours, Nurturing Service Team, New Buy Customer Welcome Kit, Financing/Delivery Post Project Survey, Repeat Cross Selling, Quarterly Events Result Reviews, Partner Refer Introductions, Peer-to-peer Events NextStep Marketing, LLC
  • Paul Davis, MBANextStep Marketing – Charlotte, NC!/NEXTSTEPMKTG FREE 1 HOUR MARKETING CONSULTATION CALL PAUL DAVIS @ (704) 421-8353