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E walletpresentation

  1. 1. e-WalletThe smart wallet
  2. 2. Problem● Overflowing wallets ○ Credit cards ○ Identification ○ Paper money ○ Various store cards● Limited pocket/purse space● Losing track of wallet items● Overspending● Numerous security holes
  3. 3. Solution : e-Wallet● Pocket sized ○ Fits in/on existing infrastructure● Online budget management ○ Limits for spending ○ Exclude/include certain locations ○ Access all accounts, from anywhere● Embedded identification ○ All ID information in one location● Scanner ○ Works with all scan types (Barcode, RFID, Strip,...)
  4. 4. Design● Assimilate into any new/existing medium ○ Plastic card ○ Cell phone ○ Jewelry● 24/7 online activity monitoring ○ Stop payment/cancellation from the web within seconds on all accounts● Pricing for extra functionality ○ Fraud protection ○ RFID ○ Scan options
  5. 5. Imagee-Wallet - Card prototype e-Wallet - Jewelry prototypee-Wallet - Phone prototype e-Wallet - Bio-scan prototype
  6. 6. Conclusion● No new infrastructure● All transaction accounts/requirements and identification in one location● Simple monitoring and security measures e-Wallet Credit Misc. Money IDs accounts cards
  7. 7. Advertising brainstorm● The following are ad/commercial ideas generated by the team for the eWallet.● Each could be made into an online video or television commercial
  8. 8. Advertisement #1Did you ever lose your wallet?Or forget your wallet at home?How about standing in line and realizing someone snagged your wallet frombehind?Introducing E-Wallet, the most convenient way to store all financial informationin one place and pay for services on the go.E-Wallet comes in few different variations: jewelry, phone add-on and bioscan.Use it at any grocery, supermarket or gas station just like you use your creditcard without swiping it. Just place your e-wallet right next to machine and it willread your information from it.E-Wallet. THE FUTURE of shopping.
  9. 9. Advertisement #2Location: Line in supermarket.Customer One at cash register: Oh man, I stood here for 20 minutes, only milk to pay for and justrealized my wallet is at home!Customer Two: Come on! Move it! I got my own stuff to pay for.Customer Three: Hey guys, there is no need to bicker. I just got this E-wallet from "Blah Blah" and nowI dont need to carry my wallet anywhere. As you can see I got my e-wallet as a jewelry piece and all Ihave to do is just place it on the credit card reader. Here, let me help you with your milk. (touches thecard reader with her jewelry). See? Very easy.Customer One: Oh thats awesome! Does it come in any other varieties?Customer Three: Yes! it comes as smartphone app. See? I got it on my Android phone and my sisterhas it on her iPhone. All you have to do is once again just place your phone on card reader andtransaction will go through.Customer Two: Man, let me see it on my phoneCustomer One thanks Customer 3 and walks out with his milk.Customer Three with sad face: I wonder why more people didnt switch to e-wallet yet. Im gonna gobroke if I will be showing everybody how it works.Customer Two: Got the app! This is like the future! Now I can pay for all of my groceries with myphone or my ring!Voice behind scenes: E-wallet. THE FUTURE way to shop.
  10. 10. Advertisement #3Concept of commercial: Seinfeld wallet episode.Location: Diner where Jerry discovers Georges enormous wallet.Jerry: You have as much cow here, than you do here (burger)George: (puts wallet back in his pocket) My back is killing me.Jerry: Its probably from that wallet! Look, youre on a slant!George: Just need a couple of napkins..(puts it under his other pocket to even himselfout)Jerry: Listen, you need to get yourself one of these E-wallets. Its great. All you needis your cellphone and just use it like you would your credit card. No more bricks inyour back pocket.George: I need everything in there!!Jerry: You have hard candy in there! Look you can store all your financialinformation in there and you can even budget and manage all your finances online oron your phone. Its so simple. E-wallet is THE future of shopping.George: (replaces his wallet with Jerrys phone) Wow my back is feeling betteralready.