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D Day
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D Day


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A short lesson on the Invasion of Normandy

A short lesson on the Invasion of Normandy

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  • 1. Josh Parylak ED 205 - 05 X
  • 2.  Background  Planning the invasion  Countries Involved  The Beaches of Normandy  The Invasion  Information about the author  Resources  Concept Map X
  • 3.  Europe had already been at war with Nazi Germany since 1939  The United States entered the war in 1941 when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor  Germany had occupied France since May 1940.  Portions they did not occupy were controlled by a French government that was in collaboration with Nazi Germany.  The Allies were in need of a way to gain ground onto the European land mass. This resulted in the plans of Operation: Overlord •Occupied France •Vichy France X •Annexed by Germany
  • 4.  Aside from the planning done by the invading Naval forces, various portions of the French Resistance were included in the planning.  The total invasion fleet was comprised of vessels from 8 different navies.  Naval Numbers:  1,213 warships  4,126 transport vessels  1,600 support vessels X
  • 5.  Allies  Axis  France  Nazi Germany  England  United States  Canada X
  • 6.  France was officially under the rule of the Vichy Regime from 1940 until 1944.  This Government was highly compliant with the occupying Nazi forces.  The French police under the Vichy Regime participated in raids to capture Jews.  Because of the co-opted government, the Allied leaders instead coordinated their plans with the major French Resistance leaders operating within the country. X
  • 7.  Great Britain had already suffered under attacks by Germany during the Battle of Britain in 1940  This was done in effort to soften Britain up for a German invasion.  The failure of this effort was Germany’s first defeat in the war  For the Invasion of Normandy, Britain was responsible for two beaches:  Gold  Center Beach of the five beaches  Sword  Farthest beach to the west X
  • 8.  Prior to the Invasion, the United States had been primarily involved fighting the war in the Pacific against the Japanese  The United States was responsible for two beaches during the assault:  Utah  Farthest beach to the east  This beach suffered the highest casualties of the five invaded beaches.  Omaha  To the east, between Utah and Gold X
  • 9.  Canada was responsible for the remaining beach:  Juno  To the west between Gold and Sword  This was the second most heavily defended beach after Omaha beach X
  • 10.  Germany had been expecting an Allied invasion, but on the day of the invasion was ill prepared  Due to poor weather the night before, many Germany officials thought the invasion impossible and many troops even stood down the morning of the invasion. X
  • 11. X
  • 12.  Click button to watch a video on The D-day Invasion
  • 13.  Josh Parylak  I am a 20 year old education student at Grand Valley State University. My ambition is to become a history teacher.  Contact: X
  • 14.     X
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