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This is a general presentation of Catalonia!

This is a general presentation of Catalonia!

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  • 2. PresentationHello now my partner and I will explain on the sights of Catalonia, the region wherewe live. Here in Catalonia there are manynatural landscapes, natural parks, nature reserves and many more places to visit that very interesting indeed. We will explain some general of Catalonia landscapes as my other classmates will explain site by site, more natural sites listed here in our region.
  • 3. Interesting for meHere in Catalonia were lucky, at least for me, is a very interesting site that i do not know if mywe will tell you that such a roommates explain it but I would like to name ... There is a place where there are volcanoes! We will hike later. Now gone.
  • 4. In general, catalonia have a goodclimate, in summer, the temperaturesare high, but it doesn’t is really cold insummer, beacuse we live near the sea.We have a Mediterranean climate.
  • 5. For troube Catalonia you have to look ina aneuropean map, we are at the south of franceand in the est part of Spain. Catalonia has aextension of 32.000 Km2 and a popullation of7.504.881 people!
  • 6. Style of life in CataloniaThe economy in Catalonia, is too prosper, but weare in a period of crysis, like in Spain in gneral.The people of the north of Catlonia works in thecamp, but the people of the est and thesouth, works in officies
  • 7. Famous landscapes in CataloniaWe have a lot of beautyful landscapes inCatalonia. Here are two:Vall de Nuria Costa Brava
  • 8. Curiosities of Catalonia!-Catalonia has the biggest ruse mountain ofCatalonia-We don’t celebrate the day of the book, wecalebrate Sant Jordi-In christmas, we have the Tió, not Santa Claus
  • 9. Images of landscapes
  • 10. End