Paramore University | What You Need to Know When Choosing your CMS


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What You Need to Know When Choosing your CMS

It's time to stop burying all that content you just spent weeks on in the knowledge coffin that is your CMS. We have to rethink and redefine what "Content Management System" means.

Is its purpose just to manage your content? No. The truth is that all major CMS systems are proficient at managing content. The real question is this: Can your CMS bring life to customers and the community at large?

Leslie Camacho, CEO of EllisLab, will join us at PU to look behind the code and reveal what makes a CMS effective, efficient, and right for your business. No more dirt naps. Let's let our content live.

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Paramore University | What You Need to Know When Choosing your CMS

  1. 1. Avoiding the Knowledge CoffinWhat you need to know when choosing a CMS
  2. 2. Leslie Camacho CEO, EllisLab
  3. 3. Father
  4. 4. Husband
  5. 5. Nerd
  6. 6. I translate Nerd to helpyou be more successful.
  7. 7. Today we will discover• How to help your customers be successful• How to help your dev team be more successful• How to save a lot of money
  8. 8. This will help you choose a CMS. I promise.
  9. 9. Also, there will be homework. Sorry.**Nerds are never sorry about sharing information.
  10. 10. What is a CMS? Content Management System
  11. 11. A CMS serves contentin a way that makes your customers successful.
  12. 12. A modern CMSembraces COPE. Create Once Publish Everywhere
  13. 13. COPE Primer Google “NPR COPE”
  14. 14. The #1 mistake when choosing a CMS is not understandinghow your content helps people succeed.
  15. 15. Lack of CustomerEmpathy creates aKnowledge Coffin.
  16. 16. Customer Empathy, How?• Don’t skimp on the “discovery” process.• Eat your own dog food.• Ask your customers.• A good team/agency will demand you do all three.
  17. 17. Believe that you make life better.
  18. 18. End goal is a “Success Guide” that explains how you help customers succeed in plain english.
  19. 19. Success Guide Tips• Use simple language• Describe the process from the customer’s view point.• Describe the end result from the customer’s viewpoint.
  20. 20. Turn Success Guide into Creative &Technical Requirements
  21. 21. Learn to Translate Nerd
  22. 22. Empathize with your “Makers” Creative, Technical, and Editorial People
  23. 23. Read Hackers andPainters by Paul Graham. Google “Hackers and Painters”
  24. 24. Read The Nerd HandbookGoogle “The Nerd Handbook” by Rands in Repose
  25. 25. You promised to save me money. Get to it already.
  26. 26. Empathy creates a shared language.
  27. 27. Use the Success Guide tohelp your Makers empathize with your customers.
  28. 28. End result is a Creative & Technical requirements guide that tells you whatyour Makers need to makeyour Customers successful.
  29. 29. All software has aphilosophy that governs its development.
  30. 30. CMS Success Tree• Your customers• Your “editorial” team• Your “Maker” (creative & technical) team• In that order.
  31. 31. The Actual Search
  32. 32. Research, establish empathy with providers using your requirements as a starting point.
  33. 33. Know your strengths andweaknesses so you know what type of support you’ll need.
  34. 34. Build something with thefinalists, even if its just a simple web page.You need to use it.
  35. 35. Map your results back to the CMS Success Tree
  36. 36. Four Obstacles• “Holy Wars”• Feature Comparisons are misleading• Non-empathic party makes actual decision (budget, IT, whoever).• Security
  37. 37. ExpressionEngine
  38. 38. Contact @knight777