Webinar 4: Using measurement to drive improvement: New tools to help you succeed


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Review measures associated with the Hand Hygiene Intervention. Demonstrate new auditing tools designed to reduce the burden of collecting and analyzing Hand Hygiene observations.

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Webinar 4: Using measurement to drive improvement: New tools to help you succeed

  1. 1. www.saferhealthcarenow.caSTOP – Clean Your Hands DayUsing measurement to drive improvement:New tools to help you succeedAlexandru Titeu and Virginia FlintoftCPSI Central Measurement TeamMay 1, 2013
  2. 2. www.saferhealthcarenow.caDid you Join the Call Correctly?2You JoinedCorrectly!There IS aphone iconbeside yourname.You JoinedIncorrectly!There is NOphone iconbeside yourname.If you joined incorrectly and there is NO phone iconbeside your name, click the audio button on the right-hand side of the screen, below the participant listPlease join the audio conference using a phone for better audio quality.1. For direct lines, choose “Call me at a new number”2. For lines with extension , choose “I will call in” and dialthe audio conference toll-free number found on theSession Info tab, and when prompted, enter the accesscode and attendee ID
  3. 3. www.saferhealthcarenow.caWebEx3Please use the chat to askquestions during the presentation,or raise hand when we pause forquestions.
  4. 4. www.saferhealthcarenow.caToday’s Presenters4Virginia Flintoft Alexandru Titeu Anne MacLaurin
  5. 5. www.saferhealthcarenow.ca• WHO Self Assessment Form• Patient Safety Metrics and the Data CollectionForm– SHN Hand Hygiene Measures– Patient / Family/ Visitor Observation tool– Hand Hygiene ObservationHand Hygiene Tools
  6. 6. www.saferhealthcarenow.cahttps://shn.med.utoronto.ca/hh/WHO Self Assessment6
  7. 7. www.saferhealthcarenow.caPatient Safety MetricsAn introduction
  8. 8. www.saferhealthcarenow.caFeatures:• Cloud-based data collection and reporting tool• User friendly and simple to navigate• Accessible from website with login details• Tracks >100 process and outcome measures over 14interventions• Provides real time reporting.• Reduces burden of data collection, entry and analysis• Capacity to customize measures and reportsPatient Safety Metrics
  9. 9. www.saferhealthcarenow.ca• Measurement Worksheets– Aggregate data - monthly– Numerator and Denominator• Data Collection Forms– Patient-level data (de-identified) - daily– Multiple data elements– Print form  Collect data  Fax form– Automatic roll-up to Measurement WorksheetsWorksheets vs Data Collection Forms
  10. 10. www.saferhealthcarenow.caPS Metrics can be used to support:• Small and Large Scale Improvement Initiatives– Roll Up or Drill Down Reports [e.g. Unit Site Program Corporation Region Province  Node National]– Produce automated run charts• Reporting for accountability– Possible to customize indicators to meet provincial,regional and local reporting needsPotential applications of the system
  11. 11. www.saferhealthcarenow.caHH Data Collection Forms11
  12. 12. www.saferhealthcarenow.caHH Data Collection Forms12
  13. 13. www.saferhealthcarenow.caHH Data Collection Forms13
  14. 14. www.saferhealthcarenow.caHH Data Collection Forms14
  15. 15. www.saferhealthcarenow.ca• Do NOT use a cover sheet• Fill in bubble completely (Sharpie is best)• Do not colour outside the line• Do not fold the form• Fax form in FINE RESOLUTION (setting on fax machine)• No extra markings on form• To void fill in the VOID bubble• Do not spill anything on the formBEWARE!
  16. 16. www.saferhealthcarenow.caPS Metrics DemoPatient Safety Metricshttps://shn.med.utoronto.ca/metrics/Login.aspx16Central Measurement Teammetrics@saferhealthcarenow.ca
  17. 17. www.saferhealthcarenow.caQuestions?17
  18. 18. www.saferhealthcarenow.caSTOP! Clean Your Hands DayJournée ARRÊT! Nettoyez-vous les mainsRegister Now!/ Inscrivez-vous maintenantwww.handhygeine.cawww.hygienedesmains.ca
  19. 19. www.saferhealthcarenow.ca• “Dragon’s Den” stylecompetition: What’sYour Hand In It?• Monday, May 6, 2013​• 0900 PDT; 1000 MDT;1100 CDT; 1200 EDT;1300 ADT​• https://cpsi-icsp.webex.com/cpsi-icsp/k2/j.php?ED=204496692&UID=0&HMAC=b9749f6d9f023adff6dacecb6042b4a4abed9ed6Next Call / Prochain appel S’inspirant de la formuletélévisée « Dans l’œil dudragon » lundi, 6 mai 2013 0900 HAP; 1000 HAR;1100 HAC; 1200 HAE;1300 HAA​​https://cpsi-icsp.webex.com/cpsi-icsp/k2/j.php?ED=204496692&UID=0&HMAC=b9749f6d9f023adff6dacecb6042b4a4abed9ed6
  20. 20. www.saferhealthcarenow.caPoll Sondage
  21. 21. www.saferhealthcarenow.caThank youPatient Safety Metricshttps://shn.med.utoronto.ca/metrics/Login.aspx21Central Measurement Teammetrics@saferhealthcarenow.ca