Better UX using Meteor and


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We have explored Meteor and and how they could help us improving UX. Focus on Meteor in this presentation.

Better UX using Meteor and

  1. 1. T/14. March. 2014. Example 1: Better UX using Meteor and
  2. 2. First iOS7. Then Facebook Paper: That’s how we would like things to be. But using web technology.
  3. 3. Try to replicate the ”Paper” UX. ! Use Meteor to build a reactive UX.
  4. 4. We should add this… Web with 
 Physics Engine Push ! To this … Native Pull Reactive Platform Server Server API Publish/ Subscribe RPC Events NoSQL RPC IT mess Queries SQL mess
  5. 5. Using this… Or perhaps this…
 Meteor ASP.NET
 SignalR DDP WebSockets Meteor Azure" Service " Bus Mongo Mongo
  6. 6. Fullstack JavaScript Library of Packages. Raises abstraction level from ”raw” JavaScript + Node.Js Client in JavaScript Server in JavaScript
  7. 7. Meteor Demo ! Meteor to show an example of reactive development. ! not released yet. 
 40 days or so left. ! All code, development and hosting in the ”cloud”.
  8. 8. GitHub
  9. 9. Developing at
  10. 10. Deployed at
  11. 11. The Reactive Web App. Create Account Create/Pick a Project Join a Project with a Yes or a Maybe