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6 students of IIPM final year have done a research on what is OOH. the industry metrics have been presented and and the various factos on which the growth of this industry will depend upon. the numerous examples of media vehicles under OOH and the pricing factors of each have been presented in this powepoint presentation.

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Out Of Home advertising

  1. 1. Advertising Project<br />“OUT OF HOME ADVERTISING IN INDIA”<br />Group Members:<br /> Hanish Soni<br /> Kumar Anand<br /> Parakram Dutta<br /> Sadiq Shariff<br /> Soumyaranjan<br /> Shahjahan Khan<br />Vth Trimester SS 09-11<br />13-Jan-11<br />1<br />
  2. 2. Content:<br />The Indian Story<br />Street Furniture<br />Billboard <br />Bus shelter advertising: <br />Out-Of-Home at Airports<br />Digital OOH space<br />Market leaders in digital OOH space<br />Pricing of OOH ad space<br />Customers speak<br />Expert’s opinion –through secondary research<br />Expert’s opinion through primary research<br />Conclusion: <br />Advertising<br />What Advertisement Is? <br />Why advertise? <br />Overview: <br />What can be advertised? <br />Types of advertising: <br />Advertising Industry in India<br />Scope of Advertising Industry in India <br />Advertising trends across dimensions: <br />Global outlook: <br />India outlook<br />OOH overview<br />13-Jan-11<br />2<br />
  3. 3. Advertising:<br />To give public notice or to announce publicly<br />Paid form of non personal communication<br />Commercial advertisers and Non-commercial advertisers <br />Different types of media: newspapers, magazines, television, radio, outdoor or direct mail.<br />13-Jan-11<br />3<br />link<br />
  4. 4. Advantages:<br />Cost-effective<br />Differentiating similar products and services<br />Brand equity<br />Leverage popular advertising campaigns into successful IMC programs<br />Control over the message<br />13-Jan-11<br />4<br />link<br />
  5. 5. Disadvantages:<br />The cost of producing and placing ads<br />To determine the effectiveness<br />Credibility and image problems<br />Vast number of ads creates clutter problems<br />13-Jan-11<br />5<br />link<br />
  6. 6. What Advertisement Is?<br />Elements of Advertising <br />Mass communication and mass production<br />Non-personal communication<br />Commercial communication<br />Reaches large groups of people<br />Communication is speedy<br />13-Jan-11<br />6<br />link<br />
  7. 7. Why advertise<br />To stimulate sales <br />To communicate<br />To retain loyalty<br />To project an image<br />13-Jan-11<br />7<br />link<br />
  8. 8. Overview:<br />First newspaper of the Indian subcontinent, was the ‘Bengal Gazette’ started by James Augustus Hicky.<br />The first Indian ad agency, the Indian Advertising Agency, launched in early years of the 20th century<br />By the 1920s a number of Indian agencies were working from the major Indian cities like Madras, Bombay, Calcutta and Tiruchirapalli. <br />13-Jan-11<br />8<br />link<br />
  9. 9. 13-Jan-11<br />link<br />Overview:<br />The Indian Society of Advertisers was formed in 1951 and in May 1958, the Society of Advertising Practitioners was established.<br />Advertising clubs came up in Bombay and Calcutta to promote higher standards of work<br />Spending on advertising was estimated at more than $300 billion in the United States and $500 billion worldwide.<br />9<br />
  10. 10. What can be advertised<br />Product Advertising<br />Products advertised range from fruits and vegetables to pickles and jams and scooters and cars to any commodity<br />13-Jan-11<br />10<br />link<br />
  11. 11. Product Advertising<br />13-Jan-11<br />11<br />link<br />
  12. 12. What can be advertised<br />Service Advertising<br />could be a bank, the railways, a call centre or travel agency.<br />13-Jan-11<br />12<br />link<br />
  13. 13. Services Advertising<br />13-Jan-11<br />13<br />link<br />
  14. 14. What can be advertised<br />Public Service Advertising<br />such as family planning, national integration, polio eradication, and pollution control.<br />13-Jan-11<br />14<br />link<br />
  15. 15. Public Service Advertising<br />13-Jan-11<br />15<br />link<br />
  16. 16. What can be advertised<br />Institutional Advertising<br />Ads focus on the organization’s work in areas of research, development and quality control<br />13-Jan-11<br />16<br />link<br />
  17. 17. What can be advertised<br />13-Jan-11<br />17<br />link<br />
  18. 18. Types of advertising:<br />ATL<br />BTL<br />TTL = ATL + BTL<br />13-Jan-11<br />18<br />link<br />
  19. 19. Types of advertising:<br />13-Jan-11<br />link<br />TYPES OF ADVERTISING<br />19<br />
  20. 20. ATL –Above the Line<br />ATL is Involving media where a commission is taken by an advertising agency<br />The ATL strategy makes use of current traditional media: television, newspapers, magazines, radio, outdoor, and internet.<br />ATL refers to all promotional activities done by companies through mass media<br />13-Jan-11<br />20<br />link<br />
  21. 21. BTL –Below the Line<br />Is work done for a client where a standard charge replaces commission<br />Below The Line promotions include sales promotions, consumer promotions, PR, events <br />13-Jan-11<br />21<br />link<br />
  22. 22. TTL –Through The Line <br />Advertising strategy involving both above and below the line communications<br />In which one form of advertising points the target to another form of advertising <br />An example would be a TV commercial that says 'come into the store to sample XYZ product'. <br />13-Jan-11<br />22<br />link<br />
  23. 23. Scope: Advertising Industry in India<br />Rich pool of strategic planning, creative and media services personnel<br />Plethora of trained management graduates<br />Indians are multicultural<br />Top 20 agencies in India have a global partner or owner<br />India's advanced IT capabilities <br />Production standards in TV and print have improved<br />13-Jan-11<br />23<br />link<br />
  24. 24. Scope: Advertising Industry in India<br />13-Jan-11<br />24<br />
  25. 25. 13-Jan-11<br />25<br />
  26. 26. 13-Jan-11<br />26<br />
  27. 27. 13-Jan-11<br />27<br />
  28. 28. 13-Jan-11<br />28<br />
  29. 29. 13-Jan-11<br />29<br />
  30. 30. 13-Jan-11<br />30<br />
  31. 31. 13-Jan-11<br />31<br />
  32. 32. 13-Jan-11<br />32<br />
  33. 33. 13-Jan-11<br />33<br />
  34. 34. Global outlook:<br />13-Jan-11<br />34<br />
  35. 35. India outlook:<br />13-Jan-11<br />35<br />
  36. 36. OOH overview:<br />OOH breaks traditional clutter in the medium<br />OOH industry estimated at 2000 Cr by 2010<br />OOH uses innovative vehicles<br />The interest has been steady and growing and with good reason<br />13-Jan-11<br />36<br />link<br />
  37. 37. OOH –The Indian Story<br />OOH industry estimated at Rs. 2000 Cr by 2010<br />Rentals far from international standards<br />Though rentals have increased by 25-40%<br />13-Jan-11<br />37<br />
  38. 38. 13-Jan-11<br />Source: advertising Express, July 2006, lifestyle marketing media options, breaking conventional practices<br />38<br />
  39. 39. OOH Media Vehicles<br />Billboards<br />Reaches audience with high-impact, strategic positioning<br />Provides clutter free messages in a uniquely customized environment <br />Innovations have made it more attractive and profitable<br />In terms of revenues billboards contribute nearly 60% to the OOH sector<br />13-Jan-11<br />39<br />link<br />
  40. 40. 13-Jan-11<br />40<br />
  41. 41. 13-Jan-11<br />41<br />
  42. 42. 13-Jan-11<br />link<br />OOH Media Vehicles<br />Gantries<br />Is a traffic sign assembly mounted on an overhead support<br />usually built on high-traffic roads or routes with several lanes<br />Similar gantries are used in railway signaling on multi-track lines.<br />42<br />
  43. 43. 13-Jan-11<br />43<br />
  44. 44. 13-Jan-11<br />44<br />
  45. 45. OOH Media Vehicles<br />Standee<br />Is a large self-standing display promoting a movie, product or event<br />Displayed in theater lobbies or music stores in advance of film or music releases.<br />recent advances in digital photography and print-on-demand technology have made them widely available to the public.<br />13-Jan-11<br />45<br />link<br />
  46. 46. 13-Jan-11<br />46<br />
  47. 47. 13-Jan-11<br />47<br />
  48. 48. OOH Media Vehicles<br />Tableaux <br />Tableau vivant is French for "living picture.“<br />It is a blend of stage art and painting or photography<br />of this sort are sometimes casually called "staged photography<br />13-Jan-11<br />48<br />link<br />
  49. 49. 13-Jan-11<br />49<br />
  50. 50. 13-Jan-11<br />50<br />
  51. 51. Consumers’ on - the - go<br />Bus grab handles<br />Mobile Van<br />13-Jan-11<br />51<br />link<br />
  52. 52. Consumers’ on - the - go<br />Bus stations<br />Bus branding<br />13-Jan-11<br />52<br />link<br />
  53. 53. Consumers’ on - the - go<br />Train branding<br />Railway station signages<br />13-Jan-11<br />53<br />link<br />
  54. 54. Consumers’ on - the - go<br />Bus shelters<br />Central medians<br />13-Jan-11<br />54<br />link<br />
  55. 55. Consumers’ on - the - go<br />Hoardings<br />13-Jan-11<br />55<br />link<br />
  56. 56. Reasons for growth<br />Increasing working population<br />Aptness in Rural Marketing<br />Local Advertising<br />13-Jan-11<br />56<br />
  57. 57. OOH at Airports<br />Airports have emerged as the costliest advertising spots<br />Occupies 25-30% of total advertising space<br />From being conventional to innovative vehicles<br />This revolution began with privatisation of airports<br />13-Jan-11<br />57<br />
  58. 58. OOH at Dubai International Airport<br />13-Jan-11<br />58<br />
  59. 59. OOH at Airports<br />Despite the slowdown airports has been a premium OOH destination<br />A key factor is the time spent by travelers<br />The passengers state of mind builds the appetite <br />Innovation rules the ad space<br />13-Jan-11<br />59<br />
  60. 60. 13-Jan-11<br />Bangalore airport<br />Bangalore airport<br />60<br />
  61. 61. OOH by Mantri for their latest offering<br />13-Jan-11<br />Bangalore airport<br />61<br />
  62. 62. Digital OOH space<br />Occupies barely 1% of the industry<br />Industry size estimated at 60 -70 cr<br />A small industry with stiff competition<br />Hospitality sector commands 35-40% of this space<br />13-Jan-11<br />62<br />
  63. 63. Digital OOH space<br />13-Jan-11<br />63<br />
  64. 64. Major players in OOH <br />Bright Outdoor Media<br />Rapidly expanding <br />Provides a plethora of services like gantries, traffic booth, kiosk<br />Percept Outdoor Media<br />Leading outdoor communication specialist<br />One of the largest network with 24 locations<br />Key clients: <br />ABN AMRO<br />ADITYA BIRLA RETAIL LTD<br />PEPSI FOODS PVT LTD<br />SONY INDIA PVT.LTD<br />GLAXO SMITHKLINE CONSUMER HEALTHCARE LTD<br />13-Jan-11<br />64<br />
  65. 65. Major players in OOH<br />TDI Media Pvt ltd<br />Specializes in out of home advertisement at airports<br />Single largest airport advertising company<br />Advertising rights at most international and domestic airports, metros<br />Key clients:<br />American Express<br />ITC hotels<br />IBM<br />MasterCard <br />Selvel Media<br />India’s number one ooh advertisement company<br />Its services:<br />Total Outdoor Advertising Planning<br />Billboards / Hoardings<br />Interactive Kiosks<br />Sports & Event Marketing<br />Public Utility Services<br />13-Jan-11<br />65<br />
  66. 66. Big Street<br />Has the largest LED network in Bangalore<br />Advertising rights for Chennai IT corridor, 10 underground stations for DMRC<br />Predicts immense growth in street furniture<br />13-Jan-11<br />Major players in OOH<br />66<br />
  67. 67. Times OOH<br />Is a subsidiary of Entertainment Network India Limited (ENIL)<br />Has presence in all major Indian cities including Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad & Kolkata<br />Catering to almost 50% of entire traveling traffic in Delhi and Mumbai airports<br />Nearly 200 Bus Queue Shelters each in Bengaluru & Hyderabad at Premium locations<br />13-Jan-11<br />Major players in OOH <br />67<br />
  68. 68. Major players in digital OOH space<br />Out-of-Home Media (India) Pvt. Ltd<br />Out-of-Home Media has already installed over 4500 screens in more than 22 cities<br />reaching out to 70 million people monthly with more than 300 advertisers<br />Business network consists of corporate buildings, IT parks, BPOs, airport buses and healthcare centres <br />We have installed screens in places like beauty salons, clubs and pubs, cafes, fast food joints, restaurants, and even book shops <br />13-Jan-11<br />68<br />
  69. 69. Tag Media Network<br />India’s first In-Store Television Network<br />Specializing in the FMCG and hypermarket segment<br />reach over 20 million upscale shoppers every month in 32 markets across India<br />Launched with global learnings customized for an Indian fit<br />13-Jan-11<br />Major players in digital OOH space<br />69<br />
  70. 70. Tag Media networks at Spencer's retail<br />13-Jan-11<br />70<br />
  71. 71. Pricing of OOH ad space<br />Airport are the most expensive ooh ad space<br />It costs anywhere between 15-20lakh a month<br />Mumbai’s Patel bridge is however an exception costing 7.5 lakh for a 10 day slot<br />Bus shelters cost around 65000 a month and billboards cost anywhere between 50000 – 3 Lakhs <br />13-Jan-11<br />71<br />
  72. 72. Pricing of OOH ad space<br />Digital screens costs 30000-35000 per venue per screen<br />Central medians cost10,000 per box in prime locations like kormangala<br />Neon signs cost 8 Lakhs in prime location like Brigade road 1.5 lacs elsewhere<br />13-Jan-11<br />72<br />
  73. 73. Neon signs in brigade road, Bangalore<br />13-Jan-11<br />73<br />
  74. 74. Customers Speak –Times OOH<br />Customer: SGI<br />A firm believer of OOH<br />Impressed by the professionalism <br />Deliver what’s been promised<br />OOH will continue to dominate a good chunk of their advertising budget<br />Customer: SMC<br />Strongly convinced with the power of OOH<br />Extremely satisfactory service<br />Helps reach target audience effectively<br />13-Jan-11<br />74<br />
  75. 75. Customers Speak<br />Customer: Tag Media<br />One of the most professional companies.<br /> By: Spencer’s Retail.<br />An outstanding asset for in store digital communication<br /> By: Aditya Birla Retail. <br />13-Jan-11<br />75<br />
  76. 76. Questionnaire format for OOH Media<br />OOH Media has completed more than two years in India. How has the journey been? <br />Has the growth of digital medium been as per your expectations during this period? <br />How has OOH Media grown as a company since inception, in terms of size as well as corporate philosophy?<br />How is the plan for 30,000 screens in by 2010 coming along? <br />13-Jan-11<br />76<br />
  77. 77. Please throw light on the research project OOH Media and Nielsen Media Research recently conducted to understand screen recall and advertising recall in the out-of-home environment. <br />Please share details about OOH Media’s special tools like Flexicasting<br />Apart from this, what does the future hold for OOH Media?<br />Who are the major clients in India?<br />13-Jan-11<br />Questionnaire format for OOH Media<br />77<br />
  78. 78. Why did it take so long for the number two OOH Company in the world to come to India?<br />How do you see the outdoor advertising industry in India currently?<br />Do you think Indian outdoor advertising industry is ready for a concept like street furniture?<br />Can you explain the concept of street furniture?<br />What is the scope of innovations in Indian OOH industry other than street furniture, billboard advertising and transport advertising?<br />13-Jan-11<br />Questionnaire format for J C Decaux<br />78<br />
  79. 79. You talked about joint ventures. So, while choosing partners, what will you look for in a company?<br />Coming to broader issues, what do you think of the government regulations prevalent in the OOH industry in India?<br />How would you compare the Indian OOH industry vis-à-vis global standards?<br />What kind of challenges do you foresee now that you are setting shop in India?<br />How can this problem be addressed?<br />13-Jan-11<br />Questionnaire format for J C Decaux<br />79<br />
  80. 80. What should be done to make the OOH brand communication industry more organized worldwide?<br />How do you foresee India catching up with global competition?<br />Out of street furniture, billboard and transport advertising, which one will be the key drivers of growth for the Indian OOH industry?<br />What is the contribution of these three segments in your business portfolio worldwide?<br />What are your other plans for the Indian market?<br />13-Jan-11<br />Questionnaire format for J C Decaux<br />80<br />
  81. 81. One year down the line, how do you see yourself in India?<br />Since the media industry per se is burgeoning in India, are you looking at venturing in any other space as well?<br />What is the future plan of your company worldwide?<br />Finally, what is the secret behind your organization’s success?<br />What kind of opportunities do foreign outdoor players look for in India?<br />What kind of brands you would like to work with?<br />13-Jan-11<br />Questionnaire format for Sanjay Pareek-MD Percept Outdoor Media<br />81<br />
  82. 82. How has the experience been so far working with Percept OOH? What have you contributed since you joined? <br />How do you perceive the prevailing economic condition in the OOH industry?<br />What is the net worth of the company, what per cent of revenue comes from each vertical (outdoor, retail and rural) and what is your revenue projection for the next few years?<br />What, according to you, are the key challenges in the OOH industry?<br />13-Jan-11<br />Questionnaire format for Sanjay Pareek-MD Percept Outdoor Media<br />82<br />
  83. 83. What according to you would be the hurdles of not being able to come up with a standardized measuring system in OOH space?<br />What is your vision for Percept OOH for the next few years?<br />What would be the growth driver for the OOH industry in the coming years?<br />Where do you see OOH industry two-three years down the line?<br />How would you see the OOH ad spend vis-a-vis total ad spends done?<br />13-Jan-11<br />Questionnaire format for Sanjay Pareek-MD Percept Outdoor Media<br />83<br />
  84. 84. Conclusion <br />13-Jan-11<br />84<br />
  85. 85. 7 factors that will drive OOH growth<br />Technology<br />played a major role in the growth of OOH. <br />Internet – backbone for a strong OOH combination of broadcast, delivering scale and narrowcast, delivering customisation<br />Measurement<br />Measurement has been the holy grail of Out-of-Home<br />It requires marketers to understand more of brand equity metrics<br />Regulation<br />More stricter regulations<br />Regulations and regulators will shape tomorrow’s ooh future<br />13-Jan-11<br />85<br />
  86. 86. 7 factors that will drive OOH growth<br />Consumer Advocacy<br />Consumer Advocacy is emerging as a major attention<br />Advocacy foreseen in labour practices<br />Consolidation on buying and selling side<br />Consolidation is a reality of life in every medium<br />collaboration and partnership is the only add to growth<br />will lead to improvement of efficiency, long term investment and general improvement of labor practices and governance<br />13-Jan-11<br />86<br />
  87. 87. 7 factors that will drive OOH growth<br />Planning framework<br />robust and credible planning framework is much needed in this industry<br />Emergence and growth of specialist ooh agencies<br />Multiplicity of Vehicles<br />More definitions, inclusions can be expected in future<br />An unpredictable future makes this medium more complex and exciting than it is today<br />13-Jan-11<br />87<br />
  88. 88. SWOT Analysis of OOH<br />13-Jan-11<br />88<br />
  89. 89. Thank you<br />J. C. Decaux, J. C. Decaux India Pvt LTD<br />Ishan Raina, CEO, OOH Media <br />Sanjay Pareek, MD, Percept Outdoor Media<br />Mr. Rishiraj, MD, OOH Pvt LTD, Bangalore,<br />Mr. Kiran, Marketing Manager , Skyline Advertising,<br />Ms. Poornima, Marketing Manager, Rainbow Advertising,<br />For their invaluable information and data that adds substance and credibility to this project report on Out Oh Home Advertisement.<br />13-Jan-11<br />89<br />
  90. 90. Thank you<br />Group members :<br />Hanish Soni, <br />Kumar Anand, <br />Parakram Duta<br />Sadiq Shariff, <br />Soumyaranjan Mohapatra<br />Shahjahan Khan,<br /> without whose support this project would have never reached completion<br />13-Jan-11<br />90<br />
  91. 91. Thank you<br />To Prof. Surajit Banerjee for his invaluable contribution to this project and guiding is to successful completion<br />13-Jan-11<br />91<br />