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V day1

  1. 1. Well start with the adorable: The Multnomah CountyAnimal Service’s VDay adoption special encouragesanimal lovers to “adopt the love of your life” for justthe cost of a license. Awww…..
  2. 2. On the other side of the animal lover equation comesThe Bronx Zoos "Name a Roach" campaign. (Weassume this one is strictly for the "biology is my life"set, but what do we know?)
  3. 3. Not grossed out yet? Consider a free Valentines Daytour of New Yorks Newtown Creek WastewaterTreatment Plant and see how your sewage getstreated! (It really does look pretty cool, but we cantvouch for the smell...)
  4. 4. Speaking of smells, if you really love someone youmay be comfortable sending him or her a “Fart byMail". Yes, this is a real thing--but its sadly not quiteas funny as wed like it to be.
  5. 5. On the sexy side, UK streaming service Blinkbox andFrench popcorn maker Cheeky Frog created this“aphrodisiac popcorn.”
  6. 6. …and Scottish retailer Foul Fashion launched a “GetLaid or Your Money Back” campaign promising fullrefunds to anyone who doesn’t “get lucky” within amonth of buying its clothes. (With a shirt like that?)
  7. 7. On a more romantic note, ecommerce siteUncommon Goods sent out marketing emailsreminding last-minute shoppers that it’s not too lateand directing them to lists like “Top Ten Gifts forGirlfriends.”
  8. 8. If youre still single and you hate yourself, you couldalways check out the not-at-all-awkward IKEAValentines Day event with free sodas and cakes, and,if you manage to find someone dumb enough to giveyou their phone number, 50% off a two-seater! Eww...
  9. 9. If youre married, you live in Las Vegas and you reallywant to keep things classy, you could always go forThe Guns and Ammo Garage’s romantic one day “vowrenewal” offer (“pistol packing preacher” notpictured).
  10. 10. ...and if you havent popped the question yet, you cancharm her by taking her to enjoy the Hooters "buy 10rings, get 10 free" VDay special. (We love the "noring" tagline, BTW. Great branding!)
  11. 11. Pizza Hut’s cheesy $10,010 “Proposal in a Box” offerisn’t cheap at all: it’s instant romance! (The $10 is fora classy dinner.)
  12. 12. Not a pizza person? You could always follow thisMcDonald’s France spot’s suggestion and proposewith a Big Mac.
  13. 13. White Castle’s “Love Is in the Castle” Valentine’s DayReservations promo comes complete with customizedVDay “SliderGram” app: because nothing says lovelike morning-after nausea!
  14. 14. Filled with regret this Valentine’s Day? Tell VanishLaser Tattoo Removal why your loved one wants tolose her tat and they might do it for free!
  15. 15. If you’ve just gone through a breakup, online privacybrand McAfee wants to remind you to change all yourpasswords. Oof.
  16. 16. And if you haven’t broken up yet, online languageinstruction site Babbel will teach you to do it in fourdifferent languages!
  17. 17. You know who doesn’t do Valentine’s Day promos?Dating sites, according to this iAcquire infographic.We can see why. The following week is another story,though…
  18. 18. And to end on a PR-centric note, firms like H+KStrategies often remind clients and media contactswhy we love them so much with quick, themedmessages like this one. We can’t snark on this…