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A half day workshop on social media for hoteliers in the north east of England covering principles of and best practices in social media. Further information from

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  • Market signals The list goes on and on
  • So…everythings changing – or is it – is this not a bit like marketing??
  • So the advice seems to be watch the kids – what are they doing? Why?
  • Coz half under the age of 30.
  • Never known life without the internet
  • Its just a part of their life..they don’ t even think about it.
  • Social media suits our human nature – we want to be part of a gang – its in our nature
  • SM is challenging the way we think about brands – we thought we used to own our brands but we are wrong. The public own our brands. This has created 2 fundamental shifts in the way we think about our marketing…
  • Attention is now earned not bought The means of production and distribution are shared – everyone generates content and publishes and shares it with anyone they want. The new language of SM should be – authentic, open and honest and 2 way – what do we mean by that?
  • One way v 2 way
  • The differences between the 2 media
  • Why we do it – because people have lost faith in advertising – they don’ t think you are telling the truth. So what about social media and the travel industry?
  • Build trust
  • Of course social networking suits the travel and tourism industry Its about experiences (or gossip), its an industry where people want to share and show off. Everyone talks about their holidays – social media just allows them to do it to a bigger audience But I can hear you scream….next slide Passport – 12,000 Wayn – 8 million Tripadvisor – 2007 saw 10.2 million reviews (2006 6.5 mill; 2005 3.5 mill; 2004 1 mill) with more raves than rants – av score 3.74 (doubling its submissions year on year) Travbuddy – 760,000 Hospitality club – 330,000 members Whoophy – travel photography – 23,000 Ontheroadtravel – south and central america – independent travellers swapping stories Travelhotties – student and hardcore backpackers Unearth travel – shares views of people over responsible tourism Travelistic – upload videos of your hols Travelmates onlibe already being rebranded into Triphub - Organising trips involving large numbers of people tends to cause all sorts of problems. This site allows all the relevant information to be kept in once place thereby reducing the chance of family rows. Tripconnect - Trip Connect's team consider that the most relevant information can be found from people that you trust. They provide a system to build a network of friends and gain useful information about the places those people have been.
  • So, all you have to do as a hotel is be creative with your communications. Think through 3 big things…
  • How do you speak? Tone of voice? Big words/little words? If your brand was a person who would it be? Celebrity Test – Thistle? Travel Lodge? Indigo? Wynyard? Single or plural? Departmental or whole business? Staff member or anonymous? Does it always have to be the marketing person???
  • Cant be copied! Big differentiator. Or the history of your place? Or people?
  • How can you weave your dialogue between your audience and your business. The story can give it structure. Humans love stories…Jung
  • Of all businesses you have the most optimised towards social media. Try doing it if you manufacture widgets every day! Look at all the potential things you can say.
  • What was the world like before Facebook?
  • Therefore how can we turn your facebook page into a successful PR machine? These brands obtained the most fan actions – comments, likes and shares – 889,000 likes
  • Therefore how can we turn your facebook page into a successful PR machine? These brands obtained the most fan actions – comments, likes and shares – 889,000 likes
  • Then again – corporate speak not far away!! Marriott gives itself between 6 and 12 hours to acknowledge posts and resolve any negative issues This is why we asked you to describe yourself at the beginning in 3 words. “ Conversational, edgey, humerous” for Marriott. How do you capture your tone of voice in 3 words? Give an example post! Exercise for everyone now.
  • Remember the test at the beginning to describe your business in 3 words. Now do it for your “persona”
  • Then again – corporate speak not far away!! Marriott gives itself between 6 and 12 hours to acknowledge posts and resolve any negative issues
  • Then again – corporate speak not far away!! Marriott gives itself between 6 and 12 hours to acknowledge posts and resolve any negative issues
  • Springboarded the brand to 500,000 fans
  • lots of hotel facey pages look the same coz of generic imagery – your logo is a big differentiator Does the design reflect your brand colors, textures and experiences? Photography important – pinterest – 1 image on cover that captures what you stand for. Cannot be used as an ad now. How about seasonal? Every day 100m photos tagged on facey – tagging spreads the word Keep an eye on your nav! Keep your facey menus simple – don ’ t confuse or overwhelm Spillover to your hotel website might be light so allow search on your facey page. Your customers don ’ t want to know just about you – what else is going on around and about you and how do you know whats going on? Like other things!
  • lots of hotel facey pages look the same coz of generic imagery – your logo is a big differentiator Does the design reflect your brand colors, textures and experiences? Every day 100m photos tagged on facey – tagging spreads the word Keep an eye on your nav! Keep your facey menus simple – don ’ t confuse or overwhelm Spillover to your hotel website might be light so allow search on your facey page. 8000 likes is Sage Gateshead Newcastle Uni Students Union – 10,500 Durham Uni 13,000, Northumbria Uni 20,000, Teesside Uni 12,000 21,000 is Baltic 368k Newcastle united BUPA - 19,000 Alnwick garden 3,400 Durham cathedral – 11,000 Eldon square 7,000 Sunderland – 71,000 Tiger Tiger – 18,000
  • 80% of content is non self promotional, 20% is self promotional Don’ t talk just about yourself – tell a story don ’ t bore people to death!
  • Have you got systems in place if someoes off to maintain the dialogue? Make your Facey page all inclusive for all your social media Then disgruntled customers can speak to you privately – give them the option!
  • Quality not quantity when posting
  • The worlds largest social travel network used by over 100 million travellers Revenue 4 times Expedia, Orbitz and Priceline combined. It’ s a monster and it acts like one!
  • The worlds largest social travel network used by over 100 million travellers Revenue 4 times Expedia, Orbitz and Priceline combined. It’ s a monster and it acts like one!
  • Getting more out of your social media…
  • The worlds largest social travel network used by over 100 million travellers Revenue 4 times Expedia, Orbitz and Priceline combined. It’ s a monster and it acts like one!
  • Most people on Linked in are in sales!!
  • Link at Bottom of e mails?
  • Meet up – 7.5million – meet up at your place! Pinterest 85.5million
  • So the 3 golden rules
  • You are doing the 1 st thing right now. Remember – its marathon not a sprint!
  • Do you have a proper plan? What do you want out of SM?
  • NEHA social media workshop 2013

    1. 1. NEHA & Social MediaBy CloudMarch 2013 @ Copthorne Hotel, NewcastleRichard 488895Chris De Jong07905
    2. 2. The Day Ahead • Introduction to social media • The Channels • Facebook • Twitter • Tripadvisor/Blogs/LinkedIn • The next big thing? • The Buzz + ROI • NEHA social media • The future
    3. 3. Introductions • Introduce yourself • Your position • Your property – 3 words!
    4. 4. Introductions• Social Media bigger than a 4 hour session• Short sharp shock• Find out what issues you are facing in hotels• …and with your GM’s• Do more in more detail if demand• And can provide a social media management service
    5. 5. Getting to know each other…quickly! • Who uses social media? • Have you updated anything in the last 24 hours? • Do you have a Linked In profile? • Which is your favourite SM site & why? • Are you mobile? • Do you need a social media strategy?
    6. 6. • YouTube – 800m users, • Blogging - 391 million 4b views per day people view more than 4.1 billion pages each month (Wordpress)• LinkedIn – 200m users • Flickr – 75m users • Pinterest – 25m users• Facebook – 1.06b active • Instagram – 90m users, 40m pages users, 40b photos • Google+ - 343m users• Twitter – 500m users of • Foursquare – 25m which 200m active users, 1m businesses • Yammer – 6m users• Tripadvisor - 60 million • Websites unique monthly visitors, 75 million reviews
    7. 7. Social media is like teen sex. Everyone wants to doit. Nobody knows how. When its finally done there isa surprise that it wasn’t better… • Transparent • Inclusive • Authentic • Vibrant • Consumer driven
    8. 8. The desire to be part of a group that shares, co-operates, or acts in concert is a basic human instinct
    9. 9. 1. Attention is now earned not • Authentici bought • Openness • Honesty • Listening In the past you were2. The means of production and what you owned. No distribution are shared you are what you share
    10. 10. Social Media v Old Media
    11. 11. Where it fits…
    12. 12. What’s yourpersonality?
    13. 13. “Consumers are now more questioning about marketing biased information and are far more interested in unfiltered, peer driven insights, free of corporate influence and spin”76% ….Of consumers don’t believe that companies tell the truth
    14. 14. Trust me… What’s your personality?
    15. 15. Hotels & Social Media
    16. 16. You are already good at this!!
    17. 17. What’s yourpersonality?
    18. 18. What’s your history?What’s yourpersonality?
    19. 19. What’s you story?What’s yourpersonality?
    20. 20. What’s yourpersonality? It’s a people industry
    21. 21. The Face ofRevolution:Facebook
    22. 22. "How on earth did westalk our exes, rememberour co-workers birthdays,bug our friends, and playa rousing game ofScrabulous beforeFacebook?” Entertainment Weekly
    23. 23. • 500 million active users• 50% log on in any given day• Av number of friends 130• Av time = 700 mins a month• 350 million access via mobile device• In 20 minutes – 3m messages sent; 2m friends requests, 1m links shared
    24. 24. What Is Facebook?• “Social networking website”• Simple enough: socialising, networking• How? • Profile/Timeline – your virtual person • Add friends (other virtual persons) – your network • Post content – comments, links, photos, polls • Send and share messages • Set up groups – private networks • Share movements – location tagging
    25. 25. It’s About Connection • Sharing events, moments and memories • Staying in touch • Expressing identity • Exploring views • Expressing opinion • Making friends and new connections • Developing intimacy – crossing geographical boundaries • Accessing alternative views • Maintaing and nurturing relationships • ‘You heard it first’
    26. 26. It’s Not About • Shopping • Work • ‘Personas’ • Impersonal voices • Spin
    27. 27. 5 Star Tips for Hotels • Did you know Facebook creates more referrals that led to room bookings than Tripadvisor? • Getting onto Facey allows hotels direct interaction with customers that has been taken away by the OTA’s • It also removes their commission! • Facey is just another channel for you • Your hotel website is your best sales rep, your Facey page is your best Public Relations rep • Marriott Hilton and Best Western scored highest for social engagement on Facebook in 2012 • Marriott 888,00 likes in 7 months to today • Brand voice – conversational, edgy and humorous
    28. 28. 5 Star Test! • Describe your hotel persona/ tone of voice in 3 words • Give me a short example post • If you had to think of someone to get you into the mindset – who would it be?
    29. 29. Being Effective On Facebook• Personalised reward
    30. 30. 5 Star Tips for Hotels • Display hotel logo prominently • Think about your colours • Invest in photography – cover photo v. important (851x315 pixels; Profile pic 180 x 180 pixels – use them all!) • Take photos of guests and then tag them – they can then find and share with their friends • Watch your nav! • Discount your distressed inventory – offer sweepstakes • Spillover traffic + checking availability (widgets) • Partner with nearby attractions for promotions and you get a contra – look for good partners with high likes – social promotion from another source • Have you liked their pages so you see what they are talking about?
    31. 31. Match the names with the likes:• Baltic Contemporary Art • 21,000 likes• Sunderland Football Club • 8,000 likes• Sage Gateshead • 18,000 likes• BUPA Great North Run • 368,000 likes• Newcastle United • 19,000 likes• Alnwick Garden • 10,500• Eldon Square • 7,000 likes• Durham cathedral • 11,000 likes• Tiger Tiger • 71,000 likes• Newcastle Uni Students Union • 3,500 likes Building your audience…
    32. 32. Top Tips for Hotels• Facey is an indirect marketing tool – build relationships 1st, business second• Follow the 80:20 rule• Customise your page – pagemodo, tabsite, shortstack• Note the share button drop down• Get visitors involved – offline encouragement; tag people, share photos and videos of visits• Discount announcements and special offers/deals only on your Facebook page• Offer something to your “Likers”• Encourage guests to leave positive comments• Are you watching other social media?
    33. 33. 5 Star Tips for Hotels• You have to be quick to respond• Be proactive about negative criticism• Reward Loyalty• Proof your copy!• Have you added you’re your Tube, Pinterest and Blog apps to your page?• Receive new conversations as e mails/Texts - Account Setting – Notifications – is it turned on??• Is your “Message” button enabled? (In Manage Permissions)
    34. 34. 5 Star Tips for Hotels• Most effective postings between 8pm and 7am – 20% more user engagement• Wednesday and Sunday best day to post• Posting one to two times a day produces 40% higher user engagement• Highest engagements from briefer posts (80 characters or less)• Asking questions – increases comments, lower engagement• Fill in the blank v effective – “I like…..”• Key promotional words – “£ off” “offer” “deal”
    35. 35. Being Effective On Facebook• Promoting local insight
    36. 36. Being Effective On Facebook• Showing your human face
    37. 37. Being Effective On Facebook• Showing your human face
    38. 38. Being Effective On Facebook• Showing your human face
    39. 39. Creating Your Presence• Creative, engaging content
    40. 40. Grow The Conversation
    41. 41. User GeneratedReviewsTripadvisor
    42. 42. One of the earliest examples of sites providingUser generated reviews
    43. 43. • 75 million unique visitors a month• 15 million members of the community• 30 million reviews• Over 500 000 hotel reviews• 2.5 million businesses• 1.1 million accommodation businesses• 14 million traveller photos• 60 reviews per minute• 90% of topics posted replied to within 24 hours• Employs 1,600 people
    44. 44. According to a recent PhoCusWright survey: 83% of respondents surveyedusually or always consult TripAdvisor reviews before booking a hotelThe reasons they consult:•accuracy of the actual guest experience - 98% of respondents foundTripAdvisor hotel reviews to be accurate of the actual experience, with 69%stating the reviews to be highly or extremely accurate.•92% of respondents agree that TripAdvisor hotel reviews “help me pick theright hotel for my travel needs”
    45. 45. Key Features• Basic listing: • Contact details • Description • Images and videos • User reviews and rankings • Nearbys• Enhanced listing: • Special offers • Slideshow • Improved presence on mobile and results
    46. 46. Business Tools• Registration• Management centre: • Edit basic details • Edit photos and videos • View statistics • Respond to reviews
    47. 47. Management Responses: Stay PositiveTripadvisor policy:•Family-friendly•Unique and independent•Original•Professional•Relevant to all TripAdvisorusers•Respectful of Personal Privacy•Same Language•Written with standard e-mailetiquette•Submitted using a valid e-mail
    48. 48. Encouraging Reviews• Owners Centre resources – reminder cards and flyers• Email follow up• Listening and acknowledging (make changes, thank the visitor)• Positive and frequent engagement
    49. 49. Growing The Conversation
    50. 50. Growing The Conversation
    51. 51. Expanding Our Definition of Quality
    52. 52. Opinion Leaders:Blogging
    53. 53. "a personal journalpublished on the WorldWide Web consisting ofdiscrete entries ("posts")typically displayed inreverse chronologicalorder so the most recentpost appears first” Wiki
    54. 54. There are an estimated 200 million travel-related blogson the net“Thanks to the wealth of blogs – "web logs", or diaries,on the internet – we can access thousands of travelreviews and commentaries from travellers who providecandid, up-to-the-moment and on-the-spot reports. Theyare a great place to unearth local gems, get news updatesand read about specialist topics… and the ultimateantidote to saccharine tourist-office films andadvertisements are video blogs – vlogs – anonymouslyfilmed by paying customers and then published on travelwebsites”
    55. 55. The EssentialsFormats•Blogs•Vlogs•Tumble-logs•Article and time based•Distribute via RSSContent•Consumer insight•Industry knowledge anddevelopments•Sharing personal experiencesPurpose: Why Consult A Blog?•Specialist, in-depth and expertopinion•First-hand perspectives•Connectivity
    56. 56. Business ApplicationsYour own blog:•Thought/expert leadership•Providing more human face to your businessRemember:•Expert•Intimate•Trust - no spin/sales•Content rich•Regularly updated•Community connection•RSS distribution/SEOTools:•Wordpress•Blogger•Typepad
    57. 57. Social Media
    58. 58. Key Facts: • Officially launched May 2003 • Sept 2004 – 1M users • Jan 2012 – 200 million members • 2 new ones per second • 5.7 billion prof orientated searches in 2012 • 45% growth in last year • Its your very own personal PR tool!! • 2.7million companies have company pages (Wynyard, Marriott Durham?)
    59. 59. • Profile is 1st impression• Your LinkedIn profile is what people searching for you may see first….increasingly so
    60. 60. • Best profiles “rich with relevance”• A candid conversation about you• Not just a list…yawn!• Make those strengths STAND OUT
    61. 61. • Photo – head and shoulders; simple background• Logo if you must
    62. 62. • Think about it…if you were looking for you what search terms would you use?• Use them in your profile• Make that public profile available for everyone
    63. 63. Remember the people with the most friends don’talways win!True value in people you’ve met or talk to onlineLess is more!
    64. 64. • Get contributing• Be social• Join Groups• Ask and answer questions
    65. 65. • Use LI in a dignified way• No over sharing• Act like Obama not a tabloid celebrity!
    66. 66. Lets have a quick look in: • Set up an account! • Look at the Groups • Check your companies represented
    67. 67. Top Tips: • VISIBILITY - add connections to increase probability of being seen • CONNECTABILITY - show all your affiliations – companies, education, activities • ENHANCEBILITY – SEO through links to your blog/website • CHECK – your in box for mail • DECLINE - You do not have to accept every invitation • Make LinkedIn your digital business card
    68. 68. Top Tip:
    69. 69. Don’t forget to update!!
    70. 70. Join the Conversation: • “Lets Talk Tourism North East” • Ask a question; do the poll; join the debate; search for a job! • “North East Hotels Association” • Apply to join 
    71. 71. NEHA Social Media
    72. 72. Increasing integration… • Plugs into your booking engine • Easy sharing at point of arrangement • Voucher generating for friends • Never leave your hotel website • Hear what they are saying (Analytics) • Let your guests spread the word • Generates buzz and bookings
    73. 73. What’s yourpersonality?
    74. 74. Google Hotel Finder • Launched in US 2011 • Integrated with Google Places • Visual map • Lists and shortlists • Popular tourist spots • Manage your hotel product info through Google Places
    75. 75. • Travel time from a location (foot, public transport)• Started placing Hotel Finder at top of search listings
    76. 76. Mobile Social • Location based social networking • “Check in” using your mobile • 3 million check-ins per day • Collect points and badges for checking in • Add tips on things to see and do • Become “mayor” of a venue
    77. 77. Foursquare action…• Claim your venue!• aiming
    78. 78. Exercise• Download the app• See what’s hiding near your business• Go hide something – a voucher for a BOGOF?• In your grounds/Inside the hotel?
    79. 79. Quick Response to new contentQR Codes • • Static v Dynamic • Vouchers/Coupons • Building history • Menu info
    80. 80. • Another social network• Easy in• Easy interface• Circles• +1• Hangouts – video calls
    81. 81. To Conclude - Some social mediatruths… • Control is out of your hands • But you never had control in the 1st place • Customers can make better decisions than you • Not what you know but who you know • Quality of interaction not quantity • Opinions increasingly syndicated • Can you live with criticism? • Converse in a human voice? • React quickly to emerging conversations? • Social media is just about people having conversations online
    82. 82. The 3 Rules What’s your personality? Be human Be interesting Be relevant
    83. 83. • Get some training done on social media• Assign roles & responsibilities• Quality over quantity• Tell your story! What’s your personality?
    84. 84. • Define your goals• Choose your networks• Choose your people• Create a routine• Monitor What’s your personality?
    85. 85. Remember it’s a marathon not a sprintWhat’s yourpersonality?
    86. 86. The good guide • You don’t have to be on every network • Invest time (it doesn’t work overnight!) • Do you have a company policy on SM deployment • Make it part of your marketing strategy
    87. 87. NEHA Social Media • Find us on Facebook – search for “North East Concierge Club” • Find us on Twitter – search for “Colin Concierge” • Find us on Linked In (open group) – search for “Lets Talk Tourism North East” • Find us on Linked In (Private room) – search for “North East Hotels Association”
    88. 88. NEHA Social Media • More on the North East Hotels Association at • More on PartnershipGlu at • E Mail – • 07708 488895 Thanks for watching!!