Ide 401 3rd class m001


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  • Make it very interactive and hands-on
  • New York core curriculum, grade 2, skip count example
  • Ide 401 3rd class m001

    1. 1. Integrating Technology into Teaching III
    2. 2. Schedule for the 3rd Class logistics Work 2nd class Session review (shooting) Smart Board Reading (demo & discussions activity)
    3. 3. Logistics• Diva Room • Reserved the room for today and next class • Possible to use the room in future classes• Borrow cameras and other equipment • SOE help desk • Your own digital camera or camcorders, cell-phones…• Things needed for next class • At least 80% of your movie materials (photos, videos, music…) • On your laptop or USB drive • Make sure it is “playable” on your laptop, or the computer you wish to use. (avi, mp4 are supported by most video editing software) • Download the free video converter if necessary (on blackboard)• SOE YouTube Channel• Video Games, anyone?
    4. 4. 2nd Class Review• Storyboard: Key elements of a storyboard? • Title • Time • Order • Graphic • Text • Technical specifications (angles, camera techniques, special effects…)• Describe your movie project using storyboards • Kelly, Marie, Jamie and Gina • Carly, Laura, Cassandra, Michelle • Heather, Sylvia, Valerie, Jane • Bari, Emily, Hollyann, Amanda
    5. 5. Reading Discussion• Based on your knowledge of the Interactive Whiteboard (IWB), which features are most useful for your teaching, and why? Is it a revolutionary solution, or just a touchscreen computer projected on a whiteboard?• Can you give me an example of how to use IWB to teach a subject content? (math, ELA, history, science…)• What should you do before, during and after-class if you try to use IWB to create an enriched learning environment?• Any ideas of using IWB as an assistive technology to help children with learning disabilities?
    6. 6. Smart Board Demonstration1. KWL chart2. With Notebook 1. Create a slide 2. Add an object (picture, video, audio….) 3. Select and edit a lesson, game….3. Without Notebook 1. Other online resources ( jump/penguin-jump.html) 2. PowerPoint 3. Inspiration
    7. 7. Smart Board Activities1. Get to know Smart Board (15 minutes) 1. Create and drag an object on a Notebook slide. 2. Make your handwriting into text. Edit and Delete it. 3. Select and edit an exiting Smart Board lesson. 4. Select and edit an existing Smart Board game. (each group will be assigned a task)2. Get to know the online resources (25 minutes) 1. Sign up and download a lesson plan from Smart Exchange ( 2. Present a mini lecture using the lesson plan (each group)3. Use PowerPoint, Adobe Inspiration, or other software to create a short Smart Board lesson. (20 minutes)
    8. 8. Work Session• Total time: 45-60 minutes• Shoot more footages than what you will actual use in the movie• Three rooms: ERC conference room; 320 HH (IDDE conference room); Diva Lab.