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#ESPC14 - T18  Your SharePoint in the Cloud or not, that is the question !
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#ESPC14 - T18 Your SharePoint in the Cloud or not, that is the question !


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My T18 session at ESPC14 in Barcelona

My T18 session at ESPC14 in Barcelona

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Your SharePoint in the Cloud or Not, That is the Question! #T18 #ESPC
  • 2. Agenda
  • 3. Who are you ? • Who is working in IT organization ? Vs Business organization ? • Who is dedicated to SharePoint ? Vs managing other products/technologies or is not a technologist at all ? • Which of your organizations are already using Cloud in production ? Even for a very little part of it…
  • 4. Who am I ? • Patrick Guimonet – Founder & Owner Abalon , a consulting and engineering company specialized on bringing the value of yOS plateform to your business • SharePoint MVP for 4 years • 20 years experience as Enterprise Systems Architect • Worked for great companies like Microsoft, Sun Microsystems, Capgemini, Sequent and Oracle • Blogger and Twitter @patricg • Frequent speaker (mainly in French) at French TechDays (a 19 000 persons event), French SharePoint Conf, SQL Server Days …
  • 5. Where are we ? SPC243
  • 6. Where are we ? SPC243 IT’s losing battle against Cloud adoption
  • 7. What is Cloud Computing ? Cloud computing is a model for enabling ubiquitous, convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources that can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal management effort or service provider interaction. ? Source NIST Definition of Cloud Computing (National Institute Standard and Technology)
  • 8. Cloud Computing in one slide
  • 9. Cloud Economics
  • 10. SharePoint specifics for the Cloud Point of attention SP characteristics
  • 11. First choice : on-Premises • Historical choice • With a lot of options • Legacy ?! Since 2001
  • 12. Second Choice : Office 365 • The SaaS solution • Historically with some limitations • Incremental improvements • Now the first choice More to come : • Office graph • Oslo • …
  • 13. Office 365 what is it? 13
  • 14. Main usages of yOS platform Yammer – Office 365 - SharePoint 16
  • 15. Office 365 The SaaS offering for Sharepoint and Yammer. + +  Rich feature set is always up to date.  Includes a Windows Azure Active Directory tenant  Directory integration includes synchronizing account names and passwords between the on- premises AD environment and the Windows Azure AD tenant.  Client communication over the Internet through encrypted and authenticated access (port 443).  A lot of storage for SharePoint Now the de facto first choice ! @mkasman
  • 16. Office 365 common offerings
  • 17. A lot of storage ! (E3 sample)
  • 18. Sharing with everyone
  • 19. TCO Calculator SaaS vs. On Premises • The purpose of this calculator is to let you quickly compare the total cost of ownership (TCO) of a software-as-a- service (SaaS) solution to the TCO of an on-premise solution. • The values this calculator provides are approximations, and can in no way obviate the need for a careful cost/benefit analysis. Source :
  • 20. Third choice Microsoft Azure Microsoft Azure The IaaS solution  All the features of on- premises solutions  Fully scripted deployment  A good choice
  • 21. Size your VM • And run ! ;-)4 cores 7 GB 14 GB 28 GB 56 GB 0 GB 10 GB 20 GB 30 GB 40 GB 50 GB 60 GB 0 2 4 6 8 10 Microsoft Azure VM A7 Extra Large A6 Large 4 cores 7 GB 8 cores 8 cores Prix horaire Prix mensuel Large 0,269 € 199,47 € Extra large 0,537 € 369,93 € A6 0,596 € 443,25 € A7 1,192 € 886,50 € cores
  • 22. Great content to help !  SharePoint 2013 on Windows Azure Infrastructure WhitePaper  SharePoint with SQL Server AlwaysOn Infographic  PowerShell scripts Automating SharePoint Deployments in Windows Azure using PowerShell
  • 23. Other Cloud solutions Source : Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure as a Service 2013
  • 24. Amazon EC2 AWS distinguish itself (cf. Overview of Amazon Web Services ) as • Flexible • Cost-effective • Scalable and Elastic : including via simple API calls • Secure • Experienced : more than 15 years of experience I would add: • Reliable with a 99.95% guarantied SLA (Service Level Agreement) • Inexpensive : – On-Demand Instances – Reserved Instances – Spot Instances • A great number of AMI (Amazon Machine Images) • Import and Export VMs are available • Microsoft’s License Mobility through Software Assurance program • A marketplace for preconfigured VM
  • 25. SharePoint support on Amazon eC2 Microsoft SharePoint Server on AWS: Reference Architecture April 2012 - See also
  • 26. CloudShare • On demand SaaS for SharePoint development and testing • Not for Production • Per user • 49 $ / mois
  • 27. Here are the building blocks
  • 28. SharePoint workloads candidates for the Cloud NB : it’s only it is a relative rating of the solutions with respect to each other.  Yammer is a killer app to go to Office 365 cloud. SP1 hybrid options are great too for on-prem version.  Big amount of storage are great motivation to go to O365  The localization of data can still be an issue if they are sensitive  OneDrive new storage amount + SP1 integration make it a good candidate for Cloud  Power BI for Office 365 is one of the last additions to the platform  Internet site is the first and greatest target for VM on Windows Microsoft Azure
  • 29. SharePoint environments candidate for the Cloud  It should be understood that O365 can’t be used to measure performance of an on-premises platform  IaaS offering is very good candidate to implement Disaster Recovery scenarios at low price. And also Development environment which can be set up very quickly.  Office 365 can only by used as a development platform for apps. NB : it’s only it is a relative rating of the solutions with respect to each other.
  • 30. Hybrid solutions
  • 31. Some Use cases… • Mainly Cloud – Office 365 alone – Yammer alone – PowerBI – Public facing SP Internet Site on Azure IaaS – SP Dev Env. on Azure IaaS • Hybrid – Office 365 and Yammer – New SP1 options with Yammer and One Drive – « traditional » hybrid for Search, BCS and Duet – DR Farm in Azure
  • 32. Redirect users to O365 for their personal storage  Allow 25 Go 1 TB per user  Can be specified for only some groups of users
  • 33. Yammer integration Add Yammer to the navigation bar Details on Synchronize and authenticate users from your on- premises Active Directory to Yammer and Office 365 Details on Add Yammer to the navigation bar for SharePoint 2013
  • 34. Sensitive Data on-premises, Other Data and Conversations in the Cloud
  • 35. Traditional Hybrids scenarios + = HybridOnline On-premises MICROSOFT DATA CENTER INTERNET INTRANET SharePoint Online Site collection Search: Bidirectional BCS: Supported Duet: Supported Primary web application Office 365 Tenant SharePoint Server 2013 PERIMETER NETWORK Reverse proxy CUSTOMER NETWORK Outbound Inbound Search portal: Local + Remote search results Local/Remote Search portal: Local + Remote search results Local/Remote For three components :  Search  BCS  Duet (SAP)
  • 36. On-premises Farm + DR Farm in Azure Cold standby • The farm is fully built, but the VMs are stopped (you’re only paying when they’re running!). • Maintaining the environment includes starting the VMs from time-to-time, patch, update, and verify the environment. • Start the full environment in the event of a disaster. Warm standby • Includes a small farm that is provisioned and running. • The farm can immediately serve a few thousand users in the event of failover. • Scale out the farm quickly to serve the full user base. Hot standby • A fully-sized farm is provisioned and running on standby. Cf. Building a disaster recovery environment for SharePoint in Windows Azure--a few things we learned
  • 37. Conceptual Architecture Network Office Web Applications Farm SharePoint Farm Directory Network Content & SA Data SPC206
  • 38. Do best usage of each world
  • 39. Some choices need to be done ! SPC403
  • 40. Conclusion a pragmatic approach is needed