Fun white elephant gift exchange and gift auction


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White elephant gift exchanges can be combined with a unique gift auction. In the AlbinoPhant white elephant party how-to center you can learn this fun and engaging white elephant gift exchange party.

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  • The following slides will provide the basic rules for the white elephant gift auction. A unique gift exchange variation that will ad variety to your gift giving activities.
  • Just like any white elephant gift exchange, you will set up the room so that all players can see each other and all of the gifts are in the middle of the seating area. Every players name is placed in the hat or box for the random name drawing.
  • The host will randomly pass out the envelopes full of “monopoly” money. Some will get more money than others, so it is the luck of the draw. You should plan the total dollar amount in each packet to be within $50 of each other.
  • Just like all white elephant exchange rules, the first person whos name is drawn opens a wrapped white elephant gift for all players to see. The name is placed back into the hat for more random drawings. At this point the player can ether keep the gift or put it up for Auction to the highest bidder.
  • The highest bidder gets the gift and the auctioning player recieves the payment. If nobody bids in the White elephant auction, then the gift remains with the original player.
  • The next name in the white elephant exchange is selected from the hat. The second player opens a gift from the pile. The second player can choose to keep the gift or hold a white elephant auction. A player can use their opened gift as a part of the bidding. All open gifts have a value of $20, so a bid might be $20 in gift plus $75 in cash for a total bid of $95.
  • Whenever a player auctions off a white elephant gift, they have two options. Open an unwrapped gift or “buy” and any open gift for $50.
  • Player 3 is selected at random from the hat and then their name is put back into the mix. Player 3 has the option of opening a wrapped gift and then ether keeping or auctioning the gift. They also have the option of doing a “buy” of any open gift for $20.
  • The player who has had the white elephant gift “bought” from another player can open a wrapped gift or “buy” another open gift for $20, but can not do a direct buy-back. The “buying” can continue until a player that has had a give “bought” desides to open a wrapped gift.
  • 4 th Player can open a wraped white elephant gift and keep it, can “buy” any opened gift for $20, can auction off what they opened to the highest bidder.
  • The white elephant gift exchange auction continues until all players have an open gift. This may require that the names be drawn until the last person is selected from the hat or everyone has issued a high bid or a “buy” in order to have possesion of an open gift.
  • Fun white elephant gift exchange and gift auction

    1. 1. All wrapped gifts in a common pileStep #1… and all names in the drawing hat
    2. 2. Step #2… Pass out “monopoly” money
    3. 3. Draw first player who selects &Step #3… opens gift. Optional auction
    4. 4. Highest bidder takes the openedStep #4… gift and pays player 1 Gift Auction
    5. 5. NOTE: All gifts have a valueof $20 when they are usedin the bidding process. Player 2 is drawn from the hat.Step #5… Gift kept or auctioned Gift opened
    6. 6. NOTE: All gifts have a valueof $20 when players chooseto “buy” any open gift. Player 2 can “buy” any open giftStep #6… for $20 or open a wrapped gift Gift Auction Gift opened
    7. 7. Player 3 is drawn from the hat.Step #7… Gift kept, auctioned or “buy” Gift “buy”
    8. 8. NOTE: No player canrefuse the “buy” of $20 fromanother player. Except fordirect “buy-backs”. Player 3 is drawn from the hat.Step #8… Gift kept, auctioned or “buy” Gift opened
    9. 9. Player 4 is drawn from the hat.Step #9… Gift open,kept,auctioned,“buy” Gift opened
    10. 10. Game continues with name draw.Step #10… Gifts open,kept,auctioned,“buy” Gift opened
    11. 11. Click to get morefun white elephant gift party ideas…