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    Van gogh project Van gogh project Presentation Transcript

    • VAN GOGH & SEURAT 1.Sunflowers . Talking about painting, observing sunflowers, colours, shapes, size, naming plant parts. .Making a sketch, direct observation sunflowers. A4 paper . HW: Finding out who Van Gogh was. . Making oil pastel picture A3. 2. PPT. Van Gogh. Talking about the artist and the paintings. Work on Van Gogh facts, classify them. Mindmapping 3. Starter: What’s different? Painting like Van Gogh. Select the part you best like from the choosen painting, use the card frames to do so and paint the selected part. A4 painting paper. HW: Look for information about Seurat. 4.Starter: Van Gogh song Talk about Seurat Comparing Van Gogh and Seurat activity. Flashcards, classify them. Fill in grid. Painting in the style of … . Paint each square in pointillism & impasto style. 5. Final work. Starters: Song, hangman, ordering sentences,…. Create a high quality drawing from real observation during the weekend of a seascape ( Sitges) . In class, make your painting following your drawing on a A3 painting paper. Half of the painting will be executed in the pointilism style and the other half in impasto style. 6. Exhibition of the students works. Display on walls.
    • Vincent Van Gogh “Sunflowers” • What art material (media) has the artist used? • What can you see in this painting? • Describe the colours you can see. • Are all the colours similar? • What type of colours has the artist used? • Describe the detail you can see? • How do you think the artist painted this painting, slowly or quickly? • What size do you think the painting is? • Do you think this was painted from imagination, memory or from real life? • Why do you think Van Gogh choose to paint sunflowers? (Cheap to buy, easy to get hold of, detailed object to paint)
    • • Van Gogh was born in Holland, in 1852. • He painted very fast. • In 1886 he went to live to Paris. • He was self taught. • He was a passionate and emotional artist. • He met his friend Gauguin in Arles. • He committed suicide. • His brother Theo was his best friend. • In Paris he become familiar with the New Art movements. • He painted more than 7oo canvas and 1600 drawings in 10 years. • He was a Dutch Post-Impressionist painter. • He was 37 years old when he died in 1890. • He used to paint outside, from direct observation and real life objects. • In 1888 he moved to the South of France. • He used the Impasto style applying thick paint, visible brush marks and a wide range of colours.
    • Painting like ... Van Gogh
    • Van Gogh & Seurat