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history of car

  1. 1. History of car By: Ing,Boo,Prew
  2. 2. In the past we use only walk . No vehicles! After that we began developing animal to ride. But still can not meet demand in the goods carried . Are bringing animals to the yoke can be carried in the conveyance of more people . About car
  3. 3. And different matter when a change of ideas and technological development . Result in creating a vehicle to meet the needs of people with more. When the first car built in 2262 by The French engineer named Nicola, interests, Google ( Nicolas Cognot ) 3-wheel vehicle created by the wheels of cars made from steel With steam - powered steam engine to the Year 2313 Nicola
  4. 4. Google has created a new vehicle for weapons carried . This is a car that represents the oldest in the world and in the Year 2436 Henry Ford ( Henry Ford ) 4-wheel vehicle has successfully created the first Evolution did not stop the car just to create vehicles that can enable us to object .
  5. 5. But People has created things competing to develop the new car to have better performance and efficiency to meet the needs of people like the most .
  6. 6. • developing a performance engine . Run faster . • Development of fuel to the fuel to more environmentally conscious . • development of safety - belt fabrication . Padded seat air bags for children . • development of the look, the more lively beautiful . Indicate taste • Development of a drive to facilitate easier driving . The automatic gear . Adjust the front glass better visibility scavenge translucent glass . Today has been developed through the use of engines that do not destroy the environment by combining the functions of engine oil and used electric motors in the near future, it would have developed cars that tend to the environment and automated driving . own without using a human control . The new technology Whether the use of water using wind Hydrogen would probably have to wait to improve the use of a more serious and reducing costs .
  7. 7. Future Cars
  8. 8. Now we use the car for.... - Travel - Go to work - Be easy to go anywhere - Can carry many people
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