Miley cyrus  when i look at you analysis
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Miley cyrus when i look at you analysis






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Miley cyrus  when i look at you analysis Miley cyrus when i look at you analysis Presentation Transcript

  • Miley Cyrus- When I Look at You
    By Parishti Perumal
  • Miley Cyrus- When I Look at You
  • Mise En Scene…
    In the video, Miley Cyrus has a host of different outfits that she wears. As this song is to promote her film ‘The Last Song’ they have taken scenes from the film and added it into the video. The 1st outfit is what she wears in the film. It has been put in the video to give the audience a taste of what the film is about and the 2nd and 3rd outfits is what she wears in the video. Those outfits are used parallel to the genre of pop.

  • Lighting- Majority of the lighting is bright and sunny. Fits the genre of the song and what she is saying in her lyrics. Some artificial lighting could have been used e.g. on the beach.
    Actors- Mainly focus’s on Miley Cyrus. Does show the other characters but we know that Miley Cyrus is the main focus.
    Makeup- Start of the video shows a scene from the video- shows ‘Ronnie’ wearing dark makeup with untidy hair- shows the characteristics of her character. However in the music video she has very natural makeup- shows what her character becomes like in the end.

  • Props- The main prop in this video is her piano, this is also a main feature in the film. Helps to link it back to that.
    Setting- There are many different setting in the video. Helps create that romantic feel of the video and in each of those different settings she has her piano again linking that back to the film.
  • Camera Shots…
    Establishing shot at the beginning we can identify that it is set in a city (South Carolina) near water/ a beach.
    The camera pans from right to left. This gives us a view of the setting and also it sets the genre of the video e.g. the beach sets a romantic feel.
    Zoom in and out effect. We zoom into her character and also adds a dramatic effect to the scene. We see her body language and facial expressions more clearly.
    Use of tracking shot. We follow the main character and we get a clear view of her emotions and what she does. This adds a dramatic effect to the video.
    High and low angles. Shows the love the character has for him. The different proxemics show them as vulnerable and young. Adds more of an effect to the ‘young love’.
    Camera shots. Most shots were medium close-ups, long shots or close-up shots too draw the audience in on the setting and to highlight the characters.
  • Editing…
    Must have taken a long time to create this video as they have many different settings and also having to move the piano to its allocated place. Also most of the video is filmed in the daylight, so they would only have a certain amount of time to film each scene.
    Eye-line match from her eyes to the piano. This symbolises to us that the piano is very important to her.
    Graphic Match, most transitions are straight cuts to the next scene but there are some dissolve shots to the next scene. This makes the video more smooth and adds a bit of difference to the video instead of making the whole thing the same.
    Pace of the music video is parallel to the song- making it effective to its target audience and also achieving what they want to.
  • Sound…
    Music is parallel with the scene. Soft and pop style music. Makes the video more effective as it is smooth throughout.
    There aren’t any off screen shots or diegetic sounds. Keeps the audience hooked to the purpose of the video. Pure performance with some narrative feel.
    Audience- Fans of Miley Cyrus or the film ‘The Last Song’.
    Type of Video- Pure performance and some narrative.