SEO: How Does Your Site Perform?


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Parallel Path Corp. specialists held an SEO site review at , where they analyzed the search engine optimization implementation of two unaffiliated sites, Bebe and Yeti Cycles. The analysis

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  • JSBased upon a study done of our clients, 70-90% of users click organic first
  • Keyword research and selection will largely determine the organization, architecture, structure, and content of your website. They are the foundation for everything.Understanding and defining your Website Goals, Competitive & Market Analysis, and delivering useful information to your target audience – know this, before you begin keyword discoveryKeywords need to strike a balance between: potential traffic, relevance, and ability to rank.Keywords should be selected with short (1-3 months), middle (6 – 12 months) and long (1+ years) term ability to rank in mind.Keywords should also be reviewed for intent. If you rank well for information queries, but poorly for queries with transactional intent then you are not present at the point of the buying cycle when a user is actually purchasing a solution/product.PPC campaigns can provide invaluable data about which keywords actually lead to sales and leads. Without this data you can only infer a searcher’s intent.Taxonomy – Consistency…..
  • Internal Assessment Notes:Analytics will tell you things like which keywords lead to conversions, which keywords bring in a lot of traffic but result In poor engagement metrics such as bounces, time on site, goal conversion rate, etc.PPC Search Query reports because they are not the keywords you bid on, but the actual keyword phrases that user’s typed in that then triggered a particular keyword within the adwords account. This is a big difference!Understand what your transactional phrases are. These may not be your most trafficed phrases. Also, if you have access to click stream analysis tools, or PPC software that can to do conversion attribution you can see that while a given phrase may not be a phrase that users convert on, it bring users into the site early in the cycle and often results in conversions further down the click stream. Competitive:What you do with your own site, try to do for your competitors.See what keywords they are bidding on. Where do they appear? This is a good indicator that these particular phrases bring in revenue. If a competitor is buying a phrase via Adwords it is probably a pretty safe bet that there is revenue to be had there.Understand why competitors are ranking for various terms? Is it on-page, domain authority, linking (quanity vs. quality), a combination of all these factors? What?Market is a great way to see where you target market goes online.
  • Data taken from: accounts for 28% of all Google Searches.Comscore stated that 183 million users watched 34 billion videos in May 2010Youtube is not just about video games anymore. It is about education. Need to know how to change a diaper, remove a broken lightbulb from a socket, give a speech, get started with a new piece of software? It is all right there.Youtube and video related results related to user queries are also displayed very prominently within the SERPs.
  • Pages are scored by google from 0/10. PageRank is equally distributed to all links on a page. Don’t waste PageRank on pages with little traffic value such as about, privacy, terms, contact, my account, shopping cartHow you link internally indicates to the engines which pages you feel are most important – if your going after competitive phrases on these pages you want to pass a higher percentage of page rankBe conscious of how your linking from your top pagerank pagesuse your keywords in the anchor text, be consistent throughout the siteCreatively use uncrawlable scripting to link to low value links and destination pages so they are effectively inhibited from passing PRBC end pass to JS
  • JS beginThis is especially important with the roll out of Google CaffeineYslow and Page Speed addon for the Firebug Firefox add on are especially useful – great for developers and non-developers alike! There was an experiment written up recently (last month or two) about a group of SEOs who took a site and did nothing but on page performance and code optimization. Traffic went up 40%. Seasonality and benchmarked authority, history, and other ranking factors were not covered. Either way the results of the experiment echo what we’ve seen as well.
  • Improve on foundational SEO & Page Speed of website Comprehensive reports help identify key problem areas These tools are so robust we could do an entire session on them, so they are really worth your investigation. All of these add-ons are free
  • These reports are simple for anybody to create and result in actionable items that you and your team can take to make foundational improvements. JS end
  • Video:Video meta dataVideo transcript serviceVideo RSS (MRSS)Google Instant:1. The main impact of this change is an increased review and refining of search results before clicking. This could result in less traffic from search engines but would increase relevance and the potential for conversion.
  • Title Tag indicator of Sites SEO SophisticationCall your products what they are. Use recognizable naming conventions. Recognize how people search for your products or services. Flash based website – no htmlDirect product sales limited to ApparelHome page title tag limited – not following” popular naming conventions” for products “cycles”. Better choice would be “mountain bikes”Lack of Meta Data – not leveraging the available description characters to improve CTR, new product announcements, offers, news, etc…
  • There are ways to optimize flash to leverage some traffic and ranking. A view of Google’s cache show’s these methods aren’t being utilized and nothing in the site is visible to the crawlers..
  • Site resolves for both the www and non www – meaning there are two versions of the site. A 301 redirect or canonical tag should be put into place on the non WWW version as it has fewer linksThis will serve to concentrate the linking and improve results.A lot of people like to talk about duplicate content. Yes, there is a duplicate content issue here, but Google recognizes that not all duplicate content is necessarily spam. Duplicate content comes in many forms: www vs. non-www versions of a website, multiple linking structures for a given page (very common for ecommerce pages), faceted architecture, CMS creating multiple URLs because of capitalization, or adding “/” character. There REAL PENALTY IS LINK POPULARITY DIFFUSION. YOU WILL NOT GET THE CREDIT YOU DESERVE.Not bad link popularity – take a look at the competition for “mountain bikes”
  • Mountain bikes – 80,500 monthly queriesUsed Yahoo Site Explorer: data shows total inbound links for the entire site excluding any internal links.
  • - Mountain bikes – 80,500 monthly queriesIBLs = In-Bound Links
  • Mountain bikes – 80,500 monthly queries
  • Mountain bikes – 80,500 monthly queries
  • Excerpted form Wikipdia:bebe stores (name is legally and officially uncapitalized)[3] are an Americanclothingretailer founded in 1976. The name was inspired by, and is pronounced as in, the phrase "to be or not to be" from the play Hamlet.[4]Manny Mashouf, who emigrated to the United States in the early 1970s, opened the first bebe store in San Francisco[5] during a time when three categories dominated the women's wear market: junior, bridge and misses. Having discovered a demographic that was neither junior nor bridge, Manny aimed to break the mold by offering this under-represented population of stylish women distinctive and inspirational fashion bearing an unmistakable hint of sensuality. His concept stuck and bebe reaped early success.bebe designs, develops and produces a distinctive line of contemporary women's apparel and accessories, which it markets under the bebe, bebeSPORT, and 2b bebe brand names.bebe stores, inc. currently operates 312 stores, of which 215 are bebe stores, 32 are 2b bebe stores, 64 are bebeSPORT stores (this includes bebe/bebeSPORT 2-in-1 stores) and 1 is a bebe accessories store. These stores are located in the United States, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Canada. bebe also has an international division in Egypt, Israel, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Turkey, and UAE. In addition, there is an online store at further brand exposure, the company signs celebrities for longer ad campaigns. Brenda Song was the face of bebe's 2007 ad campaign. The company signed actresses Rebecca Romijn as the face of bebe from Spring 2007 through Spring 2008 and Eva Longoria as the face of bebeSPORT from spring 2007 through spring 2009.[7]Mischa Barton was the face of bebe's 2006 ad campaign.In 2008, Bebe selected advertising agency MD70, with Creative Direction by Fredrik Peterhoff to produce Bebe Holiday and Spring 2009, Bebe Sports and Bebe Accessories Spring 2009 campaign.[8] Photographed by Camilla Åkrans, styled by Julia von Boehm and shot in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, the Bebe Spring campaign features model Anne Marie van Dijk. The spring campaign appeared in the February and March titles of Vogue, Elle, Cosmopolitan and Glamour, as well as billboards and phone kiosks in New York, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. A campaign video will run in stores and online at Bebe Video.
  • is not ranked in the top 100 for any of the following terms: stylish women's clothesstylish women's clothing, women's clothing, women's clothes, women's apparel, trendy women's clothing, trendy women's clothes, cute women's clothing, cute women's clothes, trendy women's apparel, cute women's apparel, stylish women's apparel, womens clothing, womens clothes, womens apparelWe went with the misspelling because it is more often searched than “women’s apparel”Bebe does do slightly better on Yahoo and BingThe highest ranking for any term found in the title tag is in position 29 on Bing so there is room for improvement.
  • Synonym saturation?
  • Recommend using “URL Rewriting” in order to clean out nonsensical parameters. Rewrite URLs to incorporate keywords relevant to the page and on-page products.Remove “Categories” and “Products” from URLs and Title TagsMake the Title tags keyword richUse more specific keywords. Sweaters is too broad a descriptor. “Women’s Sweaters,” or “Trendy Women’s Sweaters” would be better keywords for ranking purposes.
  • There is no content on this page, just a series of links.Google has no idea what this page is about.Adding content, product descriptions, etc. would likely help rank much better for a variety of keywords.
  • The IA could be improved here. Jeans are something that people search for in a lot of ways. Using a term like denim does not differentiate between skirts, shorts, capris, jeans, stretch, boot cut, low rise, hip hugger, bell bottom, etc. These are all great areas to bring in additional traffic and further help users to find what they are looking for. They could improve 1. Rankings, 2. Findability, 3. User Experience, 4. Traffic if they did this.
  • How are you linking back to this page internally – anchor text?Are all these links away from this page absolutely relevant?If so, are you using the correct KW’s on the optSummary Metrics: 72,715 External Links 94 links on the homepage 4 homepage links leave the domain 111 EDU Links 1 .GOV Links
  • In addition to no content we found there were no heading tags at all (H1, H2, H3, etc.). The H1 is the second most important on-page signal that Google looks at.There were 11 meta tags which is too manyThe code did not validate (641 errors, 1243 warnings.
  • In addition to no content we found there were no heading tags at all (H1, H2, H3, etc.). The H1 is the second most important on-page signal that Google looks at.There were 11 meta tags which is too manyThe code did not validate (641 errors, 1243 warnings). While there will be some, this is way too many.
  • JS
  • Mountain bikes – 80,500 monthly queries
  • Questions to ask the audience:Tell us a little bit about you site?What are you business goals or objectives for this site?How has your site been performing against your business goals so far?Where do you get the majority of your traffic? PPC? SEO? Direct? ReferallHave you done any SEO on the site? What have the results been like?Didyou do the SEO yourself or contract the work out? How wasthatexperience?What are youlooking to improve on or do nextwiththis site?
  • Mention Todd is also available for Q&A in the audience as well.
  • SEO: How Does Your Site Perform?

    1. 1. SEO Site Clinic: Do your Websites Test Positive for SEO? <br />Panelist:<br />Bryan Connally, SEO Account Manager – Parallel Path<br />John Schoofs, Analytics Services Manager – Parallel Path<br />Moderator:<br />Janine Soika, Channel Market Leader – Verio<br />© 2011 Parallel Path Corp.<br />
    2. 2. Web 2.0 - 2011<br /><br />SEO Site Clinic<br />© 2011 Parallel Path Corp.<br />
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    5. 5. Parallel Path Services<br />⏎<br />Search Engine Optimization<br />Pay-Per-Click<br />Landing Page Development<br />Affiliate Management<br />Analytics Consulting<br />Retargeting/Remarketing<br />Media Buying<br />Local Listing & Local SEO<br />Social Media Consulting<br />Mobile Marketing<br />© 2011 Parallel Path Corp.<br />
    6. 6. Parallel Path Clients <br />Business to Business<br />Business to Consumer<br />© 2011 Parallel Path Corp.<br />
    7. 7. SEO Site ClinicWeb 2.0 - San Francisco<br />✔<br />Agenda<br />High Level SEO Overview<br />Example Site Review<br />Audience Site Review <br />Q&A<br />© 2011 Parallel Path Corp.<br />
    8. 8. SEO Site ClinicWeb 2.0 - San Francisco<br />Why SEO?<br />Depending upon the vertical 70-90% of users click on Organic first<br />**comscore reports 92% organic vs 8% Paid<br />© 2011 Parallel Path Corp.<br />
    9. 9. SEO Site ClinicWeb 2.0 - San Francisco<br />!<br />Give Keywords the Respect they Deserve<br /><ul><li> Successful SEO clearly defines your business / website goals
    10. 10. Align keyword research & selection with business goals
    11. 11. Keyword selection balances: potential traffic, ability to rank, and relevance
    12. 12. SEO heavily effects web design and information architecture</li></ul>© 2011 Parallel Path Corp.<br />
    13. 13. SEO Site ClinicWeb 2.0 - San Francisco<br />=<br />Internal Assessment + Market Assessment + Competitive Assessment<br />What’s Working?<br /><ul><li> Analytics/Webmaster Tools/CRM
    14. 14. Brochures & Data Sheets
    15. 15. SMEs & Engineers
    16. 16. Focus Groups & Surveys
    17. 17. Mine PPC – Search Query Reports
    18. 18. Understand Buying Phrases</li></ul>Know Your Competition<br /><ul><li> Competitor Keywords
    19. 19. Comparison Tools
    20. 20. Intitle Competition
    21. 21. External Link Audit
    22. 22. Ranking Reports</li></ul>KEYWORDS<br />Analyze Your Market<br /><ul><li> Research Trends
    23. 23. Industry Websites, Publications, & Directories
    24. 24. Where Does Your Target Market </li></ul>Go Online?<br /><ul><li> Growing or Retracting?</li></ul>© 2011 Parallel Path Corp.<br />
    25. 25. SEO Site ClinicWeb 2.0 - San Francisco<br />Win with Video SEO<br />Youtube is now the second largest search engine!<br /><ul><li> Video SEO is Much Less Competitive – Easier to Rank!
    26. 26. Distribute Everywhere You Can - YouTube, Social Media Sites & Video Sharing Sites
    27. 27. Create Stand Alone Page for Each Video
    28. 28. Use Term “Video” in Your Optimization
    29. 29. Optimize Video File & Meta Data Properties
    30. 30. Use Video Sitemaps (RSS & MRSS) to Help Engines Find/Index
    31. 31. Offer a Textual Transcript of Video Content
    32. 32. Keep Files in Single Video Directory </li></ul>© 2011 Parallel Path Corp.<br />
    33. 33. SEO Site ClinicWeb 2.0 - San Francisco<br />“ ”<br />Sculpting, not just for Artists<br /><ul><li>Nofollow tag is no longer used, but sculpting is STILL important
    34. 34. Pay Attention to PageRank Distribution
    35. 35. Internal Linking Indicator of Page Importance
    36. 36. Integrate Keywords into Link Text
    37. 37. Use non-crawlablejavascript
    38. 38. Limit the links on important pages</li></ul>© 2011 Parallel Path Corp.<br />
    39. 39. SEO Site ClinicWeb 2.0 - San Francisco<br />Tread Lightly. Code Matters.<br /><ul><li>Google Caffeine update makes this more important than ever!
    40. 40. Less Is More
    41. 41. Code-to-Content Ratio
    42. 42. Page Weight/File Size
    43. 43. Embedded CSS, JS, Tables
    44. 44. Parallelize Page Resources
    45. 45. Minify & Compress Files/Images</li></ul>© 2011 Parallel Path Corp.<br />
    46. 46. SEO Site ClinicWeb 2.0 - San Francisco<br />Top Page Speed Tools:<br /><ul><li>Yslow for Firefox</li></ul>-<br /><ul><li>Page Speed Addon for Firefox & Chrome</li></ul>-<br /><ul><li>Google Chrome developer tools</li></ul>-<br />© 2011 Parallel Path Corp.<br />
    47. 47. Site Audit Reports<br />Each line item will have its own report<br />© 2011 Parallel Path Corp.<br />
    48. 48. Web 2.0 - 2011<br />Top Trends in Last 12 Months<br /><br /><ul><li> Social Signals: Increased contributor to ranking performance
    49. 49. DécorMyEyes caused penalization of negative reviews
    50. 50. Video SEO: Increasingly supports overall search performance
    51. 51. Page Speed: Google Caffeine + Google Instant = More Important Than Ever!
    52. 52. Link Spam Scrutiny: Increased focus on quality & relevance over quantity
    53. 53. Google initiated a manual action against JCPenney Recently
    54. 54. Farmer / Panda Update: Original content vs. Sourced / Repurposed Content
    55. 55. Effects 12% of all sites in the US</li></ul>© 2011 Parallel Path Corp.<br />
    56. 56. SEO Site ClinicWeb 2.0 - San Francisco<br />Sample Site Review<br />© 2011 Parallel Path Corp.<br />
    57. 57. SEO Site ClinicWeb 2.0 - San Francisco<br />Site Review - <br />© 2011 Parallel Path Corp.<br />
    58. 58. SEO Site ClinicWeb 2.0 - San Francisco<br /> - Keywords<br />Home Page Title Tag:<br />© 2011 Parallel Path Corp.<br />
    59. 59. SEO Site ClinicWeb 2.0 - San Francisco<br /> – Google Cache<br />© 2011 Parallel Path Corp.<br />
    60. 60. SEO Site ClinicWeb 2.0 - San Francisco<br /> – Links<br /> – Links<br />© 2011 Parallel Path Corp.<br />
    61. 61. SEO Site ClinicWeb 2.0 - San Francisco<br /> – Links<br />© 2011 Parallel Path Corp.<br />
    62. 62. SEO Site ClinicWeb 2.0 - San Francisco<br /> – Conclusion<br /><ul><li>All Flash Site w/No Content
    63. 63. Ignored Basic SEO – Title/Meta
    64. 64. Competes Very Well in IBL’s and Domain Age
    65. 65. Missing Great Opportunity to Grow Traffic</li></ul>© 2011 Parallel Path Corp.<br />
    66. 66. SEO Site ClinicWeb 2.0 - San Francisco<br />Drum Roll…..<br />© 2011 Parallel Path Corp.<br />
    67. 67. SEO Site ClinicWeb 2.0 - San Francisco<br />I’m having a hard time figuring out what this site is about….<br />© 2011 Parallel Path Corp.<br />
    68. 68. SEO Site ClinicWeb 2.0 - San Francisco<br />Site Review –<br />
    69. 69. SEO Site ClinicWeb 2.0 - San Francisco<br /> - Keywords<br />Home Page Title Tag:<br />Rank<br />Competition<br />© 2011 Parallel Path Corp.<br />
    70. 70. SEO Site ClinicWeb 2.0 - NYC<br /> – Content > Keyword Density<br />Women’s Apparel<br />Women’s Clothing<br />© 2011 Parallel Path Corp.<br />
    71. 71. SEO Site ClinicWeb 2.0 - San Francisco<br /> – URL’s<br />First Level<br />Second Level<br />Third Level<br />
    72. 72. SEO Site ClinicWeb 2.0 - NYC<br /> – Content > Heading Tags<br /><h1> = 0<br /><h2> = 0<br /><h3> = 0<br /><h4> = 0<br />© 2011 Parallel Path Corp.<br />
    73. 73. SEO Site ClinicWeb 2.0 - San Francisco<br />No Content–<br />
    74. 74. SEO Site ClinicWeb 2.0 - San Francisco<br /> – Information Architecture<br />
    75. 75. SEO Site ClinicWeb 2.0 - San Francisco<br /> – Links<br />© 2011 Parallel Path Corp.<br />
    76. 76. SEO Site ClinicWeb 2.0 - San Francisco<br />Code –<br />© 2011 Parallel Path Corp.<br />
    77. 77. SEO Site ClinicWeb 2.0 - San Francisco<br />© 2011 Parallel Path Corp.<br />
    78. 78. SEO Site ClinicWeb 2.0 - San Francisco<br /> – Page SpeedSummary<br /><ul><li> GOOD: Minimal Embedded Scripting
    79. 79. GOOD: Using <div> for coding
    80. 80. OPPORTUNITY: Page Weight: 548.7kB
    81. 81. OPPORTUNITY: Code-to-Content Ratio Is low</li></ul>© 2011 Parallel Path Corp.<br />
    82. 82. SEO Site ClinicWeb 2.0 - San Francisco<br /> – IP & Whois Information<br />© 2011 Parallel Path Corp.<br />
    83. 83. SEO Site ClinicWeb 2.0 - San Francisco<br />The Verdict….. <br />© 2011 Parallel Path Corp.<br />
    84. 84. SEO Site ClinicWeb 2.0 - San Francisco<br />With a few optimizations I would consider this site A LOT more relevant.<br />© 2011 Parallel Path Corp.<br />
    85. 85. SEO Site ClinicWeb 2.0 - San Francisco<br />Audience Site Review<br />© 2011 Parallel Path Corp.<br />
    86. 86. Contact Information<br />Bryan Connally<br />+ SEO Account Manager<br /><br />John Schoofs<br />+ Analytics Services Manager<br /><br />