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  • 1. By Keilah Patten
  • 2.  
  • 3.
    • 1. What types of magazine and target audiences has IPC been associated with over the years? Country Life, Horse & Hound, Shooting Times, Yachting World, Amateur Gardening, Cycling Weekly, Amateur Photographer, Railway Magazine, Cage Birds, Motor Boat, Ideal Home, Women’s magazines, Caravan, Stamp Magazine, Music Magazines, Sport Magazines, Aeroplane Monthly, Wedding & Home, Model Collector, Practical Parenting and VolksWorld. IPC covers every audience from young children to the elderly. For example Country Life would appeal to more an elderly generation because it’s more common for and older person to live in the country than a young person. NME would appeal to a younger audience as it talks about current music for the younger generation. It covers both genders as well as age. Nuts would be based towards men as it shows pictures of attractive women but a magazine like Woman’s Own is obviously based at women.
  • 4.
    • 2. Why might IPC be an appropriate publisher for a new music magazine? What sorts of genres/types of magazines might they be likely to publish? Why might alternative publishers like Bauer be appropriate?
    • IPC might be an appropriate publisher for a new music magazine because they currently only have NME, NME only covers music that is in the official UK record chart. So any music that isn’t in the charts could be over looked. They would also cover a new genre of music, for example Rnb or Hip Hop. A new magazine would be able to cover that music and write articles about a specific genre of music instead of just a general look over everything in the charts. IPC is also well known so it would already have resources that could be used to make a better magazine. Bauer might be an appropriate publisher because it already produces music magazines and therefore will have better knowledge on how to sell a music magazine. They would have better resources than IPC and will be better at marketing a music magazine.
  • 5.  
  • 6.
    • Research into similar magazines on which you could base your magazine .
    • Similar Magazines:
    • Vibe
    • Billboard
    • Flavour Magazine
    • Blender
    • XXL
  • 7. Research into Vibe
    • Vibe is a R&B and Hip-Hop magazine that was founded by Quincy Jones. Its main audience are young people of the Hip-Hop culture. Vibe came to become popular because it published a bigger range of articles than its competitors. Since 2007, Vibe has a circulation of approximately 800,000 followers. The magazine has a wide range of articles from the back page list of 20 Questions, the Boomshots column about reggae and Caribbean music, Vibe Confidential and Vibe Confidential Revolutions music reviews, a celebrity gossip column and up and coming artists. The magazine also publishes articles about the latest Hip-Hop fashion and latest clothing. The magazine has many writers e.g. Alan Light, Jeff Chang, Dream Hampton, Cheo Hodari Coker, Kevin Powell, Erica Kennedy, Sacha Jenkins, Noah Callahan-Bever and Miles Marshall Lewis. Mark Shaw was the magazine's art director.
  • 8. Research into Billboard
    • Billboard is a music magazine made in America, its articles involve the last music charts around the world. Their two most famous charts are the Billboard Hot 100 and the Billboard 200. It covers all genres and charts the songs that have sold the most. The magazine was founded in Cincinnati on November 1, 1894. The magazine is aimed at everyone who is interested in music as it covers so many genres of music.
  • 9.
    • Possible Names:
    • EQ (Equalizer), Exclusive, Turntable, Melodic, Rated, SC (Sound City), Sample, BFB (Born For Bass), BB (Bass Bible) and Underground.
    • Possible Music Ranges:
    • The genre of music that I will be doing is Rnb/Hip Hop
    • Ideas For Articles:
    • Interviews, up coming artist, background information on artists, gigs, What’s in, Top 10 artists/albums for 2012. try to stick to the common conventions for a magazine. E.g., stick to a colour scheme.
  • 10. Genre: Rnb/Hip Hop
  • 11. R&B R&B stands for rhythm and blues, it is a African American genre of music that started in the 1940s. The genre of music was called R&B by producers that were trying to market the new genre. Over the years the meaning of R&B has changed. 1940s: Blues records 1950s:More Rock and Roll 1970s:Funk and Soul Since 1980s: Contemporary R&b Contemporary music is a combination of four genres, Funk, soul, Hip-Hop and R&b. Made famous by artists like Aaliyah, Boyz 2 men and whitney houston. Hip-Hop This genre of music came from African Americans and Latinos in New York in the 1970s. The four main sections of Hip-Hop are: djing, mcing, breakdancing and graffiti art. Since the 1970s the Hip-Hop culture has spread around the world and is a well known recognised genre. The media has a big coverage on Hip-Hop culture. A whole channel called BET has been made to play Hip-Hop music and music of that background.
  • 12.  
  • 13.
    • Choose a magazine that caters for music in a similar genre to the one you would like to do for your coursework other than an IPC title?
    • Q Magazine
    • Who publishes it?
    • Bauer
    • Bauer would be appropriate for my magazine as it does not have an Rnb/Hip Hop magazine therefore there will be a gap in the market for Bauer that could be tapped into if they brought out a magazine that caters for an Rnb/Hip Hop audience.
    • What target audience does it cater for?
    • Q magazine is a magazine for mature music lovers. It features artists and bands that would appeal to people in their middle aged years. 75% Male 25% Female
    • What other music magazines does Bauer Publish?
    • Kerrang magazine, Mojo magazine, Empire, 4 Music, Magic, Smash hits, The Box, The hits radio and Kiss.
  • 14.  
  • 15.
    • Results (Majority)
    • 1) £1 - £2
    • 2) Interviews, Articles, Gigs, Album/Artist Reviews and Pictures
    • 3) Artists, Interesting articles and info on the genre.
    • 4) Weekly
    • 5) Bright Colours and Bold headings
    • 6) Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown and Drake
    • 7) Blue, Black, Grey, Red, Yellow and White
    • 8) Images
    • 9) Clothes, Music
    • 10) Yes, When available
    • 11) Vibe and Kerrang
  • 16.  
  • 17. Audience Research using quantitative methods such as questionnaires
    • Most of the people that will be reading will be black as the magazine is aimed at a mostly black audience.
    • I interviewed six people who are in my target audience, three girls and three boys all aged seventeen. I asked them all the same questions:
    • What kind of language would you like to be used in the magazine?
    • All of them answered that they didn’t mind if slang was used in the magazine because its what they use in their daily life and they will be able to relate to it.
    • What kind of picture do you want on the front cover?
    • They all answered that they wanted a shot of person where the face is easily visible and it needs to have an action shot.
    • Would you want more image or more text on the double page spread?
    • They decided that they would like a picture on one page and all the text on the other page.
  • 18.  
  • 19.
    • Title of magazine I wish to produce:
    • I have decided that the title of my magazine will be called Underground. It is an easy to remember name and has been chosen because it will feature new and upcoming artists, artists from the ‘underground’.
    • Explanation of choice of genre:
    • I have chosen to do Rnb and Hip-Hop, this is because throughout the questionnaire my target audience said that these two genres were the ones that they liked the most. The two genres are also genres that I myself am very familiar with.
    • Target audience:
    • My target audience is Afro Caribbean people from the ages sixteen and upwards, from my research I got that the genres of music that I a m doing is mostly listen to people from an Afro Caribbean background.
    • Initial ideas about front page:
    • For my front cover I am going to have between one or three people, I also want it to look very modern to show that its bringing a new age of music.
  • 20.
    • Initial ideas about contents page:
    • For my contents page I want more pictures of the artists featuring than text. I also want some pictures of a studio to help illustrate the text.
    • Initial ideas about double page spread:
    • My double page spread will be sticking to the same colour scheme as the contents and front cover. It will be eye catching with an image on one page and the text on the other.
    • Initial ideas about photos:
    • I would like a range of different pictures from people to studio equipment. I want all the pictures to be eye-catching to keep the reader interested.
  • 21. Drafts
  • 22. Front Cover
  • 23. Contents Page
  • 24. Double Page Spread
  • 25.  
  • 26.