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Digital Strategy for Shakespeare fishing tackle
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Digital Strategy for Shakespeare fishing tackle


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This is my digital strategy for the Shakespeare fishing tackle company. Currently their online presence is a FAIL. This digital strategy is the result of fourteen weeks of research and articulation. …

This is my digital strategy for the Shakespeare fishing tackle company. Currently their online presence is a FAIL. This digital strategy is the result of fourteen weeks of research and articulation. Hopefully you enjoy my solution for Shakespeare's dilemma.

This was assigned in my digital strategies class at the Academy of Art University, instructed by Virginia Alber-Glanstaetten.

Published in: Business, Education

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  • 1. Digital Strategy Proposal Paris Daniell
  • 2. Shakespeare has provided excellent fishing products for 180 years, becoming a recognizable name in fishing through out many generations. They offer quality tackle at a low price; enabling anyone to enjoy fishing. 1896 – William Shakespeare, Jr., was an avid fisherman of 27 years. With his experience in advertising, camera manufacturing, and medicine he founded The William Shakespeare, Jr. Company. 1908 – Shakespeare Company slogan was created– "Built Like a Watch" 1984 – New advertising campaign is launched – "America Goes Fishing With Shakespeare"
  • 3. What is happening now? Not enough. The current business activity for Shakespeare has been stagnant. This leader in fishing tackle hasn’t adapted to growing consumers needs. Offline the Shakespeare brand still holds a large amount of public recognition because of its longevity in the industry, affordablility and quality products. Shakespeare products can be found in many stores. There is also a Shakespeare fishing pole in attics and garage’s all over America. Online is where Shakespeare isn’t doing enough. Currently the brand lives within the website, where the company has taken full control over the experience. There is lots of information on the site, but it does little for the browsing consumer. Same campaign since 1984? Its time for a strategy update.
  • 4. The Shakespeare promise; Deliver quality and affordable tackle in order to provide the best fishing experience possible. Objectives; Increase brand visibility online. Sell more tackle than everyone else. Make their products available to anyone. Continue to be a usefull partner for anglers.
  • 5. Audience insight: Tackle box persona The items for this persona are based on needs in relation to family, Take away insights friends, and work. Using these needs to shape Neil’s characteristics Escaping is a large part of Shakespeare. allowed me to recognize the relevance of Shakespeare’s brand in his life. This demographic works hard everyday, and has a few chances on the weekend to Neil is married to Becky, and together they relax and bond with his child. He wants to have a 10-year-old son named Nelson. do this without spending a lot of money, because he works too hard to waste. This is Neil’s tackle box. Family is an important aspect of this Acceptance, Validation / B participant’s life, and wants to include it Competition amongst pee rag rights, the things he does and talks about. rs Fishing is media driven. There will always Escape Per Edu son be a story, usually a measurement, often a cat al fu picture, and perhaps a video. Fishing ing lfillm stories are portable and enjoyed by many. a lity his en son t as Fr ug aF e, ath Re-living the moment of a great fishing Valu er / trip can be an escape at anytime. Competitiveness is a large component of fishing, and the social life of anglers. Even playing ground with equal chances for anyone who wants to give fishing a try.
  • 6. Online competitive landscape is barren. There aren't many company’s that match Shakespeares offering. When looking at the competitive landscape, one will come across companies such as Rapala, est 1936. Their digital presence consists of a website like Shakespeare, but is more up to date. The most common online marketing practice for fishing tackle companies is the e-newsletter. Fishing video games have been a part of the competitions advertising efforts. Although providing a poor fishing experience while pushing too much of the brand has proved a poor recipe for angling entertainment.
  • 7. Current challenges. Transfer the large amount of existing offline brand passion for Shakespeare to the digital space. Become an active player in the digital space. Continue to exceed the expectations of the consumer. Hold the position as top tackle distributor. Match and raise what the competition is offering online. Push the potential consumer past the edge of consideration and into the purchasing mindset. Shakespeare isn’t selling an experience. The digital Shakespeare must sell the fishing experience they make possible and not their product. Current and future consumers expect more of companies when it comes to web presence. “Success stories” section, is a FAIL. Shakespeare was onto something with their success stories, until they took every bit of control away from the user, and locked away the featured content within a tab of the web site.
  • 8. Every story begins with a hook. Shakespeare’s Opportunity. Digital can transfer pre-exsisting offline brand passion by engaging the consumers who already are telling stories and sharing online. Attaching the Shakespeare name to these experiences will increase the brands reach and recognition online and offline. Create new and future brand advocates. Expose the joy and rewarding feeling of angling. Establish company transparency. Ultimately Shakespeare has the opportunity to drive more sales and increase brand recognition with digital.
  • 9. Strategic recommendations Youtube YaBB Shakespeare needs to move away from their website and into the conversation. Many brand advocates already inhabit digital and offline spaces. Forums Mobile This potential participant has been starved of an engaging web experience that involves fishing. They fuel their passion by going to youtube for videos, reading Recreation fish reports, and talking on forums and social networks. Websites Shakespeare Twitter Create a online voice. Let the consumer know you are there and listening. Facebook E-mail Migrate to the conversation. Blogs Become a part of the stories and experiences that are shared online. Fishing is a highly word of mouth and media driven industry. Shakespeare must use this to their advantage. Embrace the story which unfolds after the hook. Play an active role in helping tell the consumers story. Continue to provide tools that make angler’s lives easier. Perpetually fueling a deeply rooted passion and respect for Shakespeare.
  • 10. Tactics Create a Shakespeare branded “packable and snackable” widget that acts as a channel in which the user can produce and share their fishing stories. @Shakespeare Create a voice and two way conversation via twitter. Shakespeare widget Re-enforce lifetime product guarantee. Provide angler’s a way to share their fishing stories; Written - Personal description of the trip. Blog & Forum Media - Pictures, Video, Sound, Mobile upload Continuing to establish an active role in the online Data - Size (weight, length, girth), type of fish fishing community requires participation. Tackle - Type of rod and reel, lure color and type Geographic - Record location (review, rate, rank), weather, State park co-op Events Embedding would allow you to share it on multiple Youth fishing programs are often looked to as a digital channels, including facebook, blogs, forums, mobile, etc. Create’s an archive of experiences which will influence starting point for new anglers. Including an online present and future brand consumers. portal at these events to share new experiences will Spark social influence through geographic competition create a lasting brand impression. within the widget’s community.