Part-Time Entrepreneurship


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There are many capable, passionate and hard-working men and women out there carrying with them a secret dream - to become an entrepreneur someday. But they are too dependent on their 9 to 5 jobs for their existing commitments and thus breaking free isn’t an option. I should know it, I was one of them; but not anymore.

I have realized that a path exists, a path that lies between the safe 9 to 5 path and the risky full-time entrepreneurial path. This path in the middle is that of part-time entrepreneurship.

Through my book (Amazon - Search for "Polanki") and my website , I’ll teach you what I practice. This is all about generating ideas, managing time, leveraging technology, and the toughest of them all - minimizing risk.

Yes, It is possible to become Part-Time Entrepreneur while working full time. I am not saying its easy, but it can be done.

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  • Starts with an idea, Believes in idea and dreams for success Acts to make the dream reality, quits full time job and seeks investment Puts all his energy and focus on this idea This risk is not for all...20+, fresh from college and no family. Great
  • This is not a scintific ratios. just a sample (At the end) Who are these wantreprenurs
  • Even though they have genuine execuses, because they don’t take needed steps, they are wantreprenurs. One fine may never come
  • If you are like me or concerned about risking your life..all what you have
  • Part-Time Entrepreneurship

    1. 1. Part-Time Entrepreneurship1.Entrepreneur2.Wantreprenuer3.Part-Time EntrepreneurAmazon Link -
    2. 2. Part-Time Entrepreneurship1.Entrepreneur2.Wantreprenuer3.Part-Time Entrepreneur
    3. 3. Who is an Entrepreneur?Definition from SBA.govOpportunity Acts Profit
    4. 4. Who is an Entrepreneur? – Updated definition with Risk FactorIdea Acts ProfitRiskTime MoneyPassion & CommitmentDefinition from SBA.govInvestorsFull Time
    5. 5. Entrepreneur needs? – More than an Idea•Passion and Commitment•It all comes down to Skill, Time and Money•Skill – Can you acquire skill?•Time – Can you work full-time?•Money – how much you can invest?
    6. 6. Skill•Yes, You can acquire skill by investing yourtime in right channels – books, classes
    7. 7. Money•You can get money from investors. But investors want tosee how much you are committed.•If you are working fulltime job, then you can’t getinvestments.•How much money you can invest?
    8. 8. Its all comes to Time•If you are in your twenties, not married. Oh Yes, you canquit your job and purse your dream as a fulltimeentrepreneur.•What about others? Who has families, kids,mortgages? Can they take the same risk?•Or Do they have live with the dreams only for the rest oftheir life?
    9. 9. Part-Time Entrepreneurship1.Entrepreneur2.Wantreprenuer3.Part-Time Entrepreneur
    10. 10. Who are Wantrepreneurs?1000Sample of people100Want to becomeEntrepreneurs900Happy with their Jobs10Entrepreneurs90WantrepreneursWhy only 10 out of 1000can becomeentrepreneurs?
    11. 11. Wantrepreneur – excuses for not trying- Urban DictionaryI don’t have timeIf only I had .....I don’t have moneyOne fine day ...Too riskyIf only I didn’t have .....
    12. 12. Part-Time Entrepreneurship1.Entrepreneur2.Wantreprenuer3.Part-Time Entrepreneur
    13. 13. Part-Time Entrepreneurship – is the Answer !• Part-Time Entrepreneurship lets you kill that wantrepreneur.• No more excuses for wannabe entrepreneurs• Lets you take the manageable riskWantreprenur EntrepreneurPart-time EntrepreneurManaging Risk with limited resources
    14. 14. How to become Part-Time Entrepreneur• Kill the Wantrepreneur first• Generate ideas and validate ideas with customers• Learn Lean Startup Principles• Take simple actions but big impact• Leverage Tools and Technologies• Work with Freelancers and Outsourcing
    15. 15. Some Wiseman said -•There are only 2 things•Success or Learning (No Failure)For more details