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Balance Your Hormones - Balance Your Life! with Bio-Identical Hormone Pellet Therapy
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Balance Your Hormones - Balance Your Life! with Bio-Identical Hormone Pellet Therapy


Dr. Marcia A. Harris, holistic gynecologist at Patients Medical explains why bio-identical hormones are WAY better for you than synthetic hormones and how pellet therapy can provide a more stable and …

Dr. Marcia A. Harris, holistic gynecologist at Patients Medical explains why bio-identical hormones are WAY better for you than synthetic hormones and how pellet therapy can provide a more stable and convenient method of delivering the hormones to your body than pills or creams.

Published in Health & Medicine
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  • 1. Marcia A. Harris, MD, LHDPatients Medical
  • 2. Please tell us whatyou liked and what you would like tosee from us in the future!
  • 3.  A holistic medical center Full-service
  • 4.  Discover health, rediscover vitality Focus on the root cause Integrate modern medicine, holistic practices, and natural supplements
  • 5.  Our goal  Promote healing and prevent disease
  • 6. Physicians collaborate to approach each patient holistically.
  • 7. Result:Gain health and nutritional wisdom that can be applied for years to come.
  • 8.  Conditions Treated  Chronic Fatigue Syndrome  Obesity/Overweight  Osteoarthritis (OA)  Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)  Diabetes  Heart disease  Crohn’s disease, IBS, IBD  Alzheimer’s disease  Lyme disease  Thyroid disease  Auto-immune diseases  Many other secondary medical conditions
  • 9.  Staff  Medical Doctors ▪ Internal Medicine ▪ Family Practice ▪ Gynecology ▪ Osteopathy ▪ Holistic Oncology ▪ Alternative Pain Management ▪ Pediatrics  Nutrition  Kinesiology  Reflexology and Reiki  Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture  Homeopathy
  • 10. Integrative Medicine
  • 11. This evening’s speaker:Marcia A. Harris, MD, LHD Holistic Gynecologist Anti-Aging Medicine
  • 12.  Received MD from Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons Awarded the Rudin Scholarship Internship in Internal Medicine at Harlem Hospital Center Residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology at NY Hospital, Weill Cornell Post-Graduate training at the American Academy of Anti- Aging Medicine (A4M) 37 years’ experience
  • 13.  Specialties include  Hormone Balancing  Nutrition  Detoxification  Weight Loss  Intravenous therapy  Neuropathy  Thyroid Balancing  Feminine Wellness  Pain Management  Anti-Aging Medicine
  • 14.
  • 15.  Cycles Balance Transitions
  • 16. Progesterone, Estrogen and Testosterone Have over 400 functions in the body When lacking, cause previous symptoms and subsequent disease
  • 17.  1st uniquely female hormone Considered the main female hormone Xenoestrogens-Man made estrogen Phytoestrogens-Plant estrogen
  • 18. Type of Estrogen Name E1 Estrone • Made in fat tissue • Holds cancer-causing properties E2 Estradiol • Made by the ovary • Active: relieves symptoms E3 Estriol • Highest amount in pregnancy • Weak estrogen • Not much help with symptoms
  • 19. Estrone Estradiol EstriolStage (E1) (E2) (E3)Premenopausal 10-20% 10-20% 60-80% Post- 60-80% 10-20% 10-20% menopausal Premarin 50% 0.5% 0% (CEE)
  • 20.  Regrowth of menstrual tissue Growth of follicle into an egg Growth of breast Support vaginal tissue Develop sex characteristics STORES FAT! Decreases thyroid hormone 20
  • 21.  Breast tenderness Depression Fatigue Poor concentration Endometriosis Fibrocystic breasts PMS Fibroids Water retention and bloating Fat gain around hips and thighs Breast and Uterine Cancer 21
  • 22.  2nd uniquely female hormone Made by the ovary after ovulation Can be made from wild yam and soy beans Provera and Depo Provera - Are not progesterone
  • 23.  Pro-Gestation Promote development of the fertilized egg Natural Diuretic Uses fat for energy Natural antidepressant (calming effect) Restores sex drive Promotes regular sleep patterns Protects against cancer Balances Estrogen (growth)
  • 24.  Breast tenderness Depression Fatigue Poor concentration Endometriosis Fibrocystic breasts PMS Fibroids Water retention and bloating Fat gain around hips and thighs Breast and Uterine Cancer 24
  • 25.
  • 26.
  • 27.  As you age, the ovaries produce less estrogen hormones Puberty  Turbulence The Reproductive Years  Estrogen, progesterone, testosterone are in optimum balance  High energy  Strong sex drive!
  • 28. Peri-menopause is associated with estrogen dominance. Increased PMS  Mood swings Breast swelling  Depression Headaches  Fluid retention Decreased sex drive  Fibroids Weight gain  FCBD Foggy thinking  Migraine headaches
  • 29.  Permanent cessation of menstruation Caused by decreased production of ovarian hormones Most commonly occurs between ages 48-52 It’s not a disease, but a natural transition from one life cycle to another Progesterone falls disproportionately greater This creates estrogen dominance
  • 30.  Mood Swings  Decreased Sex Drive Depression  Erectile Dysfunction Panic Attacks  Vaginal Dryness Irritability  Painful Intercourse Bloating  Irregular Cycles Indigestion  Palpitations Gas  Dizzy Spells Brain Fog  Insomnia Difficulty Focusing  Difficulty Sleeping Osteoporosis  Night Sweats Varicose Veins  Hot Flashes Lower Back Pain  Urinary Leakage Body Aches  Crawly Skin Chronic Fatigue  Thinning Hair Weight Gain  Facial Hair (in women)
  • 31.  Menopause is NOT an estrogen deficiency condition External estrogen exposure is unchanged Hot flashes diminish in 2-5 years Rx with natural progesterone is effective in 60% of menopausal women Doesn’t have the advantages of exogenous replacement
  • 32. In the 1930’s several significant thingshappened Adolph Friedrich Johann Butenandt won the Nobel Prize for isolating the sex hormone (1939) Schering Pharmaceuticals (who sponsored his work) introduced  Progynum (synthetic estrogen)  Prolutum (synthetic progesterone)  Testorion (synthetic testosterone)
  • 33.  1938: Diethyl Stilbesterol (synthetic Estrogen) Given to pregnant women to prevent miscarriage 9 out of 10 daughters of women who took DES had genetic abnormalities 5 out of 10 were never able to conceive 2 out of 10 had rare Adeno Carcinoma of the reproductive system and testicular cancer in males
  • 34.  1941 Study: Journal of Cancer Research – Estrogen is a very important factor in Uterine Carcinogenesis 1942: Ayerst (Now Wyeth) put Premarin on the market  Pregnant  Mares’ Premarin!  Urine
  • 35. Pregnant Mares’ Urine #1 Prescribed STILL!
  • 36.  1970’s Premarin – Gold Standard 1971: FDA revokes approval of DES 1975: Studies Endometrial Cancer Black Box Warning Unopposed estrogen = Cancer Progestin: to oppose the estrogen  No safer, actually more dangerous but for 20 years they reigned supreme!
  • 37. 1993-1998 by the NIH 17,000 healthy women 55-79 years old All had uterus Prevention of heart disease and hip fracture Re: Breast and Colon Cancer Not designed to address benefits for treatment of menopausal symptoms
  • 38. 1. Estrogen only (CEE)2. Estrogen (0.625 mg CEE) + Progestin (2.5 mg medroxyprogesterone acetate – Prempro)3. Sugar Pill (placebo)
  • 39.  Used conjugated equine estrogen (CCE) with 50% E1, E2, no E3 and 40% equine estrogen. They also used medroxyprogesterone Acetate (MPA). The Premarin only arm showed a decreased risk in hip fracture and colon cancer. 15 JAMA 2004: 291: 1701-1712 15 JAMA 01-2000, 283:485-491 36 Cancer 2003; 97: 1387-1392 J Natl. Cancer Inst. 92 (4): 328-332, 2000
  • 40.  2002 – stopped study 35% initially enrolled, but dropped out 20% dropped out due to side effects or fear
  • 41. The Prempro Arm was halted 22% Increase in total CV DiseaseJuly 9, 2002, three years early 26% Increase in Breast Cancer due to increased breast 29% Increase in Heart Attacks cancer and cardiovascular 33% Decrease in Hip Fractures disease in women. 37% Decrease in Colorectal Cancer 41% Increase in Strokes 60% Leg blood clot JAMA 7/17/2002 Vol. 288, 3 200% Alzheimer’s ,Dementia
  • 42.  54% Ovarian Cancer with Prempro 43% Ovarian Cancer with Estrogen alone No improvement in most quality of life issues  Sleep  Hormonal health  Sexual health Did relieve  Night sweats  Hot flashes
  • 43.  Herbal remedies  Phytoestrogens: ▪ Black Cohash ▪ St. John’s Wort ▪ Dong Quai ▪ Dietary Soy ▪ Evening Primrose ▪ Flax Seed ▪ Wild YamCan help relieve symptoms, but do little to fix the problem….
  • 44. Biochemically, the body is not set up to convert plant hormones into bio-identical human molecular structures from raw botanicals(although natural the body does not recognize and can’t use these efficiently).
  • 45.  BHRT  Clinically proven  Safe  Effective  Replaces hormone deficiency  Biochemically resolve the problem at the cellular level
  • 46.  Uses hormones made from soy and wild yam Biologically identical in chemical structure to the hormones synthesized in our bodies Overwhelming research that using bio-identical hormones to treat menopause and andropause has fewer side effects than synthetics and gives the best results! Perfectly safe!
  • 47. A molecular structure that occurs in nature cannot be patented. The Keys that Fit! Relative Binding Affinity
  • 48.  BHRT: RBA 100% At a cellular level, the body  Recognizes  Accepts  and Uses …BHRT just as it would human hormones.
  • 50. What is synthetic? “Patented” or “Conventional” or “Artificial” Usually not found in nature or at least not in humans Chemically altered form of human hormone Not identical in structure or activity to natural hormones they try to emulate
  • 51.  Dictates how the hormone is metabolized and what bi-products result Changes in the position of even one substituent can lead to inactive isomersSperoff 2005 pg 28
  • 52. Are very different in molecular structure and function fromBio-Identical Estrogens Progesterone and Methyl Testosterone.
  • 53. Natural Hormones are Bio-Equivalent, also known as Bio- Identical.  Patches  Creams  Gels  Sprays  Pellets
  • 54.  Peak and Trough daily has liver bypass therefore increasing clotting factors CEE has higher conversion to 16OH Estrone which has a higher conversion rate to Quinones. Oral Testosterone is Methyltestosterone which can be liver toxic
  • 55.  Can be administered through patches, gels, sprays or creams No liver bypass so they have the benefit of no increased clotting factors and therefore decreased CV risk Gels, Sprays, and Creams peak and trough daily Patches Peak and Trough bi-weekly or weekly depending on the preparation Must remember to rub it in daily Risk contamination with gym equipment, spouse or kids Timing: have to wait to get dressed and use after showering only Gels are alcohol based and lose some of active hormone when alcohol evaporates (including androgel for men) Transdermal preparations loose efficacy over time due to saturation of skin receptors and this usually occurs after about 1 to 3 years N Engl J Med 1997; 336-683-690 J Clin Endocrin Metab 2001; 86:3629-3644 Lancet 2003; 362:428-432
  • 56.  Estradiol levels are better than pills but still get peak and troughs Maintains E2-E1 ratio of 1:1 Adhesive problem very common maintains Need to change 2 times per week or weekly Transdermal estrogen has no effect on liver synthesis of proteins or binding proteins and therefore no effect on clotting factors.
  • 57.  Good symptom relief Some are toxic Weekly or monthly Peaks & Troughs….
  • 58. PELLET THERAPY (Subcutaneous Implants) Discovered in 1935 In Europe, original studies done in 1939 by Dr. Greenblatt at the University of Georgia on hysterectomized women. No liver bypass so no increased clotting factors and therefore decreased CV risk. No Peak and Trough effects so delivers daily customized doses and subsequent significantly different in symptom relief due to customized dosing. Downside is breakthrough bleeding in non- hysterectomized women when progesterone levels are not physiologic.
  • 59. No roller coaster effect (i.e. no peaks and valleys)  Keep E2-E1 ration at 2-1 which is physiologic  24/7 availability of hormones to the body (This may last for 3-8 month at a time ).  Adapts to the daily needs of the body.  The difference in relief of symptoms is night and day compared to other form of BHRT
  • 60.  Rate in 2001 was 7% WHI Study was halted because they saw an INCREASE of 8% So more than doubled your risk!!! # at 7% = 7/100 → 17,000 (in study) → 1190 8% incr. = 8/100 → 17,000 → 1360 2550
  • 61. Arizona Study – 976 Women # at 7% = 7/100 → 976 (in study) → 70 8% incr. = 8/100 → 976 → 80 150There was only ONE breast cancer in the group! Similar statistics for Endometrial Cancer. ALMOST appears to be protective.
  • 62.  Definitely “cardio sparing” (protects the heart) “Bone sparing” (protects the bone Does NOT increase dementia
  • 63.  Bio-identical is misleading (the chemical structure is not exactly the same) No BHRT has met federal standards for approval  Prometrium (approved in 1998)  Estrogel (approved in 2004) BHRT is unregulated  Made from FDA and USP registered materials  Is regulated by state boards of pharmacy
  • 64.  The day of one size fits all hormone replacement regimen used in traditional medicine is over Bio-identical HRT allows for custom balancing hormones based on the individual patient. No two persons have the same genetic make up, medical history, symptom environment or nutrition. Custom dosing is clearly appropriate and most advantageous!
  • 65.  Natural decrease in male hormones Starts as early as late 20’s Very gradual, so not as dramatic (1-2% per year) Weight gain (especially belly fat) Lifestyle-related Fatigue - can be debilitating Urinary problems Depression, brain fog/anxiety Decrease in physical agility Decreased libido/erectile dysfunction May be related to “mid-life” crisis behavior Must replace testosterone and DHEA
  • 66.  Money: Big pharma Most MD’s only know what the drug rep tells them (actual studies in the 80’s) Managed care environment Dr. Phil, Oprah, Dr. Oz and Suzanne Somers  Ageless  The Sexy Years  Breakthrough
  • 67. 1. Education2. Consultation3. Blood draw and evaluation4. Implant5. 4-6 weeks repeat blood draw6. Booster (if needed)7. Enjoy life!
  • 68. Q and A with the Doctor. 68
  • 69. Get back on track with your health with Dr. Harris and Patients Medical. 69
  • 70. Get started TODAY by making an appointment with Dr. Harris. Call 212-661-4441 or email
  • 71. Please tell us whatyou liked and what you would like tosee from us in the future!
  • 72.
  • 73. Stress Incontinence: Why it Happens and How to Reverse it Dr. Harris will explain how this uncomfortable andembarrassing condition can be treated without dangerous drugs or surgery. Wednesday, April 3rd at 6:30pm
  • 74. Spring Cleaning: Easy and Delicious Detox Dr. Vivian DeNise explains why everyone needs to detox and healthy chef, Elisa Haggarty will show you how easy and tasty it can be! Tuesday, April 9th at 6:30pm
  • 75. Get Fit for Spring with the HCG Diet Dr. Harris demystifies the secret of the HCG Diet and whythere is so much buzz around it. Learn how you can safely and effectively lose the weight and keep it off! Wednesday, April 10th at 6:30pm
  • 76. Just for MEN: Boost Your Mojo NaturallyDr. DeNise and Nutritionist/Personal Trainer, Judy Pentaexplain how to improve your focus, physique, libido and energy without dangerous OTC or prescription drugs. Tuesday, April 23rd at 6:30pm
  • 77. Come See Our Holistic Ophthalmologist Dr. Ayman Matta will be seeing patients on Friday, March 22nd in the afternoon.See one of our staff members for details and scheduling.
  • 78. Dr. Rashmi Gulati, Dr. Kamau Kokayi, Dr. Marcia A. Harris Dr. Stuart Weg, Dr. Vivan Medical Director Holistic and Chinese Holistic GYN and Alternative Pain DeNise, Integrative Medicine Internal Medicine Management Internal Medicine and PedsDr. Eileen DiFrancesco Dr. Paul A. Dreschnack Dr. Victor I. Rosenberg Dr. Gino Bottino Dr. L. Deanna Howard Psychopharmacology Plastic Surgery Plastic Surgery Holistic Oncology Holistic GYN
  • 79.
  • 80.
  • 81. To get more information or to schedule an appointment, call 212-661-4441 or email