2013 Case Manager Career Resolutions Report


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Over sixty-five percent of case managers and non-bedside nurses indicated that they will look for a new job in 2013 according to our recent survey.

The survey explores what is motivating case managers and non-bedside nurses to make a career move in 2013, including:

Greater Challenge
More Autonomy
Better Resources

Discover what is motivating your peers and colleagues to find a new job this year.

To download a copy of this report go to:

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2013 Case Manager Career Resolutions Report

  1. 1. Case ManagerCareer ResolutionsA Survey ofCase Managers and Non-Bedside Nurses’Career Resolutions for 2013
  2. 2. About the SurveyIn December 2012 Pathway Medical Staffing surveyed over six-hundred and thirty nurse case managers and non-bedside nurses inthe fourth annual “Case Manager Career Resolutions” survey.While many nurses in the survey resolved to lose weight, go on adiet, or win the lottery in the new year, most cited acareer change as their number one resolution for 2013. Case Management Utilization Review Appeals / Denials Audits / Chart Review / Data Collection HEDIS / QARR Quality Disease Management Discharge Planning Worker’s Compensation / Auto / Disability Documentation Improvement Pre-Authorization Risk Management CodingRespondents represented a variety ofnon-bedside nursing disciplines, including:
  3. 3. Survey Highlights
  4. 4. We asked case managers and non-bedside nurses….What are Your 2013 New Years Resolutions forYour Nursing Career?
  5. 5. Sixty-five percent of casemanagers and non-bedside nursesplan to look for a new job thisyear, which is down slightly fromlast year’s survey.65%New Job
  6. 6. #1Forty-nine percent of nurses surveyed planto further their educationin 2013 by taking classes, pursuing a degree,acquiring certification, or joining anassociation. Although this number is downfrom last year it remains the number oneresolution over the past four years.Education49%
  7. 7. Money #2Thirty-nine percent of nurses surveyedsaid that their resolution was tomake more moneyin 2013. Although this is slightly downfrom last year it remains the secondhighest ranked nursing career resolutionagain this year.
  8. 8. Challenge#3Thirty-five percent of nurses surveyedsay that they are looking for amore challengingjob to move to the next level of theircareer which is up fromthirty-four percent last year.35%
  9. 9. Home #4Twenty-one percentof nurses plan to find a jobcloser to homein 2013.21%
  10. 10. Benefits#5Twenty percent of nursesplan to find a job withbetter benefitsthis year.20%
  11. 11. Schedule#6Sixteen percent of nurses plan tofind a job with abetter schedulein 2013.
  12. 12. Semi-Retire#7Eleven percent of nurses plan tosemi-retire and find project workin 2013.11%
  13. 13. We asked case managers and non-bedside nurses….What would motivate you to change jobs in 2013?
  14. 14. #1Thirty-eight percent of nurses saidthey would be motivated to changejobs for more autonomyand less micromanagement.Autonomy
  15. 15. Explore#2Thirty-two percent of nurses saidthey would be motivated to changejobs in 2013 toexplore a new area of nursing.32%
  16. 16. #3Twenty-six percent of nursessaid they would be motivated tochange jobs in 2013 to find anorganization thatembraces and values therole of nurses.26%Value Nurses
  17. 17. Stability#4Twenty-five percent of nursessaid they would change jobs for amore stable organizationwith less turnoverthan their current organization.25%
  18. 18. #5Twenty-one percent ofnurses said they would like tofind an opportunity wherethere arebetter tools andresources availableto do a good job.21%Tools
  19. 19. ManageableCaseload19%#6Nineteen percent of nursessaid they would be motivated tochange jobs for amore manageable caseload, or better work flow.
  20. 20. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statisticsreports that job opportunities forregistered nurses continue to beexcellent.*It is estimated that the growth inopportunities for registered nurseswill increase at a rate much faster thanaverage, with registered nurses havingthe largest number of new jobscompared to other occupations.Outlook: Nursing Jobs* Source: U.S. Bureau Labor StatisticsRegistered Nurse Occupational Outlookhttp://www.bls.gov/ooh/Healthcare/Registered-nurses.htm#tab-6
  21. 21. Tips for Employers…Are Your EmployeesJob Hunting?Sixty-five percent of nurse casemanagers and non-bedsidenurses planning to look for anew job this year can be a veryscary number for employers tohear. Employers should keep inmind the reasons that nurse casemanagers and non-bedsidenurses are looking for newopportunities. While employersmay have limited control oversalary, there are other benefitsthat may help retain thisspecialized nursing talent.More AutonomyThirty-eight percent of nurses would leavetheir current job for more autonomy andless micromanagement. If employersidentify opportunities that allow non-bedside nurses the ability to have morecontrol in managing their work, it mayincrease employee satisfaction and keepnursing talent from seeking employmentelsewhere.Succession PlanningSome employees may simply feel that theyare not challenged enough, or their skills arebeing underutilized. Succession planning mayhelp top talent understand their opportunitiesfor advancement within the organization.Flexible HoursOffering a more accommodating schedule and otherattractive benefits such as flexible hours, more vacation,or telecommuting options may help employers to retainnurses that are looking for a better work / life balance.Continuing EducationForty-nine percent of nursingprofessionals want to further theireducation. Offering to reimburse forcontinuing education expenses mayhelp to retain top talent.
  22. 22. Tips for Nurses…Look At Current Job OpeningsIf you are considering making a jobchange you can start by exploringcurrent opportunities in nurse casemanagement and non-bedside nursingto get a feel for what is available. Youmay be surprised by the range of openpositions at some of the mostrespected healthcare organizations.Email AlertsYou can also register to receiveemail alerts for nurse casemanager and non-bedside nursingjobs. Alerts will immediatelynotify you when new jobs becomeavailable; giving you priorityaccess to opportunities that meetyour requirements.Get Personal Assistance in YourJob SearchDon’t let the stress of updating yourresume and preparing for interviewskeep you from exploring new casemanagement opportunities. Companieslike Pathway Medical Staffing helpnurse case managers find jobs thatmatch their experience and career goalsand help job seekers update resumes,prepare for interviews and negotiatecompensation.Nursing Career KitIf your New Year’s Resolutions are like most nurse casemanagers and non-bedside nursing professionals, getstarted with your job search today! Don’t let year go bywith an unfulfilled resolution to give your nursing careera boost.For more information, visit the Nursing Career Kit tohelp you get started:http://bit.ly/NursingCareerKitResolution
  23. 23. More Resources…http://bit.ly/NursingCareerKitResolutionhttp://bit.ly/NurseHiringGuideResolution
  24. 24. www.Pathway-Medical.com Case Management Discharge Planning Disease Management Utilization Review Preauthorization Appeals / Denials Quality / Performance Improvement HEDIS / QARR Medical Record Review Data Abstraction Collection Clinical Documentation Improvement Medical Claims Review Risk ManagementSpecialists in recruiting case managers andnon-bedside nurses for full-time and temporaryemployment at leading healthcareorganizations since 1998.Search jobs, hire nurses and learn more at:
  25. 25. Connect with …www.linkedin.com/company/pathway-medical-staffingwww.twitter.com/pathwaymedicalcareers@pathway-medical.comwww.pathway-medical.com/blogwww.facebook.com/nursingbeyondthebedsidehttp://bit.ly/NursingBeyondBedsidewww.pinterest.com/pathwaymedical800.361.0031