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Real estate radio via our Paris911 at REMAX podcasting channels is not limited to the Santa Clarita Valley Cities. It is an overall picture of the greater real estate motif. However, when you are wanting to buy or sell real estate, good intel is the game anywhere where you are considering taking your hat from or leaving your hat. Here are the locations of our Syndicated Real Estate Radio show for you. You can find us on iTunes under the Paris911 Brand: on Stitcher Radio, download the app, but here is our podcast station: Enjoy the shows, let me know if I can be of further assistance. BTW, if you want to make your own real estate shows related to your business, I do answer the phone. My number is in the header, or my email contact is at the top of the preceeding links. Our main website is

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Real estate radio

  1. 1. Santa Clarita Radio Straight Talk Real Estate and Daily Updates by
  2. 2. Market activity ● How is the local market? ● Are properties selling for list price? ● Is there an over abundance of real estate supply? ● Is it a buyers market? ● Is it a sellers market?
  3. 3. Foreclosures and REO’s ● How is the local Foreclosure inventory? ● Are a majority of the Foreclosure Bank owned or Investor owned inventory? ● How long is it taking the Foreclosures to sell? ● Are the Foreclosures selling for more than asking price? ● Are they obtaining multiple offers?
  4. 4. Listing versus Sales Price ● Are homes selling for more than their list prices? ● What about selling for less than their listing prices? ● Are price changes happening? ● Are those price changes decreases in listing or sales prices?
  5. 5. Offering Strategies ● Do multiple offers exist on homes that are for sale? ● Are the sellers requesting Highest and Best Offers as part of their counters? ● Are those listings appraising for their sales amounts? ● Are a majority of the listings “human owned” or “Bank owned”?
  6. 6. Loans and Lending ● What are the most prevalent types of loans being applied for? ● What types of loans are more likely to be accepted? ● How are the property appraisals trending, higher, lower or on target? ● What questions should I be asking my lender?
  7. 7. Real Estate Vendors ● Who does the escrow company work for? ● What is title insurance? ● Who controls the pest inspection for termite issues? ● Who’s responsibility is it to hire a Home Inspector and is it necessary?
  8. 8. Real Estate Radio Syndicated Paris911 is on iTunes Paris911 is on Stitcher Radio Paris911 is on SoundCloud Paris911 is on Blog Talk Radio “Tune in to find your real estate voice so you can be better armed…”
  9. 9. Thanks for Tuning In... You can also find our Newest Broadcast by going to: “It’s our pleasure to serve the Real Estate clients of the world, I’m sure we will talk with you soon…” Paris and Connor MacIvor