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January 12 2011




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    January 12 2011 January 12 2011 Presentation Transcript

    • Questions from last class?
    • what i heard last class• best in class cases• optimize usage• wading through the clutter• privacy• applications available• b2b / b2c• roi• influencers• use across segments
    • Reading Discussion
    • value judgments on social media (“milkshake mistakes”)
    • The student of media soon comes to expectthe new media of any period whatever to beclassed as pseudo by those who acquired thepatterns of earlier media, whatever theyhappen to be.! - Marshall McLuhan !
    • shift fromconsumption to participation
    • social surrogacy
    • convergence of life and media
    • impact of “publish”
    • quality v.immediacy
    • creating value and devaluation
    • transparency
    • the role of scale
    • impact ofparticipation oncommerce and culture (e.g. pickup pal)
    • why do people share (withoutcompensation)? (digital sharecropping)
    • what will be our next “gin?”
    • MEANS
    • social is personal
    • “Ambient intimacy is being able to keep in touch with people with a level of regularity and intimacy that you wouldn’t usually have access to, because time and space conspire to make it impossible.”! Leisa Reichelt!
    • The most successfulbrand profiles areattributed to a person, nota product, service or logo.!
    • life datafication
    • “Nike has discovered that once a user uploads five runs to its web site, they’ve gotten hooked on what their data tells them about themselves.”! – Wired Magazine!“Self-knowledge through numbers? Sounds absurd, but the newest tools open up our lives like never before.”! – Wired Magazine!
    • TweetPsych uses two algorithms tobuild a psychological profile based onthe content of your last 100 tweets. !
    • new collaborations
    • wisdom of crowds The averaged results of a group of individuals’ inputs are better than the best independent expert.
    • We are increasinglyrelying on the crowd tohelp with our ownindividual thinking.!Ideablob gives people aforum to solicit andcontribute ideas.!
    • Bands, filmmakers,Obama, and otherentrepreneurs arelooking to the massesto financially supportideas and initiatives.!Sites likeCrowdFundingfacilitate the collectivecooperation, attentionand trust of peoplewho pool their money,usually through onlinemicro-payments, forany variety ofpurposes.!
    • Kickstarter is “afunding platform forartists, designers,filmmakers, musicians,journalists, inventors”and more. !It is crowd-fundingfor the creative class,who may lack thebusiness acumennecessary for bringingtheir ideas to life.!
    • perpetual beta
    • Google’s Gmail was in beta forfive years. In that time, theservice grew from invitation-onlyto more than 100 million users.Google kept it in beta to signalthat the company would bemaking “constant featurerefinement” to the service. !
    • August 25, 2009: Searsannounces Manage MyHome o!cial launch –after two full years inpublic beta. " This early-stage consumer testing of core features helped ensure that the destination site could “easily integrate into everyday life”, and“help homeowners get more done at home”. !
    • internet as application
    • expertise! DEMOCRACY! collecting! PUBLISHING!information! INSPIRATION! technology IDEA FIRST! first!
    • social networks Content development! First seeds! Within-network sharing! Established communities! Media placement!
    • blogging/microblogging Heavy influencer activity! More organic and open than ‘networks’! But, linkable to / from networks! Quick easy access for rapid response! Search-engine compatable!
    • social socialbookmarking Content seeding and amplification! Success metric! Tracking!
    • wikis Open collaboration and transparency with consumers! -" Creative! -" Innovation! -" Q&A!
    • production sharing Content development and sharing! “Uno"cial” content home! Contest / promo collaboration! Identifying influencers!
    • location based geography as activity loyalty/advocacy retail/events
    • entertainment Media placement! Branded content / entertainment / Product placement! Show sponsorships!
    • reviews/ratings Buzz! Monitoring / research! PR / crisis management! Influencer / Advocate identification!
    • work/collaboration Internal project sharing! Controlled collaboration! Project / file management!
    • people use all ofthese, so should all be considered together
    • • Goals / objectives of the brand• Marketing strategy• Consumer behavior & insights• Messaging• Media landscape / Digital ecosystem
    • READING AND ASSIGNMENT• Read Cognitive Surplus chapter 3• Questions for Assignment 1