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    Dental-Crowns-Are-Caps-Placed-Over-A-Tooth-That-Re90 Dental-Crowns-Are-Caps-Placed-Over-A-Tooth-That-Re90 Document Transcript

    • Dental crowns are caps placed over a tooth that restore the natural shape and size of teeth. Because they are strong, they feel like normal teeth and can also drastically improve patients appearance. Dental crowns encase the visible portion of someones tooth, from the top of the tooth, all the way down to the gum line.recover folders
    • Why does someone need a dental crown? Dental crowns are used for avariety of reasons, by the professional cosmetic dentists in Charlotte NC Ifthere is a significant amount of tooth decay, a dental crown can protect a weaktooth The crown will prevent the tooth from breaking, and can also holdtogether parts of a cracked tooth Additionally, dental crowns can be used tohold a dental bridge in place, cover severely discolored teeth or even cover adental implant Also, if someone has had a root canal dental crowns are oftenused to restore the tooth
    • Materials used to make crowns There are a variety of materials used tomake crowns that are available to the cosmetic dentists in Charlotte NCTypically, permanent crowns are made from metal, porcelain fused to metal,resin or ceramic When metals are used in crowns, gold alloy, other alloys, orbase-metal alloys are the choice Many people use metal crowns because lesstooth structure needs to be removed, and tooth wear to surrounding teeth iskept to a minimum Metal crowns are strong and long lasting
    • Because metal crowns are strong, people seldom have trouble with themchipping or breaking The obvious drawback to metal crowns is the color, butthis makes them a good choice for people that need crowns on teeth thatarent visible One alternative to metal dental crowns is porcelain fused tometal dental crowns These are matched to the color of the adjacent teethThese do not typically last as long as metal crowns and can chip or even breakoff
    • Sometimes the metal can show through at the gum line, especially as gumsrecede Many patients have good luck with all resin dental crowns-particularlybecause they are less expensive than other options These do tend to wearover time and are more likely to fracture than the porcelain fused to metalcrowns, but they are a good recover folders option to consider All-ceramicand all-porcelain crowns provide best match to natural teeth For people inCharlotte NC that are concerned about matching the dental crowns to theirnatural teeth, all-ceramic and all-porcelain dental crowns may be the bestoption Also, there are some people with metal allergies; they appreciate theporcelain and ceramic crowns
    • The downside to these types of crowns is that they are not as strong as theirmetal counterparts But, they are a great choice for teeth that are highly visiblewhen you smile Temporary versus permanent dental crowns The biggestdifference between temporary and permanent dental crowns is where they arecreated Temporary crowns are often made in your cosmetic dentists office;where permanent crowns are typically made in a dental laboratory
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