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 Nursing Hi Nursing
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Nursing Hi Nursing


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Published in: Health & Medicine

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  • 1. Nursing Hi Nursing
  • 2. Caring is Universal...Nursing Hi Nursing • Influences the way people think, feel and act • Many nursing theorists have tired to “define” caring – Nightingale was first • Caring is the heart of nursing
  • 3. Benner (Holistic Theory)…. Nursing Hi Nursing • Equates excellent nursing practice with CARING • People, events, projects (things) have importance • Caring means connectedness or involvement • Caring helps patients understand and adjust to illness
  • 4. Benner, con’t….. Nursing Hi Nursing • Defines health as a state of being – Individualized by one’s • Values • Personality • Lifestyle – Treatment for illness is worthless if not applied to the individual
  • 5. Leininger (Transcultural) Nursing Hi Nursing • Caring is the essence of Nursing – it is a distinguishing characteristic • Purpose of care is to assist the individual toward improvement in condition • Caring is – Nurturing – Dependent on needs of individual – Must reflect the patient’s own culture
  • 6. Watson (Transpersonal) Nursing Hi Nursing • Holistic – Patient, family, environment • Nurses exhibit conscious decision to care – This helps patient toward healing and wholeness • Focus in on cAre, not cUre – cAring “inner healing” health • Nurse & patient affected by relationship
  • 7. Swanson….. Nursing Hi Nursing • Caring is has 5 dimensions – Knowing – Being with – Doing for – Enabling – Maintaing belief • Caring is central to nursing • Theory can be applied to clinical setting
  • 8. Caring is Relational …. Nursing Hi Nursing • Patients value nurse Effectiveness – Ability to perform tasks • Also value nurse Affect – Attitude or demeanor while performing the tasks • Patients are more willing to participate if they sense that they are cared about
  • 9. Ethic of Care …. Nursing Hi Nursing • Protects human dignity • Often perceived as a moral imperative • Requires awareness of potential unequality in relationships – This due to either real or perceived “power” that patient assigns to the nurse – Knowledge is power
  • 10. Expressions of Care…. Nursing Hi Nursing • Spiritual – Being aware of & honoring patient’s beliefs • Presence – Being there • Physically present • Demonstrating understanding – Being with • Sharing oneself
  • 11. Nursing Hi Nursing • Touch – Skin-to-skin – Eye contact (nonverbal) – Protective – to prevent injury • Listening – Taking in patient information – Interpreting what has been taken in
  • 12. Nursing Hi Nursing • Knowing – Understanding the client – Understanding the planned interventions – Avoid making assumptions – Focuses on client
  • 13. Nursing Hi Nursing Parveen Kumar Chadha