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Versailles Peace System
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Versailles Peace System



An A.P. European History class lecture discussing the characteristics of the Versailles Peace Treaty of 1919, and the reasons why it would fail.

An A.P. European History class lecture discussing the characteristics of the Versailles Peace Treaty of 1919, and the reasons why it would fail.



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    Versailles Peace System Versailles Peace System Presentation Transcript

    • "All the kings horses, and all the kings men, could not put Humpty, back together again
    • Post World War I Europe
    • Objectives Formulation of Peace System Failed International Pact Collapse of Peace System
    • Treaty of Versailles
    • June 28th, 1919
    • What do we already know about the causes of World War I?
    • What will the Treaty of Versailles look like based on What We Know About WWI?
    • What is the function of a Peace settlement?
    • Victors Peace Punitive Peace Heavy Reparations Limited Military Redraw Boundaries
    • Article 231
    • France
      • Demanded harsh settlement.
      • Eliminate Germany as threat.
      • Pyrrhic victory.
    • Great Britain
      • Squeeze the German lemon till the pip squeaks .
    • Italy
      • Assumed it would receive territories promised in 1915.
      • Did not receive Fiume.
    • The United States
      • Hope to make a world safe for democracy.
      • Treaty would promote peace.
      • Non-punitive
    • “ This isn’t a peace, it’s a twenty year truce!” Marshall Foch
    • Why?
      • Nationalist dissatisfaction in Central Europe and Balkans.
      • Humiliation
      • Economic Instability.
    • Failed International pacts.
    • The Pre-World War I concept of the Balance of Power was unable to maintain peace , due to alliances .
    • Disarmament
      • 1922
      • Washington conference.
      • Limit the size of the navy.
    • Renounce War
      • 1928 Kellogg-Briand Pact
      • Renounce war as an instrument of policy.
    • League of Nations
    • People hoped that the Paris Peace Conference would establish principles, rules, and organizations for a new world order.
      • 19th century Concert System utilized a few states.
      • The League would embrace all nations equally.
      • Failed to prevent war.
      • U. S. never joined.
      • The League had no “teeth”!!!
      • Members committed to avoid war.
      • Respect territorial integrity.
      • Submit disputes to arbitration.
      • Enforce economic sanctions.
    • Collapse of the Peace System
      • 1931, Japan invades Manchuria
      • 1935, Mussolini invades Ethiopia
      • Germany rearms.
      • Germany Reoccupies the Rhineland.