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A history of the Parham Campus Library move from Burnette Hall to the new Igor and Maureen Massey Library Technology Center

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Library Move Slideshow

  1. 1. From Burnette Hall to Massey Library Technology Center: Moving the Parham Campus Library by Lisa Bishop
  2. 2. In March of 2008 the Library Technology Center was still under construction.
  3. 3. Library staff had to wear hard hats for our first look at the new facility. Pictured: Lillian Williams, Beverly Glover, Jill Brown, Denise Woetzel.
  4. 4. The entrance to the new library—a promise of purple.
  5. 5. In this space will be a coffee bar*, says Facilities Director Mark Probst. (*Coffee bar delayed until early 2009, we think.)
  6. 6. This is where the circulation desk will go.
  7. 7. Denise Woetzel and Beverly Glover in the Bibliographic Instruction Room.
  8. 8. A hole in the wall observed by Library Director Abdul Miah, Jill Brown, and Hong Wu would become an elevator.
  9. 9. The new library has two floors! Most of the circulating books will be downstairs.
  10. 10. Hong Wu and Lillian Williams admire one of the six group study rooms downstairs.
  11. 11. The Library has the best windows on campus, and will have the best view.
  12. 12. As soon as summer classes ended in July the chairs and tables were pushed out of the way in the old library.
  13. 13. Professional movers from the Kloke Group loaded all the books and moved them to the new building.
  14. 14. Every book was vacuumed before being transported to the new library. Every. Single. Book.
  15. 15. But the library staff still had a lot of stuff to move.
  16. 16. Beautiful cherry wood shelves were erected throughout the new library. The detailing is featured here.
  17. 17. The circulation desk, still under construction. In the background are five lighted cases for displays.
  18. 18. Carts of books going into the reference section. The reference desk is in the foreground.
  19. 19. Lots of computer workstations. Plenty of elbow room. And the view!
  20. 20. Library Specialist Herbert Hill assembling display cases near the current periodicals area and future coffee bar.
  21. 21. All moved in: the Circulation Desk.
  22. 22. The Canada Geese who moved in over summer break regard the completed Library Technology Center.