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2012 2013 media kit

  1. 1. 2011 – 2012The Best of Hampton Roads MEDIA DARDEN PUBLISHING Marketing Profiles http://www.dardenpublishing.net http://www.HRLiving.net http://www.HRHealth.net http://www.HRBravo.net
  2. 2. Quality publications since 1993Darden Publishing is locally owned by Paul Darden, a native of Newport News, Virginia witha BSBA degree from Christopher Newport College of the College of William and Mary. Arecognized award recipient and active leader in the community.Target marketing to Hampton Roads local residents, visitors, and business ownersCustom Glossy publications with annual ongoing readership and public display visibilityGet returns on your investment with comparable low cost print and digital mediaDigital online advertising optionsLIVING IN HAMPTON ROADSOur flagship magazine since 1994, recognized as the region’s original privately owned resource and lifestyleguide for the Virginia Peninsula and Southside Hampton Roads serving Hampton Roads of SoutheasternVirginiaAdvertising: ROI success with local branding as the Best of Hampton Roads.Distribution: Government both municipal and military locations, professional organizations such as Chambersof Commerce and tourism locations, real estate professionals, corporate personnel departments, HamptonRoads Economic development associations, Hampton Roads Partnership. Online virtual world digital visibilitylinks to name a few.Editorial content: A to Z resource directory for Community Profiles, Residential and Commercial Real Estate;Education opportunities, Healthcare facilities, Business opportunity investments with Hampton Roads regionaleconomic development agencies, Senior Living, Military life, Employment Opportunities and much , muchmore.Reach: 30,000 circulation with 300,000 plus print readers and online, “virtual world” digital readers with ourannual publication and distribution. Reach your customer before the local media crowds your competition.Target audience: New business, individuals and families, including professional, civilian and military relocatingto Hampton Roads.
  3. 3. HEALTHCARE IN HAMPTON ROADSThe Best of Hampton Roads healthcare facilities, physicians, and health related businessesAdvertising: ROI thru education and awareness of Hampton Roads residents in their search for health relatedissues.Distribution: Health related business locations throughout Hampton Roads with ongoing visibility in receptionareas; professional organizations, such as, Chambers of Commerce. Target demographic, zip code deliveryoptionsEditorial content: Creating awareness of accolades about Healthcare Services in Hampton Roads of anyindividual, group, facility or municipality in a business to improve one’s health. This includes SIX categories:Lifestyle, Preventive Care, Health Maintenance, Diagnosis, Treatment and Rehabilitation services; plus, real lifescenarios of local professionals and residents sharing their expertise or experiences in health related issues.Reach: 30,000 circulation with 300,000 plus print readers and online, “virtual world” digital readers with ourbi-annual publication and distribution.Target audience: Families and Individuals primarily 40 plus seeking education and awareness of Lifestyle,Preventive Care, Health Maintenance, Diagnosis, Treatment and Rehabilitation services from Hampton RoadsHealth related businessesHAMPTON ROADS BRAVO!2008 ALLI AWARD MEDIA WINNER for the promotion of Cultural Arts in Hampton RoadsAdvertising: ROI thru community support of the ARTS in partnership with the Cultural Alliance of GreaterHampton RoadsDistribution: Retail locations, Art Venues, State of Virginia &Hampton Roads Visitor Welcome Centers,Airports, Hotels, Professional organizations such as Chambers of Commerce, tourism locations. Online virtualworld digital visibility links.Editorial content: Feature articles on the value of Cultural Art community investments, art venue facilities, ArtVenue location map; event and festival calendar for the Hampton Roads Art venues, museums, city festivals,art galleries and much more.Reach: 30,000 circulation with 300,000 plus print readers and online, “virtual world” digital readers with ourbi-annual publication and distribution.Target audience: Passionate, discretionary income individuals and families, primarily 30 plus that enjoykeeping up with and visiting the area’s Cultural Art venues; readers seeking local entertainment opportunitiesand Cultural art education.For additional information: CALL 757-389-5473 FAX 757-389-5477 OR VISIT OUR VIRTUAL WORLD ONLINE GET FREE COPIES FOR YOUR CUSTOMERS AND CLIENTS OR MORE INFO WWW.DARDENPUBLISHING.NET WWW.HRLIVING.NET WWW.HRHEALTH.NET WWW.HRBRAVO.NET
  4. 4. Darden PublishingHampton Roads, Virginia
  5. 5. www.HRLIVING.net 2012 - 2013 18th Annual EditionLiving in Hampton Roads 2012-2013 18th Annual EditionBe the first to greet new business relocations, new families, military andcivilian both arriving and residing in the Hampton Roads area. ARRIVES IN MAY 2012Editorial features:Community Profiles, Residential and Commercial Real Estate, Military Facilities, Senior Life,Historical Sites and Museums, Health Education, Economic Development, Small Business...AND MORE 30,000 families and businessesTarget your business to the people that count...your new neighbors. 12 month exposure and lead referral program Made available to: Hampton Roads Partnership, Hampton Roads Economic Development Alliance, City and County Economic Development Departments, Convention & Visitor Bureaus, business and professional organizations, Selected Chambers of Commerce, Hampton Roads realtors and homebuilders, Langley AFB, Navy, Coast Guard, corporate personnel departments, real estate developments, Newport News-Williamsburg Int. Airport, web sites, trade shows, advertiser locations AND MORE.
  6. 6. www.HRLIVING.net2012-2013 18th Annual EditionLiving in Hampton RoadsPrint date is scheduled for May 2012. Ad copy due April 1stCamera Ready artwork on disc & match print required on all ads.All ad production will be billed separately if not provided.Rates are shown as net. Advertising Rates Color / B & W Back Cover $7,595 Two full pages $6,995 Inside Front Cover / Inside Back Cover $4,495 Page 1,3,5,7 $4,195 Full Page $3,995 1/2 Page $2,195 1/3 Page $1,495 1/4 Page b/w perforated custom reply card $ 600 1/4 Page $ 995 1/8 Page $ 450 Business Directory Listing $ 200Space Reservations deadline is March 15th, 2011Ad Copy due April 1, 2011.
  7. 7. www.HRHEALTH.net2012 4th Annual EditionNOVEMBERHealthcare in Hampton RoadsBe the first to greet new business relocations, new families, military andcivilian both arriving and residing in the Hampton Roads area.Editorial features: “Healthcare in Hampton Roads” will provide an opportunity for physicians and medical facilities to promote their medical expertise or support in the Healthcare community. Features will include national health issues as well as articles on local health practitioners and facilities from BOTH THE PENINSULA AND SOUTHSIDE30,000 families and businessesGlossy quality with coffee table shelf life exposureMade available to:Hampton Roads healthcare providers, business and professional organizations,Selected Chambers of Commerce, Military and More...
  8. 8. www.HRHEALTH.netFocus of our next edition Diabetes, Bones, Joints and Muscles Diagnosis and Treatment ServicesCOVER STORYCutting edge state of the art treatment services right here in Hampton Roads. This would cover the latestadvancements offered by the area providers such as specialized treatment centers (accredited), the latestdiagnostic tools, and the latest therapy options.FEATURESYou are not alone: Support services for patients and their families are crucial in successfully dealing withchronic illnesses. Hampton Roads healthcare providers offer a team approach to healthcare which includescase managers and care coordinators or patient navigators who guide patients and their families through thetreatment process and provide information and support that they need.Technology advancements: Local providers take part in national studies that evaluate new drugs ortreatments. These clinical trials help identify and determine which approaches are most effective . Throughparticipation in these studies, advancements are brought to patient’s right here in Hampton Roads.Care at home: There is no substitute for the comforts of familiar surrounding during the treatment for chronicillnesses. The treatment teams of local providers can identify and offer home health care and other servicesto assist patients and their families.Early detection is key: Local providers offer information and services for early detection. Annual physicals,blood work is a small inconvenience compared to the benefits of having them done in a timely manner. Itcould save your life.DEPARTMENTSSenior Living: Hampton Roads seniors and issuesNutrition and Wellness: Information on services relevant to the topics.
  9. 9. www.HRHEALTH.netNOVEMBER 4th Annual EditionHealthcare in Hampton RoadsPrint date is scheduled for May 2010 and May 2011.Camera Ready artwork on disc & match print required on all ads.All ad production will be billed separately if not provided.Rates are shown as net. Advertising Rates Color / B & W Back Cover $4,495 Two full pages $4,995 Inside Front Cover / Inside Back Cover $4,195 Full Page $3,495 1/2 Page $1,895 1/3 Page $1,295 1/4 Page $ 895 1/4 Page b/w perforated custom reply card $ 795 1/8 Page $ 400 Business Listing $ 200Ad Copy and editorial changes are due September 1, 2012 for the November edition.
  10. 10. www.HRBRAVO.net 2012 - Editions Semi-Annual Editions February / AugustPublished for the Cultural Alliance of Greater Hampton Roadswww.culturalli.org, the first and most complete regional Hampton Roads arts calendar.Why Should You Advertise in This Magazine? We reach at least 30,000 families and businesses that support the cultural arts, people inHampton Roads and beyond that typically are among those with the highest disposable income. A portion of the net revenue is donated to the Cultural Alliance of Hampton Roads to support itsability to serve the arts community. Our mission is to speak with one voice for the arts and culture in Hampton Roads. We see theeconomic, educational and quality-of-life benefits in working regionally to promote the arts. Bravo will offer an exciting look at Hampton Roads arts, artists, events and venues, as well aspresenting stories on the economic impact of the arts, the challenges of sustainability, and thelegal and social issues triggered by the arts. There will be a carry-along venue map in the center. Without you, none of this will be possible!Made available to:Cultural Alliance of Greater Hampton Roads, business and professional organizations, tourismoffices, Virginia Welcome Centers, retail locations, art venues, museums, municipal locations,businesses, hotels, airports, web sites, trade shows, advertiser locations, local and statedignitaries and legislators,AND MORE.
  11. 11. www.HRBRAVO.net2012 - Editions Semi-Annual Editions February / AugustPublished for the Cultural Alliance of Greater Hampton Roadswww.culturalli.org, the first and most complete regional Hampton Roads arts calendar. Advertising Rates*Rates are shown as NET Color / B & W Back Cover, Inside Front, Inside Back Cover $4,195 Page One & last page $3,595 Full Page $3,195 Half Page $1,695 1/4 Page $ 795 1/8 page (INCLUDES LOGO BANNER AD ON BRAVO HOME PAGE) $ 495 Event Calendar Listing (6 MONTHS) $ 25015% discount for Cultural Alliance membersSpace reservations and editorial submissions due December 1, 2011 for the February 2012 Edition.Ad copy due December 15, 2011Space reservations and editorial submissions due June 1, 2012 for the August 2012 Edition.Ad copy due June 15, 2012
  12. 12. Darden PublishingAD Size SPECIFICATIONS &Outside Trim: 8.25. x 10.875. or 8.5. 11.125. Full BleedFull Page Image 1/2 Page Hz 1/2 Page Vr 1/3 Page Hz 1/3 Page Vr7.25 x 9.875 6.5 x 4.625 3.125 x 9.5 4.25 x 4.625 2 x 9.51/4 Page Hz 1/4 Page Vr 1/8 Page (business card) 1/8 Page Hz6.5 x 2.187 3.125 x 4.5 3.125 x .2.187 6.5x .969 Two Page SpreadA 2-page spread would be 16.5. x 10.875. plus 1/8. bleed all around.(With bleed that would be16.75. x 11.125.)
  13. 13. Darden PublishingRequirements for Supplied AdsWill be produced as a completely DTP (digital-to-plate) piece. The publication will be printed onheat-set Web offset or sheet fed Equipment.Please contact Darden Publishing for additional Information931 A Shoal Creek TrailChesapeake, Virginia 23320-9483Office 757-389-5473 Fax 757-389-5473 Email: darden.publishing@cox.netWeb Site: www.DardenPublishing.netElectronic Files:Digital files are preferred be supplied on the following media:Files must be MAC compatible formatted using the following page layout software:QuarkXPress 6.0 . Adobe Photoshop 7.0 . Adobe Illustrator CS . Adobe Acrobat 6.0Photographs: Send original photo or Scan at 300 dpi,Save as EPS, TIFLine Art: Scan at 1200 dpi, save as TIFFonts: Adobe Type I fonts . no True Type or Multiple Master fonts.INCLUDE ALL FONTS (both printer and screen) with your document. No embedded fonts, except PDFGeneral Specifications:List file names: all graphic files must be linked to document.No embedded files.Do not nest EPS or TIF images or files within other EPS files.All elements must be placed at 100%All ads should be accompanied by a hard copy of ad for proofing.All 4-color ads should be accompanied by a color proof IRIS, Kodak or Rainbow, etc. - Output from suppliedfile. Please note B/W, color laser copies cannot be accepted for press proofing and color match cannot be guaranteed.All images, scans, logos, etc. must be built as CMYK . we don.t print PMS or RGB and submitted in TIF orEPS format.Text submissions can be supplied in Word.WARNING: Publisher assumes no responsibility for text reflows or related problems resulting from incorrectlyformatted files.INTERNET SUBMISSIONS: Advertisements may be submitted via the Internet. Ads may be emailed to:darden.publishing@cox.net.Or large files can be posted on our FTP SITE http://dropbox.yousendit.com/PaulDarden4454104
  14. 14. Please submit an itemized list of all files, fonts and images with the email (as you would with the submissionvia disk). PDF files must be prepared properly for quality output. Make sure the files are distilled using thePress Optimized setting. Files should be Hi Resolution and include with crop marks and bleed and have all fontsembedded and already be CMYK color separated (your PDF will have one page for each spot color). We cannotmake edits to PDF files; so preflight the PDF prior to sending.
  15. 15. Southeastern Virginia Lifestyles