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Ethanol Presentation - Sonnenschien Energy Farm
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Ethanol Presentation - Sonnenschien Energy Farm


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Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. Energy Farm Sonnenschein Energy Farm Business Plan Farm LLC and Education Center 501(c)(3)
  • 2. Energy Farm Business Models Considered • Plasma Arc • Community Scale Ethanol Plant • Home Scale Still Fabrication Business • Farm Scale Ethanol • Mobile Ethanol Unit
  • 3. Energy Farm SWOT • Strengths • Weaknesses • Opportunities • Threats
  • 4. Energy Farm Hybrid: • Permaculture Energy Farm with mobile distillation unit. – Permaculture is a whole system design science that uses natural systems to optimize multiple yields.
  • 5. Energy Farm
  • 6. Energy Farm Mission Statement •Sonnenschein Energy Farm will be a carbon neutral permaculture farm producing fuel, food, soil amendments and related farm products to create a replicable whole system design for viable family farms in the local area.
  • 7. Energy Farm Sonnenschein Energy Farm will: – Create local investment opportunities with a reasonable rate of return – Create and retain local jobs – Increase circulation of currency locally – Increase the overall market share of fuel ethanol – Increase local food production – Create a replicable template for energy independent communities across America
  • 8. Energy Farm Total Economic Return • Triple Bottom Line – Profit: positive return on investment – People: increase quality of life – Planet: ecosystem restoration
  • 9. Energy Farm Market Summary • Markets are growing for ethanol and the co-products of a Permaculture Energy Farm. – Products • Ethanol • DDGS • Worms • Soil Amendments • BioChar (Carbon Credits) • Mushrooms • Tilapia • Honey • Fruit • Education / Consulting • CSA Shares - • Vegetables, Flowers and Herbs
  • 10. Energy Farm Opportunities • Save family farms • Improve local economy, increase local employment • Provide local resilience in turbulent economic times • Set a leadership model for green community development
  • 11. Energy Farm SEF’s competitive advantage. • Multiple products increase our profit margin • Zero waste cycling increases feedstock and food production yields over time • International market potential for carbon trading
  • 12. Energy Farm Goals and Objectives Five-year goals: –Pay annual dividends of 7% –Stimulate local economy –Show measurable improvement in farm productivity, soil tilth and water quality
  • 13. Energy Farm Financial Plan • Five year Outlook: – 1.6 million dollar start up* – Profitable by month 30* – Expansion after year three * based on the current prices for end products and cost to reach market
  • 14. Energy Farm • Proposed Budget
  • 15. Energy Farm Risks and Rewards • Risks – Non Liquid Investment – High Start Up Costs – Perceived As High Risk - Diversity • Rewards – Hiring local residents – Strengthening existing family farms – Increasing local food and fuel independence
  • 16. Energy Farm Key Issues • Near term – Identification of local stakeholders and project leaders – Siting and designing the first Energy Farm • Long term – Coordinating with existing local food, fuel and other product markets – Responding to changing regulatory and government incentives landscape – Expanding from initial project to larger scale and fostering replication
  • 17. Energy Farm The Sonnenschein Energy Farm Design Team • Project Team Qualifications • Include previous accomplishments to show that these are people with a record of success. • Summarize number of years of experience in this field. • Photo of team
  • 18. Energy Farm Summary • Why This Project and Why Now? – Risk or Hedge Against Risk? – Farm Security • Food Security • Fuel Security