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research to date on ecom platforms for alite. research is still in process and the information in these slides do not constitute a recommendation

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    Recap from our Top Ten E-commerce Platforms and Tools Meetup
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    Recap from our Top Ten E-commerce Platforms and Tools Meetup
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  • Alite 120809

    1. 1. In-Process Ecom Platform Reviews NetSuite & Magento
    2. 2. Data Sheet NetSuite Site Builder Module NetSuite offers the industry’s first NetSuite’s Site Builder Module makes it possible for small and midsized companies and only: to deliver an “” experience for their customers and partners, •Web sites integrated with front and back- providing a complete view of a customer’s interaction with a merchant by simply office management tools logging into a Web site. •Customer self-service centers for viewing orders, tracking packages, and managing NetSuite Site Builder enables companies to build and manage entirely customizable support issues sites built with any tool (such as Macromedia Dreamweaver®) that automatically links •Dynamic, database-driven Web sites with with NetSuite’s accounting, inventory, and customer management capabilities in point-and-click site updates •Site analytics tools that measure both traffic real-time. It also enables companies to sell on-line in any language, and in any and revenue currency chosen by the Web shopper. •Affiliate and e-mail marketing tools with real-time ROI measurements Why NetSuite Site Builder? •Upsell tools that recommend items based Site Development Tools on other customers’ purchases Site development tools provide the flexibility designers need to build custom data- •Built-in, customizable real-time dashboards base-driven sites, while allowing non-designers to dynamically update their site with NetSuite’s Site Builder Module includes: ease. Hosting capabilities allow Web designers to upload sites built using their preferred tools, and then to convert the static site into a database-driven platform • Site Customization by using tags to easily access any product or customer information stored in the - Dynamic, Database-driven Web sites - Point-and-click site updates NetSuite database. The database-driven site can display dynamic information, such as - Site Hosting customer-specific items, prices, quotes, and documents. Best of all, site information - Site Building Wizard can be instantly updated by non-designers via a simple point-and-click interface. • Multi-national Multi-national Functionality - Multi-currency Multi-national functionality includes multi-currency, multi-domain and language local- - String Localization ization. Merchants can offer their products in multiple currencies, allowing customers - World Pay to view and pay in their local currency. Multiple sites can be published, allowing each • Multi-site site to have its own domain name, language, and look and feel. Language localization - Host multiple domains allows each merchant to customize every line of text on a site, including the checkout - Point domains to different sites process and warning messages. - Redirect URLs Multi-site Capabilities • Advanced Search Multi-site capabilities enable companies to host multiple sites from a single account. - Query any field You can also include hidden parameters in URLs such as Affiliate IDs. - Limit results based on any criteria - Format results Advanced Search Tools • Search Engine Optimization Advanced search tools provide merchants with extremely customizable search forms. - Meta Tags Each search form can query any item field in the database, determine the result - Alt image tags fields, and limit results based on any criteria, such as price or manufacturer. Multiple - Page titles search forms can be published to a Web site, further targeting results. - Breadcrumbs Search Engine Optimization and Comparison Shopping - 301 permanent redirects - Friendly URLs Ensure high search ranking for natural and paid search with NetSuite tools. Feed comparison shopping engines for even greater online reach. • Comparison Shopping Feeds - Froogle,, Shopzilla, NexTag Contact Horizon Associates Group, LLC at 1-866-638-7848 or email
    3. 3. NetSuite • Seamless • Enterprise solution integration with accounting/ERP • Costly setup and integration and CRM software • Small web development community • Scaleable • Many features would not • Hosted solution apply to Alite • Unacceptable checkout UI and $10k est. to customize
    4. 4. Magento • Intuitive admin interface • Large development • Potential hazards with community integration to accounting/ ERP • Customization through low cost modules • Early module releases can be glitchy • Good shopping cart UI • Difficult to customize • Brand alignment (OS) without a good web dev • LOTS of templates