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Getting to know alfresco 4
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Getting to know alfresco 4


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Review of Alfresco 4

Review of Alfresco 4

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Getting to Know Alfresco 4 Paul Hampton Director of Product Marketing
  • 2. Maidenhead, UK Global Headquarters Atlanta, US HeadquartersAlfresco is now the largest open sourcecontent management company in the world.Founded in 2005, with offices in London & AtlantaOver 3.5 million community downloads250+ global channel partners2,500 customers in 55 countries, including…
  • 3. The Document ManagementAlfresco Platform Records Management Web Content Services Enterprise Collaboration Open Source Platform
  • 4. Alfresco is now the largest open sourcecontent management company in the world. •  10 month average payback period •  $1.3 million in IT & training cost savings •  53% ROI in three years •  Flexibility and Open Standards praised
  • 5. Introducing…The cloud connected content platform.
  • 6. A Tale of 3 Employees Jeff Amy Jason
  • 7. Jeff – Account Manager•  Spends most of his Jeff day on the road•  Needs access to a range of information•  Needs to collaborate with other members of sales and marketing
  • 8. Redesigned User Interface•  More room for preview•  Toggle actions, properties, tags, etc.•  Support more formats –  Preview Video and Audio –  Support for Apple iWork and Adobe files
  • 9. Adding Content•  Support drag and drop upload –  Drag from desktop –  Drop on to folders•  Support drag and drop move –  Drag files to the folder tree, folders or the breadcrumb Get D&D move•  HTML5 enabled browsers screen shot off Paul HH
  • 10. Changing Content Old School The Way Forward•  Check out •  Select Online Edit•  Save to desktop –  Alfresco launches client application•  Navigate to find file •  Make Changes & Save•  Open the file –  Alfresco creates a new•  Make changes version•  Save changes•  Check-in •  Mac Office 2011 and•  Navigate to find file Office 2010 Support
  • 11. SharePoint Protocol 1) Edit Online Opens document directly in native application2) SaveVersions and updatesdirectly in Alfresco
  • 12. Provide Feedback – Like•  Ability to ‘like’ content •  Comment counts•  Sort content by –  See what has been ratings commented on –  Find highly rated content
  • 13. Follow Influential People•  Use search to find people to follow•  Activities – what are they doing•  Find out who is following you
  • 14. Notifications•  Proactive notifications –  Email updates –  Activity feed, following and WF tasks•  Personal preferences –  Op-in/out•  New activity dashlet –  Multiple options –  New filers
  • 15. We Have an App for that…•  Find content –  Browse sites and folders –  Search•  View content –  View file information•  Download to device –  Open in app•  Favorites•  Send content to others•  Comment•  Upload content (WebDAV)
  • 16. Integration with Other Apps•  Latest version 1.2•  Support for Quickoffice –  Download content to Quickoffice –  Update content –  ‘Save Back’•  Will see Alfresco add more integrations over time
  • 17. Amy – Marketing Manager•  Uses Social Marketing sites for the Amy business•  Needs to support a number of different social sites•  Needs to publish ‘approved’ content•  Need to work with marketing agencies
  • 18. Social Publishing•  Support two types –  Content –  Status updates Publish•  Support for –  Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Slideshare and Flickr –  Can be extended•  Define ‘Channels’ –  Multiple channels for each service
  • 19. New BPM2.0 Workflow Activiti in Alfresco•  Use Activiti and jBPM in parallel (e.g. old vs. new WF’s)•  Compliant with BPMN 2.0 standard•  Graphical view in Share•  Workflow Designerü  Open Standardsü  Visual Representationü  Powerful engine
  • 20. Alfresco in the Cloud•  Easily collaborate •  Free to sign up and with people outside use the organization •  Premium option for –  Multitenant network additional functionality support and storage –  Invite people into your network –  Share only the content you want them to see
  • 21. Jason – IT Manager•  Needs to support Alfresco deployments Jason•  Wants to get greater adoption•  Needs to support more users•  Looking for a system that is easy administer
  • 22. Simpler Site Administration•  Drag and drop setup / order of components•  Rename components•  Brand sites•  Improved help –  Default text –  Help bubbles
  • 23. Web Admin Console•  License warnings Community•  Admin console Enterprise –  Tag and category managers –  Channels and Workflow management
  • 24. Cloud-Scale Performance•  10x faster* user dashboard queries•  3-4x faster content uploads•  25% faster loading the Document Library•  50% faster loading Document Details New Alfresco•  Better than linear scalability Index Server * Improvements over Alfresco Enterprise 3.4
  • 25. New Alfresco Index Server•  Customer can choose •  Provides more control –  Existing Lucene over what gets indexed –  Alfresco Index Server (based on Solr) •  Client support•  Typical upgrade –  Alfresco Explorer process –  Alfresco Share –  Install Alfresco 4.0 –  WebDAV –  Configure SOLR –  FTP –  Run Solr index –  MS SharePoint –  Switch off Lucene –  CIFS
  • 26. Lucene vs.. Solr I I I I I DB FS DB FS SOLR Lucene Indexing Solr Indexing
  • 27. Alfresco 4 Drag n Drop, Parallel Upload, HTML5 Support,•  A major new release Sorting, Inline Edit, –  Loads of new features iWork, Video, Audio, Rename, Branding, User Google Guide, Help,•  But Alfresco 4 is the Docs,Templates, Follow, Like, Email platform for Cloud Notification, Activities, Connected Content Social Publishing, GeoTagging, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Solr, Index Server, Activiti, Console Dashboard, Forms Service, Forms Service, Model Management, Extensibility
  • 28. Corporate Systems Desktop WebDAV CMIS CMIS CIFS JSR-168 SharePoint Connectors Protocol Social Media Channels Mobile CMIS Open Web APIs WebDAV Open Web APIs Web Services CMIS CMIS-based Public Alfresco Cloud Alfresco Sync
  • 29. QUESTIONS?