Building and Enhancing Your Facebook Page


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Class 2 of Parasol Community Collaboration's "Hands-On Social Media" Summer Training Series. A brief review of Class 1, then instruction on how to set-up and enhance a Facebook Page.

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Building and Enhancing Your Facebook Page

  1. 1. Hands-On Social Media Class 2: Enhancing Your Facebook Page Jaime Olive PCC AmeriCorps Member
  2. 2. Welcome! Introductions What is your experience with social media?
  3. 3. What is Social Media? Media for social interaction, using web- based technologies to transform and broadcast media monologues into social media dialogues. It’s all about listening, sharing, and engaging
  4. 4. Understanding Social Media “Listening” : monitoring what is being said about you or your issue* Research how similar organizations are using social media Engage with relevant blogs, pages, etc. *Listening Tool: •Google Alerts and Google Reader
  5. 5. Why build a strategy? Gain a clear understanding of how and why social media is effective Set objectives Identify your target audience Identify the best tools and tactics to use Integrate social media with other communications plans Determine agency capacity and resources Identify a system for evaluation Develop a foundation for experimentation Create policy Aid in changing organization culture
  6. 6. Tactics Listen Participate Produce Content Generate Buzz Build a Commuity What Tool(s) should I use? Facebook!
  7. 7. Experiment! Listen, fail informatively, and evolve Steps to planning and designing your first experiment: Pick a social media project that won’t take much time and relates to your goals Write down your successes Write down your challenges Ask or listen to the people you connect with about what worked and what didn't work Watch other nonprofits and copy and remix for your next project Rinse, repeat
  8. 8. Hands-On
  9. 9. Profile/ Page/Group • Profile: serve as a home base on the web for individuals to express themselves and connect with others • Page: create a presence for a business, brand, or nonprofit on Facebook • Group: organize a group of people around a common issue or interest
  10. 10. What is a Facebook Page? • Who: organizations, businesses, celebrities, and bands • What: official webpage on Facebook • Why: help the entity communicate and engage with their audience, and capture new audiences
  11. 11. Page vs. Group • Branded presence on • Fosters group discussion Facebook around particular topic area • can only be created to • can be created by any user represent a real organization and about any topic by an official representative of • Can be closed or secret that entity • Admins’ names displayed • Public but can restrict • Actions/posts come from settings you as individual • allows admins to maintain a • no customization; only personal-professional basic apps distinction on Facebook • Analyze traffic with Insights
  12. 12. Privacy • fans of your Pages will not be able to see or access your personal profile • Pages cannot see the profiles of people who connect with them, only their profile photo and name
  13. 13. Creating a Facebook Account: Personal vs. Business • Friend base to help • Maintain personal – build audience professional distinction • Easy staff turn-over
  14. 14. Creating Your Page • Upload picture • Edit information
  15. 15. Building Your Audience • “Like” = How people make a connection to your page • Invite your FB friends • Email the page URL • Add Page Badge to website, E-News • Facebook Ads
  16. 16. Administration • To Access: – Ads and Pages on homepage – Account > Manage Pages – Search field • Admins can add other Admins
  17. 17. Content Tips • Post photos and video • Headlines are everything • Be concise • Create previews • Bite-sized content
  18. 18. Applications • Events, Links, Notes, Photos, Videos • Causes • Promotions • My Merch Store • Static FBML • Oh so many more!
  19. 19. Events • Application Settings • Create Event • Invite People- From friends list or enter email addresses • Send updates • Post reminder on wall
  20. 20. Links • Application Settings • Attach Links • Select Thumbnail
  21. 21. Notes • Application Settings • Use like a blog • Post press releases
  22. 22. Photos • Application Settings • Showcase programs/activities • Create album, edit photos
  23. 23. Video • Browse Apps • Add to Page • Application Settings • Load video
  24. 24. Resources • Facebook Help Center: • Facebook support for nonprofits: • Social Media Starter Kit: • Blogs: • Social Tools for Social Change: • Social Web Strategies: • Social Media Webinars: • Social Media Research: • Using the Causes App: