KPI Roll-Up In SharePoint 2007


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Do teams in your organization need to report on the status of their projects or action items? Are managers and executives looking for a way to aggregate and synthesize this information, to help them focus on key issues?

In this session, we'll see on a case study how to display visual indicators in SharePoint 2007 lists, and aggregate these lists at different levels of the hierarchy to populate dashboards.

No third party tool is involved in this customization. All is done on the client side using OOTB SharePoint features, and applies to all flavors of SharePoint 2007 (wss and MOSS).

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KPI Roll-Up In SharePoint 2007

  1. 1.  About me  Objectives – Business user / Power user  Case study  Scenario and live demo (business user)  SharePoint customization (power user)  Resources – wss and MOSS  Post-session: Q&A  Live blogging/microblogging #SPSEMEA #KPI  Path to SharePoint blog  Stump the Panel forum
  2. 2. Name Christophe Humbert Title SharePoint functional consultant Mission Make the most of the OOTB features Field Gear Calculated Columns Content Editor Web Part Data View Web Part Motto “SharePoint is the ultimate end user business application” Country eFrance, eU.S.A., eChina
  3. 3.  Showcase some powerful customizations that leverage OOTB features  Visualization: display visual indicators from SharePoint lists  Content roll-up  Applies to both wss v3 and MOSS  Calculated Columns  Data View Web Part
  4. 4. “Provide the management with indicators that allow to monitor operations, and support decision making.” In plain English: build operational dashboards
  5. 5. For each decision level:  What do I want to monitor?  Is it measurable?  Can I establish a relationship between the measure and my business goals?  Actionable?  Key Performance Indicators  Example: Quality  red light if the number of defects reaches a certain threshold
  6. 6.  Visual indicators  Color coding, shape  Real time roll-up  One version of the truth  Permissions
  7. 7. View Data View Web Part Update Datasheet view
  8. 8. Derived indicator
  9. 9.  Lists creation  Site content type ▪ ! Allows updates across the site collection  List template  Roll-up  Visualization
  10. 10. Data View Web Part:  Default mode: display the content of a single list  from the same site  from the same site collection  In crosslist mode: roll-up data from the sub-sites  Filters: list type; content type  Dynamic roll-up  Alternate option: Content Query Web Part (MOSS only)
  11. 11. Calculated Column formula Calculated Column in standard view Calculated Column In DVWP (crosslist mode)
  12. 12.  Data View Web Part (crosslist mode) in SharePoint Designer After switching to rich text: Default: calculated fields are rendered as text the HTML string is rendered as HTML
  13. 13.  Indicators  Images (no image required)  up/down arrows ➘➙➚  check marks ✗✓  star ratings ✭✭✭✭✭  Advanced  traffic lights ✹✹✹  Sparklines  Progress bar  Flash charts  etc. ✉☎☀☁  Etc.
  14. 14.  Division manager:  View all projects within division  Business Unit manager:  View all projects within the BU  No access to projects of other BUs  Project Manager:  edit his/her own project status  View other projects’ status in the same program  No access to projects in other program teams
  15. 15.  Operational dashboards in SharePoint  Dynamic data roll-up  Filtering  Indicators ▪ Large choice of visual indicators ▪ Derived indicators  Scalable  Item level permission management  Toolset available in all flavors of SharePoint 2007  Site content type, list template  Calculated Column  Data View Web Part
  16. 16. Live demo KPI roll-up - Live demo Templates for download CQWP (MOSS) KPI roll-up - Tutorials DVWP (wss and MOSS) Progress bar Visual indicators Traffic lights Path to SharePoint (demos) Other resources Path to SharePoint blog
  17. 17.  E-mail:  Web Site:  Twitter: ✹✹✹ Thank You! ✹✹✹