Fat Loss Factor - Weight Loss Program


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The Fat Loss Factor is a popular and proven weight loss program developed by Dr. Michael Allen. Dr. Allen and his wife wanted to take control of their weight and found a program that worked for them.
The Fat Loss factor program outlines an important diet that will help you cleanse your body of toxins.

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Fat Loss Factor - Weight Loss Program

  1. 1. Fat Loss Factor
  2. 2. The Fat Loss FactorThe Fat Loss Factor is a popular and proven weight loss programdeveloped by Dr. Michael Allen. Dr. Allen and his wife wanted to takecontrol of their weight and found a program that worked for them.The Fat Loss factor program outlines an important diet that will help youcleanse your body of toxins.The Fat Loss factor will• Focus on healthy foods to help you gain a healthy blood sugar level and prevent disease• Help you lose weight effectively and safely.If this is YOU in the picture - Take control againand lose weight the healthy way.
  3. 3. Get Your Free Weight Loss KitClick here to receive your FREE Weight Loss Kit and follow thenecessary steps.• Mind Over Fatter: How Stress Makes Us Fat And What YOU Can Do About It.• The Portion Patrol: How To Control Over Eating At Mealtime• Better Than Pasta: 3 Simple Recipes That Will Satisfy Those Carb Cravings• The Spouse Factor: 3 Tips To Overcome A Non-Supportive Spouse• Night Munchers Beware: 5 Strategies To Stop Late Night Eating• You Are What You Eat: 7 Food Additives That Are Secretly Making Us FAT• Desk Job Jitters: Easy Ways To Avoid Over-Snacking
  4. 4. 1. Its genetic that Im overweight and I cant change it no matter how hard I try2. I will never lose fat fast because I have an over eating problem3. Fad diets can keep the weight off permanently4. I dont have time to fix healthy meals and workout!5. Sit Ups and Crunches Will help me to lose belly fat6. I have to give up my favorite foods and eat like a rabbit7. Im fat because my thyroid is making my metabolism slow
  5. 5. The No.1 Food Additive SecretlyMaking Us FATThere are many "safe" food additives on the market that really are NOTSAFE!! These food additives are literally making you sicker, robbing you ofyour youth, and making you gain weight by sabotaging your bodys naturalmechanisms.• High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS): This is a man made sweetener that is cheaper to produce and is actually sweeter than sugar.
  6. 6. Easy to Find Foods That Will DetoxYour Liver NaturallyOne of the first organs to fall victim to bad eating is the liver.• Fruits known for being high in antioxidants are one of the key things your liver needs. Prunes, raisins, apples, and berries such as strawberries are highly preferable.• There are other plant-based options for a meal that makes your liver happy. Like salads? Try adding in some chicory, dandelion greens, or endive.• Onions and garlic - Use the real thing or don’t bother.• It’s true that there are very few meat-based foods that your liver needs. However, keep to lean varieties of meat and eat it moderately• As a final cautionary note, don’t forget to avoid excessive alcohol, which is a definite bane on your poor long-suffering liver.
  7. 7. A Combination of Healthy Diet andExercise is KeyWe often see products that claim to be the best in the weight loss marketbut falsely advertise that there is no need for exercise while using them.You should be suspicious of these products because losing weight safelyand effectively cannot be accomplished without a combination of ahealthy diet and exercise.
  8. 8. All Natural and SafeUnlike other fat loss products in the market that promise quick resultswhile possibly sacrificing health, Fat Loss Factor is based on an all-naturaldiet and healthy exercise making it perfectly safe especially for peoplewho are weary of taking any medications that may contain harmfulsubstances.There are no side effects when undergoing the Fat Loss Factor program.
  9. 9. What Can You Expect From Your FatLoss Factor Purchase• Weight loss blueprints that are designed for your experience in weight loss• The Fat Loss Factor program - full course• Videos that demonstrate the Fat Loss Factor master cleanse process• The FooJoo software to help you choose healthy meals in fast food restaurants• The Fat Loss Factor workout guide and your own Personal Exercise Log - 15 minute workouts that can help you burn fat effectively.• The Fat Loss Factor Goal Setting Guide• A measurements form to help you keep track of what weight and body dimensions are healthy for you• A recipe guide and shopping list that can guide you in what you should be preparing in all your meals
  10. 10. The Fat Loss Factor program does not make extravagant claims and focuses instead on the proven factors for successful weight loss - a healthy diet and regular exercise. This program is highly recommended if you want a proven weight loss program that works. Good Luck! Order Your Copy Today Here!