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Targeted traffic
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Targeted traffic


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traffic,patbrosnan,seo,web design dublin,

traffic,patbrosnan,seo,web design dublin,

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. Targeted Traffic and Organic Search Engine Listings“How do I get more traffic and generate more sales in my internet business?”traffic onlineIt’s actually not a mystery, more of a misguided rumour of what is needed, and theproper approach to getting the results you will NEED, instead of what you THINK you need.You need to know how to use unique content to get traffic to your website to make more sales andget search engine listings for a moretargeted list of customers.Where do you go to find organic trafficWhen I first came on line, having been a past brick and mortar business owner, I always knew thatthe greatest results in business, will always be a direct effect of the quality of customers you attract.With that in mind, I started my internet journey with a stream of unique, original valuable content.Not just any content. Answers to questions that people were asking online. I’d find questions inforums, Yahoo Answers and in comment sections of high ranking blogs, and I’d begin to researchthose questions.Then, I’d construct articles, blog posts and videos that would handle different details to answer thequestions people were asking about internet marketing, all helping in creating traffic.It seems like a no-brainer to answer questions people are asking on traffic, but many people don’trealize, that it is not just important to answer questions of your current customers, but also answerquestions of other people, in other places in your industry’s community.Traffic Sources on InternetIf I was looking for information on the internet, where would I look for it?The answer? On credible websites that had multi-media information; meaning:1. Ezines and Article Sites2. Blog Directories3. Forums4. Social Bookmarking sites5. Social Networks, i.e. my friends6. Video networksWell guess what? I wasn’t alone. 90% of people on the Internet look at these sites for information.But, the crucial element was… “How do they end up on these sites?” Here is where i get my toolsfor running my internet business i have learned about running a business on line i got from this man have a look hope you enjoyed this article on getting traffic to your website, please leave a comment below andlike on facebook, Pat Brosnan.