Parking Consultants International Hospital Capabilities


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Parking Consultants International have worked on many projects for parking solutions at hospitals. This document is a summary of our services, our experience and the hospitals that we have previously completed work for.

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Parking Consultants International Hospital Capabilities

  1. 1. parking consultants international hospital capabilities
  2. 2. contents • Why PCI • Services • Our consultants • Some examples of our hospital work • Conclusion
  3. 3. why PCI The following points provide an overview of the benefits of entrusting your work to Parking Consultants International: •PCI is Australia’s most experienced parking consulting firm with over 30 years’ experience and with a team of specialists in all aspects of parking design, planning and performance monitoring. •PCI has established a sound reputation for consistently maximising the income and capital value of clients’ properties. •PCI has provided valuable advice to clients across a wide range of property classes, including hospitals, shopping centres, commercial offices, airports and universities. •PCI services the leading property owners and developers of Australia, including AMP, Australand, ING, Macquarie Bank, Multiplex, Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne Airports Stockland & Westfield. •PCI offers a service which is a commonplace feature of development and property management teams in the USA and the UK. Our website contains comprehensive information regarding the full range of services, consultants experience, projects carried out and testimonials from clients.
  4. 4. services PCI offers a comprehensive selection of car park planning, design and performance monitoring services which include: •Design Concepts and Reviews •Income Projections and Feasibility Studies •Equipment and Signage Selection and Tendering •Refurbishment Upgrading •Management Tenders •Audits and Performance Reviews •Project Management •Marketing
  5. 5. services: design concepts and reviews Good design principles applied to car parks result in a significant competitive advantage. Applying international best design practice and extensive car park design experience, our designers work as an integral part of the development team, alongside project architects and traffic engineers. Our objectives are to ensure that your car park’s space efficiency is maximised, whilst optimizing traffic circulation, pedestrian safety and convenience. It is not uncommon for our design reviews to result in increased efficiency and reduction in capital costs by up to 15% and still provide users with an improved parking experience.
  6. 6. services: income projections and feasibility studies We are specialists in the financial analysis of parking and in the preparation of revenue and expense projections. Property owners, investors and developers rely on our demand and income projections to guide them with decisions, ranging from introducing paid parking in hospitals and shopping centres, to capital raisings and analysis of investment opportunities. PCI also conducts focused market research to ensure that any decisions on car park capacity are based on actual and expected demand rather than determined by Authority codes.
  7. 7. services: equipment, signage selection and tendering Effective access and revenue control, security and wayfinding will help to maximise your car park’s revenue and to improve user convenience. Any technology must be designed specifically to the needs of the individual car park and those of its intended customers. Our independent recommendations are based on identifying the unique needs of each car park and meeting those needs with the most appropriate equipment configuration. PCI will provide an evaluation of both the quantitative and qualitative elements of tenders from equipment suppliers, ensuring that you are able to make the most appropriate decision for the particular property. Most important is the quality and reliability of the on- going servicing and maintenance of the equipment post installation.
  8. 8. services: refurbishment and upgrading Customers expect a clean, safe and bright car park environment. A car park is often the ‘front door’ to a property and therefore a positive experience reflects on the property as a whole. Our team offers innovative design and refurbishment recommendations and upgrading packages which eliminate the bare concrete shell appearance of many car parks. Painting, lighting and appropriate floor finishes all contribute to a feeling of safety, cleanliness and comfort, which in turn have a positive impact on the car park’s financial “bottom line”. Technological developments must also be analysed and evaluated to ensure that customers’ increasing expectations are being addressed in a timely and cost-effective manner.
  9. 9. services: audits and performance reviews (financial and operational) A well managed and controlled car park can contribute significantly to a property’s value. Cash handling, inadequate equipment and poor systems and procedures can lead to revenue leakage or operator leniency going undetected. Our consultants’ extensive awareness and understanding of car park operations and equipment can help to eliminate losses, to provide optimisation of expenses and consequently to maximize net income. By applying best practice accounting controls and a comprehensive “checks and balances” review, detailed financial and operational reports are compiled determining an accurate profit review of your car park. The cost of a specialised audit is likely to be only a fraction of the potential additional net income from a car park which is not comprehensively controlled. Operational reviews assist owners in identifying areas in the car park management practices which may have become “routine tasks” due to focus on the car parking dropping off over extended periods of time.
  10. 10. services: management tenders The right car park management will ensure customer satisfaction and profitability. PCI prides itself on extensive experience in the management of car parks and in the preparation of tenders. We can help you evaluate the comparative merits of outsourcing and in-house management. If an external management solution is recommended, PCI can conduct the tender process for either a management contract or lease. Recommendations will include structuring the financial aspects of the agreement in order to obtain a mutually beneficial solution for owner and operator. If self-management is the preferred alternative we would assist you in the selection and training of staff and in the preparation of operational manuals and reporting packages.
  11. 11. services: project management When it comes to start-ups and management handovers, professional and timely PCI planning and project management can deliver significant benefits. Our team can also assist with implementing and monitoring parking related projects, new equipment installations, introduction of paid parking in previously uncontrolled car parks and first day operations.
  12. 12. services: marketing Our consultants' hands-on car park management experience means we can give you cost effective advice on marketing which will boost your car park’s income and provide you with a competitive advantage. Our strategies are based on growing your market through a better understanding of your local market and existing customer base. These insights will translate into increased customer awareness, competitive pricing structures, heightened productivity per car space, and a marketing program to market permanent spaces.
  13. 13. our consultants
  14. 14. consultants: Cristina Lynn Cristina, who has a business degree and is a Chartered Accountant, is the managing partner of Parking Consultants International and brings to this role broad experience in business management and marketing. During her years with PCI Cristina has acquired extensive experience in the areas of parking demand, feasibility studies and car park management. With a strong auditing background (ex Senior Manager, Ernst & Young) Cristina has developed an in-depth grasp of the fundamentals of car park statistics and operations and is responsible for PCI’s car park audit division and feasibility studies. Clients that Cristina has worked with include Mariner Financial, Multiplex, SACL, Sydney Fish Markets, Macquarie Bank and City of Sydney. Cristina is responsible for the development of PCI’s presence in Melbourne, having recently acquired a number of significant projects in that area.
  15. 15. consultants: Peter Burrows Peter, who established PCI in 1980 is arguably the most experienced all-round parking consultant in Australia. He has successfully completed a wide range of parking consulting projects in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and Dubai. His clients have included almost all the major property owners of Australia and many Council and Government entities. He was a member of the Transport Expert Review Panel for the planning of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games and was on the committee which formulated the Australian Parking Standard (AS 2890.1). His 30 years’ experience in parking includes 10 years in the establishment and management of various branches of Wilson Parking. His professional advice is therefore grounded in the practical field of parking management and marketing. He is a qualified accountant (CPA).
  16. 16. consultants: George Burton George is qualified in Traffic & Civil Engineering (with honours) and has over 30 years’ experience in parking consulting and management. He established Kings Parking in Italy and worked in the UK as Technical Director of Kings Group of Companies Worldwide. George is probably Australia’s foremost car park designer. His designs include the Superdome / Stadium car park at Sydney Olympic Park and the planned car park at Sydney International Airport. His design reviews result in improved efficiency of space, traffic flows and interaction between vehicles and pedestrians. George co-authored the first Australian Standard for Off-Street Parking (AS 2890.1 - 1986) and was a convenor of the working group which was responsible for the nucleus of this standard. He was also a member of the review panel responsible for the second issue of this Standard.
  17. 17. consultants: Grant McLean Grant has 25 years of Traffic Management and Parking Industry and brings considerable experience and knowledge to our team in respect of automating car parks, including access control equipment design and project management, signage packages, vehicle and pedestrian wayfinding and parking guidance systems in addition to car park safety audits and efficient traffic flow and access design in accordance with the Australian Standards. Grant has held several senior positions with technology suppliers and manufacturers of car park management systems, and with one of the main car park operators in Australia, where he was responsible for the design, implementation and management of complex technical infrastructure projects. Grant has formal technical and management qualifications and is a specialist in the design, coordination and implementation of complex commercial car park management systems in both technical and operational perspectives.
  18. 18. consultants: Kelvin Worthington Kelvin has over 25 years’ experience in business and corporate banking in Australia (NAB) and the UK (Barclays) and possesses a business degree involving disciplines such as marketing, advanced statistics and accounting. He is also an associate of the Chartered Institute of Bankers (London). Kelvin brings to his role at PCI extensive experience in business management and financial analysis, together with practical commercial knowledge and consulting experience. Amongst his achievements is the publication of several books relating to small business practices.
  19. 19. examples of our hospital work
  20. 20. examples of our hospital work All the projects which PCI has carried out have resulted in positive outcomes for our clients. Listed below are the hospitals we have been involved with in recent years: •Norwest Private Hospital (NSW) – Aspen Group •Royal North Shore (NSW) •SAN – Waroongah (NSW) – Coffey Projects •John Fawkner Private, Melbourne Clinic and Knox Private (VIC) - Healthscope •Warringal Hospital, Heidelberg (VIC) •Prince of Wales Hospital •Sydney Hospital •St. George Public Hospital •St. George Private Hospital •Canterbury Hospital •St. Vincents Hospital •Liverpool Hospital •Victoria House and Peninsula Private Hospitals (VIC)
  21. 21. case study: royal north shore hospital, sydney, nsw PCI was involved in a number of projects at this hospital, including running a tender for new car park access control equipment and detailed feasibility studies in respect of the re- development and extension of the existing car park. case study: gosford hospital, nsw PCI’s involvement at this hospital was to provide a complete review of the management of the car park, which is a 7-storey split-level facility, including recommendations in respect of proposed modifications to the car park. The project also included a full review of the access control equipment, signage and lighting at the site. A key part of the review of the management element of the car park was the preparation of a feasibility study to determine revenues and operating expenses for the car park.
  22. 22. case study: norwest private hospital, sydney, nsw PCI’s role for this client was to provide a review of the car park design and layout, together with a review of the car park operation (including making recommendations on the different management options for the car park). The scope of works also included an analysis of the access control equipment, CCTV and parking guidance systems. PCI was also required to prepare a feasibility study, including pricing structure, yields and comparisons to other similar facilities. case study: peninsula private hospital, victoria PCI was requested to provide the hospital with advice in respect of the re-development of the site, to include additional consulting suites and a 4 level car park. The scope of works included a parking demand analysis, a review of the car park design, advice on access control equipment and signage, and a feasibility study in respect of the possible introduction of paid parking to the site.
  23. 23. Parking Consultants International +61 2 9968 1844 pci@ subscribe to PCI’s blog for the latest in parking industry news