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Twitter Workshop Presentation


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This presentation is used during the Twitter workshop.

This presentation is used during the Twitter workshop.

Published in: Technology, Education

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  • It is my hope that this workshop tonight will provide you with a tool that you will be able to implement and use to transform your instructional practice and to help you access timely professional development.
  • When you leave here tonight, you will understand what social networking is, and that Twitter is a type of social networking site. You will have your own Twitter account, and you will begin “tweeting”.
  • Twitter is a “social network”. Like other social networks, for example Facebook, Linkedin, MySpace, and Slideshare, you can follow or friend people, communicate with them and network with them. The most impressive feature about Twitter is that it’s in real time. A great example of this was when a coffee shop owner and network engineer in Abbottobad started tweeting about hearing helicopters, an explosion and automatic gunfire. Little did he know that he was live-tweeting the Osama bin Laden take down. He became an overnight internet sensation. So, Twitter can be used to share current information about current events, it can be used to communicate with friends and family, celebrities use it to communicate with fans, businesses use it to get the word out about their products, professional sporting organizations use it to communicate with their fans, and so on. So, how can teachers use it? Tonight you will learn how Twitter can become your daily dose of professional development. Let’s think back to the Michael Fullan quote. This tool, I hope, will be implemented by you following this workshop.
  • When she first started out in January 2009, she quickly amassed over 2 million followers. Well, she’s up to almost 6 million now. Charlie Sheen famously had his very public meltdown, then joined Twitter and broke a Guinness World Record for getting the most followers the quickest – he got over 1 million in 24 hours and currently has just over 4 million.
  • Barack Obama is another big Twitter user.
  • Lady Gaga is a clear Twitter star with over 10 million followers (more than Barack Obama), and Justin Bieber is also up there with 9,891,441 followers!
  • If you ever want to see a list of the top Twitter accounts based on number of followers, visit
  • You can actually communicate in real time – think of it as a cross between text messaging, instant messaging and blogging.Most educators use it to form their PLN – Personal Learning NetworkMembers of the PLN share links, pictures, ideas, advice and information
  • It’s free to sign up for Twitter, but before we just jump right in – there are a couple of things you’ll need – you’ll need to come up with a username and it’s recommended that you choose something simple and close to your real name. Upload your photo, and once in, you’ll need to write your bio. For your bio, you get 165 characters, so make it good!Click the image on this slide to go to the website. Walk the participants through the process of signing up.Walk them through signing in and then uploading an avatar, writing their bio, choosing a background
  • Transcript

    • 1. Why Is Everyone Atwitter about Twitter?
      Tech Tuesday
      The Schultz Center for Teaching and Leadership
    • 2. Guiding Thought:
      Nothing has promised so much and has been so frustrating wasteful for teachers and leaders as the thousands of workshops and conferences that led to no significant change in practice.
      -Michael Fullen-
    • 3. Objectives
      Gain knowledge of social networking
      Establish a Twitter account
      Post a couple of Tweets
      Follow someone
      Demonstrate building a PLN or communicating with school community.
    • 4. What is Twitter?
      Social network
      Post thoughts and information in 140 characters or less
      Post in real time
    • 5. Overview – In Plain English
    • 6. What is Twitter?
      Twitter launched publicly July 2006
      It has become the single most talked about Web site since Facebook and grew 1,382% in the past year.
      There are 200 million Twitter accounts now
      Twitter grew 43% with the addition of just one user on January 23, 2009…
    • 7.
    • 8.
    • 9.
    • 10.
    • 11.
    • 12. Why Tweet?
      Find a job
      Find new clients
      Find garden tips, recipes, anything
      Form a PLN
      Let’s take a look!
    • 13. Paty Savage’s Twitter
    • 14. Twitter Etiquette – The Rules
    • 15. Getting Started:
      Sign up for free
      Use a simple name close to your own
      Upload your photo
      Fill in your bio, homepage, etc.
    • 16. Let’s Tweet!
    • 17. Homework
      Update your Twitter (professional or personal)
      Include external links
      Include a picture (Twitpic)
      Retweet someone else’s tweet
      Follow some people
      (Hopefully) have others follow you
    • 18. In-service Points
      5 points
      Start/Complete date: 051310
      Component Title: Integrating Technology and Instruction
      Component #: 30030300
      Level: District
      Include your SSN on white sheet
      Include 4 digit school/RC number