Comviq Hackathon Warm-Up

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A warm-up session before the first ever Hackathon at Tele2/Kinnevik/Comviq. Resulted in several good ideas. Something that we could do in more places.

A warm-up session before the first ever Hackathon at Tele2/Kinnevik/Comviq. Resulted in several good ideas. Something that we could do in more places.

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  • 1. ComviqHackathon Warm-upPatrik Svensson,Uber Enterprise Architect2013-01-26
  • 2. Hackathon An event in which computer programmers and others in the field of software development, like graphic designers, interface designers and project managers collaborate intensively on software projects [wikipedia] Warm-up performed before participating in technical sports or exercising [wikipedia]2013-01-26 -- 2
  • 3. Why?– Comviq wants to be best on the market on data, apis and producing client- side experiences – technology is part of being a ”modern price fighter”– Comviq need help from existing and new partners to improve– so hackathons, meetups etc must be a core activity– We should also build a community within Kinnevik/Tele2 internationally as well over time – so anyone is invited– Also focus of giving the developers much better financial incentives than historically – developers on a piedestal2013-01-26 -- 3
  • 4. What to focus on? Customer Experience – A superior customer experience the most important things HTML, Backbone.js JavaScript, CSS Dust.js/Mustache – Second is developer experience – we HTTP/JSON must have fun building it! WebSockets DIY – Using websockets and Javascript Node.js (Nodejitsu) innovations to enhance experience DIY/Proxy API WEB API .net (Azure) Proxy – Continue exploring cababilities of 3Scale (cloud) Apigee (cloud) Boostrap – Start thinking in API, that we can expose Data Hadoop+Hive på Amazon AWS for front-end applications/develoers – Use cloud API and start experimenting Källor: with BigData in the Cloud such as Proceera CallGate Redshift – short-term Billing systems INs2013-01-26 -- 4
  • 5. Test some cloud-based APIs!– SendGrid (Email i molnet)– Pusher (Event Management i molnet)– Airbrake (Error Managment i molnet)– Stormpath (User Management i molnet)– Tropo (SMS/Messaging)2013-01-26 -- 5
  • 6. How? Bottom-up!– Big Data, API’s and client-side development is a ”grassroot” movement Big data sources, ex. Make data available IP traffic och CDRs for engineers and– We need to support our developers and data scientists our future data scientist/engineers to Build data Engineers/Infrastructur grow e builds technical environments without– Become leading in web browser and infrastructure legacy thinking web standards such as HTML, Work with Hive etc to Data Scientists that JavaScript and CSS … builds models. API create models/data for builders build APIs product managers– Build API that we ourselves build applications on – and open up for Developers and product partners … Developers and Product Managers managers need data for– Use our petabyte-size data streams in that are data-driven ideas and development our daily work much more We will get happier– Marrying client-side, APIs and and Big Happier Customers customer + make money Data is the 2013 challenge !2013-01-26 -- 6
  • 7. Thanks! Twitter: @skirtap LinkedIn: -- 7